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Paul Stanley says that the bespoke software is made to reach desired targets and requirements with many advantages than the generic software. According to this software application it is proposed to reach the goals which mentioned above.

This software is proposed to a sales record system. The customer can enter data, check out some events and delete one by one or clear accounts in a very user friendly manner.

The software will be designed for the 3CD Holdings (pvt) LTD, is a real customer who needs software like this, for their business.

Since from the beginning they reported their transactions manually, because of that they had faced some inconveniences too. To avoid from that and make their work efficiently they need software like this.

By working through this software they'll get many advantages and benefits which very helpful to progress their business.

In the business market there is competition among software applications. Paul Stanley (p.1 of 3) said that 'the competition and what else is already on the market'. But they have some problems, limitations and errors. Some systems contain wide ranges than the customer expects, as Paul Stanley (p. 1 of 4) 'Off the shelf software is designed for a wide range of businesses and may not be ideally suited for a specific business'.

So this system will be made to reduce those problems and make more features than those software applications.



The sales record system is designed for a company which is a real customer.

The necessity of this sales record system goes to the 3CD Holdings (pvt) LTD. Very after the company name the word 'Advertising' comes first as it is the nature of business.

The manager of 3CD Holdings (pvt) LTD said that it is a one of greenhorns of this field. (Chanaka, 2010, pers. Comm., 28 April). As they haven't such a system yet, they have to enter the data manually.

Their main purposes are digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, bill boards, MDF display units, accrolic products and ect.

Except their main purpose 'advertising', they have to do subordinate things too. Such as:

Enter customer information.

Calculate the profits between two days which have been given by the sales person.

Calculate the profits between two days which have been given by the customer.

Issue bills for each customer.

Comparing newer reports with older ones.

Handle payments

In this situation they get some problems. The evidence given by the manager of 3CD Holdings (pvt) LTD, (Chanaka, 2010, pers. Comm., 28 April). So they expect such a system to reduce their problems.

1.2 Background

As we are living in the 21st century the requirement of a software system is strongly felt (Chanaka, 2010, pers. Comm., 28 April). As the others, this customer needs a software system too.

Since from the beginning or the starting point, they had to do all the things manually except the main purpose. They have to enter sales person's details, customers' details, calculations, updates, deletions, additions, editions, receipts issues and ect.

And also they have to look for the profits which are given by the customer and the sales person. Referring all the details in different types of tables they have to make targets too.

Because of this they have to waste their time which can useable for any other work. (Chanaka, 2010, pers. Comm., 28 April)

If they want to get a sales report at the end of the month, they have to refer all the details one by one and do calculations and make it.

They have to look for the profit which is given by the customer and the sales person. The make their monthly targets too.

There was a request from the customer that working with a database is the best way to reduce their problems and saving their resources than the things doing manually.

So the customer said that a software, the ideal for in his work.

Considering about all the facts I propose this sales book system is the best solution for the customer.


Main objectives


Can do another work from the saved time.

May not loose files, papers, receipts, payment sheets ect.

No matter about the secure.

Information is easier to understand.

Easy to use.

Can make changes when we need .

Generate fewer errors.

Attention to all the details.

(Paul Stanley p.1 of 2).


Reduce time wasting.

Save recourses.(No use of books, tables, files, stationeries)

May not make any mistakes like when it is done manually.

Avoid from data missing.

2.1.3 Current problems in marketed similar systems

Not users friendly.

Features are as same as the others.

Have limitations.

Occurs security problems.

Includes some features that the customers never use. (Paul Stanley p. 1 of 4).

The proposed system is capable to perform the following main functions

Can add, delete and update sales persons' personal information and customer details.

Can enter new order (new customer details) through a special window.

Can view profit reports between two days which the customer wants.

When someone clicks on a row at the table there will be shown the advance the customer paid and the amount which have to pay in a drop down section.

Can issue receipts when the customers pay the full amount.

Can use calculator and a day calender.


3.1 Main system-flow:

Input Username & Password

Display Login Window


Display welcome splash

Select new user

Display option window

If log as = Admin

Display registry form False


Input username, password, confirm password & OK.

Select any option & OK.

Display option window

Select any option & press OK.

View reports & do calculations

Display log in window

Add, Delete and Update data, view reports, do calculations & issue bills

Input username password & OK

Select log out button


3.2 Software development methodology to be used:

3.2.1 Collection of data

According to this system application there are some collections of data.

Customer details

Customer payments

Bill reports

Developing a system application will be a very difficult work unless the system developer will get some data / information from someone or somewhere. Except any data / information the developer can't even design the system.

So there will be some sources to collect data.

In this system application the desired data / information which useful to develop this system application will be collected

Through telephone conversations.

Through the World Wide Web.

Through the personal interviews.

Through some books.

Through personal communication.

3.2.3 Design the proposed system

Data insert, delete & update, view

reports, calculations, Payments

handling, issues receipts

Display log in window with the new user button

Enter username & password

Display welcome window

Display option window


Select any option

Display relevant window

Insert, delete, update data, view reports, make calculations & issues receipts.

View reports & do calculations

Display log in window with new user button

Click new user

Display username, password & confirm password window

Enter user name, password & confirm password. Click OK.

Display log in window


Enter user name & password

Display welcome screen

Display option window

Select view reports

3.2.4 Implementation of the system

Initial version


Outline description

Intermediate versions


Final version


3.2.5 Testing & bug fixing

Unit Testing

Black Box Testing



Actual Out put

Selected input



Excepted Out put

White Box Testing

Actual Out put

Selected input



Excepted Out put

After doing the unit testing, the next step is 'System testing'. In this section developer can certificates most of the errors.

All the testing have to do according to a test plan. Each form have to agree to this test plan.

Test plan




Expected out put

Actual output

3.3 Software and Hardware needed in the development of the proposed System.


RAM - 512 MB

Hard Disk

VGA Card


Microsoft access - 2003

Microsoft Visual Studio - 2005

3.4 The budget for the development process.

Amount for the Software

Operating System - Rs. 7,000.00

Microsoft Office Package - Rs. 7,500.00

Microsoft Visual Studio - Rs. 50,000.00

Total - Rs. 64,000.00

Amount for the Hardware

Mother-Board (On board) - Rs. 500.00

Chip set (Intel) - Rs. 9,500.00

Processor (duel core) - Rs. 9,500.00

Random Access Memory [(2 GB-DDR2)*2] - Rs. 13,000.00

Visual Graphic Adaptor - Rs. 8,500.00

Hard Disk - Rs. 5,950.00

Disk Drive (DVD-RW) - Rs. 3,750.00

Mother Board Battery (CR 2032) - Rs. 100.00

UPS - Rs. 5,100.00

System Box Casing - Rs. 2,500.00

Monitor (LCD) - Rs. 13,500.00

Key board - Rs. 450.00

Mouse (scroll) - Rs. 250.00

Total - Rs. 72,600.00

Cost for Hardware - Rs. 72,600.00

Cost for Software - Rs. 64,000.00

Total amount - Rs. 136,600.00

(Chandima, 2010, pers.comm., 13 May).

3.5 Project Group Work Plan.

















Requirement analysis and Definition

System and software design

Implementation and unit testing

Integration and System testing

Operations and maintenance


When someone started to do some sort of work, he/she always tries to look for an end or finish it immediately. Developing a system application is very arduous thing that have to do in a very attentively way. In this case the developers have to gather lot of information, data, and several items. So he has the capability to get the use of any data source.

In this situation I found some sources, and will get the help of them.

Though we have all the things, there'll be some omissions which are made by the developer.

The extent we know about the programming is fewer than the extent it has. So we have to always study about it.

When the developing a unit there will be some dissimilarities, useless codes and some unnecessary links. We can avoid from them by correcting them at the moment they detected.

There will be some linking errors when at the system testing. We can solute them according to the standard testing system.

There will be errors in the coding, so we also have to avoid from them.

Anyway, the very best thing is the developing this system application correctly without any errors and handover it on the proposed date.

Finally, I would like to say my target is what I mentioned above.