The Smartest Apps For Iphone Computer Science Essay

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Technology is ever changing and this has led to enormous changes even to mobile phone. To begin this revolution is the smart phones range introduced by Apple Inc known as the iPhone. The phone is not only sleek and slim but also boasts of excellent support for a host of new generation applications for mobile phones. IPhone is a revolution in the world of mobile phones where technology is changing by the day. Even when technology changes there are only newer and better applications that are available for addition to the iPhone that proffer greater benefits and uses to the iPhone users. Some of the unique features present on iPhone are Google maps, Audio/Video player, and document and image viewer apart from 3G support.

The iPhone therefore supports many latest applications which are detailed here under :-

Facebook - The facebook app on iPhone is one of the coolest as there is built in compatibility. One just needs to click on the facebook app appearing on the mobile and navigate through the various options. There are a lot of things that one can do with the facebook app on iPhone such as browse through newsfeed, messages, events and even groups. Apart from these one can even upload photos with animation features that help you modify the photos as well. The facebook application is one of the most convenient and easiest to use on an iPhone and is a must download when a person is very active on the internet.

PhotoSynth - PhotoSynth is a set of tools that is used in adding creativity to the photographs clicked. This is one of the most advanced apps for the iPhone as one can transform clicked images into 3D which is one of the most advanced ways to view a picture these days. The PhotoSynth app is a great utility as it makes use of the panorama effect to provide a dotted line across a picture clicked to include any missing things in the image. Then the app clicks a perfect shot by itself which is one of the most amazing features. This app is a must have if you are a photo geek.

RunKeeper - With many people turning to being healthy and becoming very fitness conscious these days, the RunKeeper app is a sure have on the iPhone. This application helps to keep track the kind of workout apart from keeping a track of the progress. This app is a must for those who cannot keep count of the time or effort taken every day for maintaining fitness. What's more one can even connect and share with all the friends on major social networking websites to track health together. This app is like having a fitness trainer right inside ones pocket that can be used to track all fitness activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, biking etc.

Pulse - This app is a great award winning news application. This makes reading news online not only easy but also interesting. One can have an interactive news reading session with this app apart from saving some of the news stories for future reading. It supports various top news channels. This app is a must when it come being up-to-date with the latest happening across the globe. Now even you can bowl your friends with your knowledge in current affairs with this elegant app.

Dropbox - Dropbox is an application for the iPhone that helps to pull together all the information that one needs to save into a folder such as photos, videos, documents etc. Once this free application is installed on iPhone one can access all the files or folders saved on the Dropbox at anytime. This application provides the convenience of making use of the documents of pictures that otherwise occupy a lot of memory space when saved on the phone. These files can be used to share on social networking websites with so much ease and on the go at anytime. This helps to save the memory on ones iPhone and also avoid too much clutter.

Thetrainline - This application is a must have on an iPhone for those who are frequent travelers. This is free application that can be downloaded for the iPhone. It helps in checking up the train timings of various trains apart from purchasing train tickets. The app allows storing the ticket on the iPhone and displaying it on demand while traveling. This is a wonderful app to book tickets and travel while on the go at anytime and anywhere. One can also put reminder for travel according to the availability of the trains in coordination with the destinations.

Skype - Skype is a software application that allows the user to make voice calls, video calls and messaging possible through the internet. This app for the iPhone is simply irresistable as it makes the phone calls and video calls absolutely free to any person living any part of the world. Now this app helps people to stay in touch without having to burn a hole in the pocket.

Movies by Flixter - This a free application available for download on the iPhone. With the download of this app one can watch the trailer of the selected movies right on their iPhone. This app can also be used to obtain the show timings of the movie apart from buying them online itself. This app is great for people who hate to stand in long queues to buy movie tickets. One can even make use of this app to add their personal rating and reviews about a particular movie.

TonePad - TonePad is like a musical note that is attached to a phone. When one downloads this application for the iPhone it supports creating one's own music by highlighting and playing back the tunes that have been added on the phone. This app is a must have one for those who are in love with music. It even supports sharing of music created by oneself with just a click of a button online. This app even helps in the creation of songs and plays it back when needed.

Thomson Reuters News Pro - This is a smart application for business and professional people that want authentic and dependable market information on their finger tips. One can get access to all the latest news including videos, pictures and business news as well. This app helps to track the stock market where one can refer to the movement of the stocks individually on any particular day. Even on a busy day one need not miss all the important happenings across the globe when this app is installed on the iPhone.

Twitter - Twitter is a micro blogging website that is used to network in a social group. The twitter app is compatible with the iPhone and helps to tweet and keep in touch with the whole world at anytime. This app helps to share videos, messages and connect to groups that are in a loop. This app is simple and provides great flexibility to the user in changing the themes and appearance of the text in a creative manner.

Comics - Many people love to read comics no matter what age they belong to. The comics app provides a wonderful reading experience on an iPhone and makes one forget that one is reading a comic on a phone. The various comic apps available for download on an iPhone are iVerse comics apps, Dark Horse Comics apps, IDW comics apps, DC comics apps, Comics by Comixology and Panelfly comics apps.

Wikipanion - This app is one that provides the swiftest access to the website Wikipedia. There is a very clear navigation of the information and search options on this app which is available for download on the iPhone. The search using this app is the simplest with just the user typing the search terms in the tab on top and all information can be viewed right on the iPhone screen.

Evernote - This app is a blessing for those finding it hard to remember important appointments and activities. This app helps to take notes, save reminders, make a to-do-list and put everything together for an organized living. One can very easily search for the saved reminders and notes that were taken some time ago without having to create separate folders for each item. One can create separate folders for personal and official notes as well.

Kindle - Kindle is an ereading application available for download on an iPhone. The download of this application on the iPhone allows the user to easily read books, newspapers, magazines etc on the phone itself. This app is great as it provides support to a paper-free living apart from giving the reader an ultimate electronic reading platform. The various other features of this app are synchronization of previously read pages, adding bookmarks, special notes and highlight of important parts in the book.

As most of the above mentioned apps for the iPhone are free for download they can be used freely without any hitch.