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The ACM South Pacific Regional Contest is a programming competition that is held once a year. Both tertiary and secondary school students are welcome to register and join the competition via the ACM international website.

The new designed website product would be a reorganised website, as well as a fresh new look plus some added functionalities. The new website must be constructed with dynamic pages.


The current website is developed based on static pages mostly. It is time consuming to update and manage contents Clients also needed some new features to be implemented for the new ACM website.


In Scope

Out of Scope

Build up ACM South Pacific Regional main website

Building extra websites that is not stated in the scope statement

Build 10 regional sites with look-and-feel and navigation only. (no contents)

Populate all the regional sites with contents

Project team can only maintain the website till the end of the project

Project continue website maintenance after the end of the project

Hosting the website on existing domain and web server (Elena).

Providing a domain name and a web server.

Other than the contents in the existing website, client will have to provide all other resources that are need for the new websites. These resources include problems sets, photos, videos, personal information, rules, results, FAQ, and contestant's feedback.

Project team seek new contents for the new website, such as problems sets, photos, videos, personal information, rules, results, FAQ, and contestant's feedback

Building a website for use with existing open source CMS

Code a new CMS

Security in the form of user accounts, passwords and permissions.

Extraordinary security against hackers. Finding or patching security holes in existing software components.

Website working on most popular and up-to-date browsers(IE8, FireFox 3.5)

Website working with out-dated or uncommon browsers.

The look-and-feel of the website is vigorous in a range of most popular screen resolutions.

The layout of the website remains at its best with old and low screen resolutions. (ex. 800 x 600)

If online payment is a requested function, it will only be installed with the help of third party agent. (ex. PayPal)

Making an secure https page for online payment

Overall Description

2.1- Product Perspective

This website will be self-contained Content Management System (CMS) and will use PHP and MySQL in a way that will let it be moved to any web server that supports the correct version of the required software.

The CMS is designed to be highly flexible in order to meet the requirements of ACM South Pacific.

2.2- Product Functions

Display all contents from existing ACM Website.

New website will have a discussion board.

New website will allow user to upload photos.

New website will allow registered user to insert data to database.

Site manager to the new website will be able to create new users.

Site manager to the new website will be able to grant privileges to users.

2.3- User Characteristics

No assumptions can be made about the physical/intellectual abilities, disabilities, education or gender of the user. It is assumed that users have a reasonable proficiency in English.

2.4- General Constraints


This website must comply with the W3C's standards for XHTML and CSS.



This site must be very simple and easy to use for both students and directors.

2.5- Assumptions and Dependencies


The server this site is installed on will have the software installed that is listed in section 2.1.2.


The web browser used to access this site will be one listed in section 2.1.3.


The user of this site must have internet access.


The user must have javascript enabled.

Specific Requirements

3.1- External Requirements

3.1.1- Functional Requirements

Clients need an archive section.

Clients need a judges acknowledge section

Clients need a feedback section

Clients need a section for students to ask questions

Website needs to be able to display and upload photos.

Website needs to be able to link to students' websites or profiles.

Website needs to be able to send email via website.

Problem sets need to be categorised into different level of difficulties.

Contest managers and website managers must be able to create, edit and manage contents in a user-friendly way.

Clients want to showcase the website, contest management and contestants.

Maintenance must be easy and efficient with the use of AUT available tools.

Website needs to be able to provide proper authentication for administrative access.

Website must run eight WebDev or Elena server.

Website must build with dynamic pages

Web contents must be stored in database

Evaluate current website against other contest websites.

Evaluate CMS software and to find a most suitable one for project development.

3.1.2- Un-functional Requirements

Website needs to be formal but still interesting.

Website needs to be attractive.

Clients prefer using diagrams rather than pure text.

The project needs to be completed by April 2011.

3.2- Software Product Features

Main Page

The main page of the site will include sections for news and info about the contest.

There will be standard footer links to FAQ, Contacts, Home and Privacy Policy.

3.3- Software System Attributes


Security precautions to prevent any misuse of this information will be built into all aspects of the technology architecture. Data will be secured by both operating system based user security and database encryption schemes. User account and login information pages will be encrypted via SSL.


There are multiple categories of administrators that will need to be able to edit the website content for support and maintenance.


The site will be designed with industry standard database and coding standards. This will enable the directors of ACM South Pacific to update the system as necessary in the future.

Content Requirements

It is anticipated that the majority of the content will be entered prior to the time that the website is in beta test.

3.4- Database Requirements

A MySQL database with a version of 3.23 or above is required.

The user type dictates what pages the user has access to once they are logged in. This shall make sure that the user only views pages that they are allowed to.

The username shall be entered by the website Administrator must be a unique name that is checked against the other usernames in the database to ensure this.

3.5- User Interface Requirements

The website should allow for its users to quickly and simply perform any of the actions on the site in as few clicks as possible within a reasonable amount of time. The interface for this site needs to be simple and easy to understand for all of the users of this site.

3.6- Other Requirements

PHP with a version of 4.3.10 or above is required to be installed on the web server.

3.7- Additional Requirements

Clients want to remove the word "collegiate" from original logo.

Clients want to use attractive words instead of "archive" and etc.

Clients want to have all archive section and its sub-sections to be displayed at once in Home page.

Clients want to hide About, Help, Contact sections from main navigation bars.

Clients want to have mouse over functions that display general information of regional site.

Clients want to have a discussion board for students who seek for help.

Clients want to have another community within administrative users only.

Administrative community needs to display the sections below:

How to setup a website.

How to setup a score board.

How to contact each other.


Clients want the content of website to be loaded from database.

Clients want the web pages of the website to be generated by programs.

Clients want the website is able to read existing HTML files.

3.8- Purchased Components


3.9- Interfaces

User Interfaces

Regional Sites:

The Regional sites page will have a list of all available sites with their names, their directors' information, and a link to site page.


The Login page will allow the user to login to the website. They must give a valid username and password in order to login. Once they have successfully logged in, the user will be redirected to the appropriate home page based on their user type (Administrator, Director…)

Judges and Directors Management:

The Judges and Directors Management page will show a list of the contest judges and directors in South Pacific region. Their name will be displayed along with links to edit their information or to delete that user.

Hardware Interfaces

The project does not require special hardware interfacing.

Software Interfaces

Joomla 1.5.7 or greater: Open source content management system used for user management, online database management.

MySQL Server:

Specification Number: 5.0

Version Number: 3.


This software will be used to store information submitted by the user from the site.

Apache 2.0 or greater: This open source server interfaces the PHP and Mysql applications for a as a web interface.

Communications Interfaces

Mozilla Firefox: web browser

Version Number: 3.5 or later


Safari: web browser

Version Number: 3.2 or later


Internet Explorer: web browser

Version Number: 7 or later


3.7. Use Cases


Add Editor

Purpose: This function will allow the site administrator to add new editors to the site


The site administrator navigates and logs into the website.

The site administrator navigates to the "Manage Editors" page from administration panel.

The site administrator clicks the "Add Editor" link.

The site administrator enters the editor's information into the form.

The site administrator clicks the "Add" button.



Upload Images/Videos

Purpose: This function will allow the site editors to add new images/videos to the site


The site editor navigates and logs into the website.

The site editor navigates to the "Gallery" page

The site editor clicks the "Add image" link.

The site editor clicks the "Choose File" button.

The site editor chooses the file and clicks "Ok".

The site editor clicks the "Upload File" button.

Edit content

Purpose: This function will allow the site editors to edit the website content.


The site editor navigates and logs into the website.

The site editor navigates to the target page to edit

The site editor clicks the "Edit" link.

The site editor edits the content of the page.

The site editor clicks on "Save" button.