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Website plays an important role in information technology century especially to interact and communicate between people and it is also an important communication tools in business environment. It is not only presence in running out a business companies, enterprise organisation, but also involved in political parties or government department. According to the Erick Schonfeld (January 2009), more than 20% of all world population are using internet now. It is not surprising that internet will become prevalent and widely use until now due to of some beneficial reasons.

Designing of website become an essential course to web developer beginner. They have to start to learn how to create a friendly user interface and always interact with internet user without causes them getting bother once access to your web site. Moreover, Textual, formatting, framing, and nested arrangement are very important issue must be carried out in order to produce high expression and impression in their mind.

Here, I will try to elaborate on basic element requiring in developing web site such as web accessibility, design pattern, language implementation, and interface design. Afterward, I will compare and contrast the differences between 2000, 2005 and 2010 web designs. Enforcing and encouraging internet user to have great understanding about the impact of attractiveness to web interface design. Furthermore, I will try to explain visual satisfaction among the user and user interactive of web application communicate with internet user.

Nowadays very good web application interface design play an important role as they are too many competitor and new notion in different way on designing. So I will further analyze and appraise evolution of web interface design pattern. Subsequently, I will indicate the significant of customer loyalty design in which to meet the demand of customer favorite and the advantage of customer center design. And also I will attempt to compare and contrast between web 2.0 and web 3.0.

In addition, I will go through and analyze the Cascading Style Sheets. Apart from explain why I chosen external style sheet rather than internal CSS, I will also explain3 techniques can be used in web design such as CSS External, Internal, and Embedded (Inline) Styles. Evaluate the major advantage and disadvantage of CCS in assisting web site and what is the constraint for specifying layout design and how it works.

Lastly, I will further discuss about what is the future trend of web 3.0 development and how is lead to new design style and what improve it could make. I will make critical evaluation on what is my different view and opinion this overall topic.

Chapter 1: the principles of web 2.0 interface design

No matter how good you are in design, every designer have to carry out the principle of design a high quality and standard to particular webpage. According to Pedro Costa, there are 3 principles of design must be followed such as balance, harmony and unity. Based on what he said: "Every page must be keep it simple, clear and be consistent. However, I discovered that it is more than that. We are not only focus on how is the look of web interface and do the webpage is simplicity and easy to understand, consistency, clean or clarity. But also in aspect of web accessibility, implementation of different language, and various design patterns are performed.

1.1.1 Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility refers to whether or not the website allows people of abilities or disabilities making use of the web. There are many users with disabilities as vision impairment, blindness, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive and so forth.

The importance of web accessibility that can help people with disabilities access to the information, utilise the service to buy product and involve themselves in social communication. Therefore, web developer playing an important role to make sure web accessibility is always in good condition. They have to make sure that the size of the content is not too bigger and simple for preventing the overload of the page.

Besides that, it is provide universal access mean that people all around the world can share information and interact one another. In fact according to Brian J. Rosmaita(2006), "universal access: To make the Web accessible to all by promoting technologies that take into account the vast differences in culture, languages, education, ability, material resources, access devices, and physical limitations of users on all continents." For instance, some website such as providing font and background color changes in order to solve problem of color blindness with disabled people.

However, I found that it is still limitation to those disable people with poor hearing, severe vision impairment, blindness, poor illiteracy. There are still large number of people cannot afford to buy network devices and the situation of country. Furthermore, people with disabilities of blindness should be assist with speech recognition and speech command interface as their text reader and thus they can also engaged in the world of internet.

1.1.2 Language implementation

There are hundreds of country and different culture and custom in this world. It is a defect and shortcoming that design a webpage without various language implemented. Based on the 3 principles of language accessible barriers from Daniela Fogli, Loredana Parasiliti Provenza and Cristian Bernareg, people who are cognitive disabilities want to browse web pages by using assistive technologies such as regional language executed.

Second key point is the limitation of hardware or software navigating to the web in rural countries. I discovered that some of the web sites implement multiple language choices to their customer especially e-commerce website must be applied this rules or condition. For example, airasia website allows all nation come from different countries to online booking air ticket. Before you entry the home page of airasia, it may allow you select which country you are. From there we can seen that the dropdown list has implicitly implement multiple language translating .Some search engine such as also implements multiple language option to provide the top of web browser services.

The advantage of implementing language option is to solve the problem of people come from different country with different mother language. Once your website has multiple choices of language which mean that you are provide global language accessible. It is no doubt that benefit to your company business operation with the integrating of web service.

1.1.3 Design patterns

Design patterns is a guideline that help the designers who is no basic knowledge about web design and provide instruction to lead them to accomplish in a specific project. Throughout the collection of all relevant information of design pattern and no longer become a design guideline by helping designer to make a certain decision. Applying patterns is difficult to novice designer with no experience and knowledge in design. Refer to Paloma Díaz, Ignacio Aedo, Mary Beth Rosson (May 2008), there are 3 step of applying pattern in web design

Applying a pattern to start distinguish of the pattern and understanding of its context forces and design rationale

patterns are described at different levels of abstraction

the representation of the knowledge space based on the patterns is in all cases quite poor and flat

There is an anticipation of the best websites guiding and leading you to design a successful website and achieve high level of appraisal. According to planetizen's evaluation, in year 2010 one of the top 10 website is awarded by "fast company" designs. Why I choose fast company as my description because I found that it is quite compatible with what Paloma Díaz, Ignacio Aedo, and Mary Beth Rosson (May 2008) said. The pattern designs of fast company has shown the between the context and background color visual impact and the visitor easy to get understanding with their rational thinking.

Besides that, throughout "fast company" website I saw that they purposely separated the various layers design such as the top layer designs more font and color decoration based and the bottom of the content is just simple and clean. In addition, fast company designs also applying flash to enhance the intuitive and interactive among the visitor for increasing the vital of websites.

However, I discovered that the concept of Paloma Díaz, Ignacio Aedo, and Mary Beth Rosson (May 2008) is still existing some limitation to novice web designer because the descriptions are too abstract and hard to determine the rational criteria to select a specific pattern. The novice web design inability to identify and indicate the most appropriate patterns being applied in their web designs.

Chapter 2: the comparison between 2000, 2005 and 2010 designs

In this chapter, I'm going to discuss the comparison and contrastive between 2000, 2005, and 2010 web designs individually. I will uses 4 elements relatively compare with various years of web design.

2.1.1 Text Formatting

Based on melody y. ivory and rodrick megraw (October 2005), the size of text increased slightly from 9pt in 2000 to 10pt in 2003. The reason of increasing text sizes may be related to the switching format from serif font to san serif for lesser the degree on heavily page load. In 2005, the size of text are between 9pt to 10pt almost same to the year of 2003.But there is no more font size restriction as well because the replacing text with icon is becoming popular and famous in year 2010.

2.1.2 Image

There is a bit different use of graphic between 2000 and 2010 design. According to melody y. ivory and rodrick megraw (October 2005), "the use of graphics doubled from 2000 (average of 25) to 2003 (average of 50); there was a slightly larger increase for good pages (from 26 to 62 graphics a page on average)." In year 2005, the use of graphic increase to average of 75 in which more designers are prefer to include graphic in their webpage design. It is cannot be denied that 2010 is more focusing on multimedia and interactive design we can see large picture and image at everywhere even the custom button has been changed to graphical button.The use of graphics probability increases from year to year. On the other hand, the redundant pages contained also increasing at the same time.

2.1.3 Color

In 2010 designs, they are commonly used high contrastive panel color combinations to make all page full richness of color and to create deep visual impact color sense to visitor. It is totally different than 2000 and 2005 design in which just use low contrastive panel to design their layout page.

2.1.4 Structure formatting

There is a structure change in page layout such as frame the navigation bar in different location of webpage. In 2000 designs, navigation bar basically appearance on the left of whole page which is vary than 2005 designs do not support on this criteria. But in 2010, the navigation bar is located at the top of the content and the bottom of the page.

2.2 The different type of website designs

2.2.1 E-commerce

According to my research, the most popular e-commerce website such as and are still based on web 2.0. There are still applying some common elements to commercial websites such as categorized various types of product and displaying some pictures and description of product as well as a variety of links. They are also commonly recommended a shopping cart and applied security features for protecting transaction between consumers.

However, based on my analysis that many consumers are bother that locating and searching product from different websites. I will also feel irritated browsing from page to page in comparing and measurable product price again and again. Thus, I am sure that and has not yet switched from web 2.0 to web 3.0. It is because referring to Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl (2008), web 3.0 is capable to list all related information or data on connection and linking of datasets.

Besides that, some of e-commerce website also allows their client to send email or leave a comment on the web. But I found that most of the time they are neglected particular important part such as consumer unable to wait for the length of time in responding service or message. The activities of consumer may include budgeting product prices, asking the latest product details and the date and time of delivery. These all activities may require responding of time immediately. According to Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl (2008), web 3.0 is capable to solve all this relatively problem by using new technologies of collaborative email.

2.2.2 Blogging

Based on my analysis, blogging site is the type of websites most applying and utilizing in the web 3.0 environment. There are many websites 3.0 development compare to other type of website such as,,,, and Many company and business organisation are starting their businesses with the association of advertisement either one or another way to reach a large number of customers.

There is a limitation of tradition advertisement web 2.0 in matching banner advert. According to Edward Thomas, Je_ Z. Pan, Stuart, Matching banner adverts to web pages is a major problem because the entire content and context of the web site must be taken into personal account.

However, by using web 3.0 lightweight semantics and RDF descriptions of adverts, the matching banner problem can be solved effectively. Hence, it can produce high quality of online advertising with more accurate targeting and low cost of entry to the publishing.

2.2.3 Multimedia

According to by US market share of visit (2010), there are top 10 multimedia websites the most visited around the world in august 2010. The first place is moodstream website, followed by the monoface, waterlife, marc ecko, HBO, get the class, agency net interactive, advance studio, section seven inc, and dave werner's portfolio. Based on my research, why above multimedia websites will become so popular among the user's desire. They have some similarity between them. First of all they are providing faster buffering services compare with other multimedia website such as baidu and online pps.

Besides that, I found that most of the multimedia did not fulfill the requirement of applying web 3.0. How do say so? Because according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), semantic web more likely a virtual web that create a virtual world in 3-Dimension and 3D on browser incorporate rendering capability directly onto browser. Thus, I am sure that above multimedia websites have not yet applied web 3.0 version.

Chapter 3: Cascading Style (CSS)

CSS is stands for Cascading Style sheets. It is a standard presence of text and format defined by WWW association. The main objective utilizes CSS is to control the appearance of the webpage. It is provide facilities to designer to change all text or color in your web page design entirely. Designers would not have to change manually the element or attribute on the page one by one.

In my final year project (FYP), I am choosing to use external style sheet. You may ask why I select external style sheet rather than inline style sheet. It is because external CSS provide facilities to edit cosmetic properties in single element which can update all of your web pages. But I found that not all CSS are safety compatible with other web browsers and thus you must concern what properties you are use. For example, you must careful with different IE version, Firefox, Google chrome, Netscape and so forth. If some of the users are still using older version of Netscape that display non-color scroll bar created by you. So that you have to color the scroll bar in order to everyone can see it.

Another reason why I applied external style sheet into my FYP because of external CSS is easy to apply and maintain your entire web pages. Besides that, you can even use CSS to create button rather than create button manually. It can help to reduce page loading time. Nevertheless, I also discover that use external CSS exactly can reduce the risk of coding error because you have separating your CSS code and programming code in different files.

There are 3 technique can be used to embed style in which the style code is stored inside the document known as internal style sheet. Whereas the style code is stored outside of the document called external style sheet.

The first technique is the External Style Sheet. External style sheets are the most useful compare to internal style sheets and inline style sheet. It is can be used to format multiple number of pages and also allow you to change a single element which can affect the other web pages effectively. You should place code in the head of your web page between the <head> &</head> tags.

Here is an example of an external link to the external CSS:


<title>Untitled Page</title>

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

<link href="theme1.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


The second technique is the internal style sheet. It is a way to place CSS code within the head of your page between the <head> & </head> tags. If you do not want to use external style sheet as your design choices and occasionally internal style sheet is become your best solution.

Here is an example of an internal style sheet:

<style type="text/css">

<head id="Head1" runat="server">

<title>Untitled Page</title>

<style type="text/css">



height: 234px;

width: 217px;




width: 217px;




height: 10px;



The third technique is inline style sheet. It is cumbersome that to change every single line if one need to make changes at all. But it is still very useful because you can set as internal style sheet to share the same style with multiple pages.

Here is an example of an inline style sheet:

<p style="line-height:150%; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small; font-weight: bold; color: #333333; margin-bottom: 22px;">

Q.<span >What

material would you prefer the product to be manufactured from? (If&nbsp;other&nbsp;please

state) Wood / Metal / Plastic

/ Other<s><o:p></o:p></s></span></p>

Internal versus External style sheet



Store Location

Store inside of the document

Store outside of the document


Style sheet place between the <head> and </head>

Style sheet place between the <head> and </head>


It is a good choice if you have a specific formatting task for a single page

Easy to apply and can link to multiple pages

A single change you make to the source style sheet cascades will affect the other all pages

3.1 Advantage

The advantage of using CSS is you can use the style sheet for many web pages. For example if you want to make a changes to an element of the style, you can controls all the style of the heading text, font color, background color, font size, font type and so forth. It can be done quickly just a few second of time.

By using CSS it is more saving time and work, the separation between programming code and style code makes reading much more easier and cleaner as well.CSS take much less spaces than using HTML's <font> tag formatting. Obviously, it is save a lot of storage spaces if there are hundred pages of website.

3.2 Disadvantages

The disadvantage of using CSS is not all web browsers are supporting CSS. Only

Only version 3.0 of opera, Netscape 4.0+, 6.0+, Explorer 4 and 5 support CSS. Some of these browsers do not fully support for the entire CSS1 properties. For example, if someone uses the older web browser to look at style based website. They would not be able to see any formatting of font type, font size, color, arrangement position applied into web pages.

The complexity of CSS easy causes misunderstandings and misuses of separating format and content on the Web. Korpela (Korpela, J. 1997) argues that "the fundamental principal behind the development of CSS is archaic because CSS tries to fit publishing on the Web into the traditional publishing model, where format and content are separate issues".

Chapter 4: Customer loyalty design ruled

Customer centered is become significant because the cost of maintaining customer service is getting high from time to time. Many vendors find designer to design a high interactive website in order to fulfill the special interest in customer satisfaction. Implementing customer centered design is relatively usable in providing a good experience for all customers. To make sure that they are online to find information, purchase items or banking transaction. The main objective is capable to achieve the customer's need is met.

According to Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy (December 2003), the customer centered design should be as the following images:

Figure 1.3 HomePage

Refer to Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy homepage designed rule above. I have totally agree with the regulation set by Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy. Web page should be clean and not cluttered with text and graphic in order to get easy in delivering and conveying a good and service to customer. They will better understanding and realize that what is the product or service provided in this websites. Besides that, I also agree with ruled of "the width of a page should be less than the width of the browser window to avoid horizontal scrolling". Hereby, I discovered that a lot of successful web interface design they do not have provide horizontal scrolling. Many customers feel that scroll left and right are frustrated while they are on reading.

Apart from that, I agree with the rule of navigation component design should be "Text on the links or buttons should be self-explained and descriptive" declared by Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy. No matter how good you are in design, if did not provide a good navigation link customer will think that navigation the site is too difficult. They would not like to access wrong pages and lead into inaccurate information because it is wasting a lot of time on loading page especially to customer who is using low bandwidth and high latency.

According to Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy declared rules "In the shopping cart page, provide a link that directs the customer back to the page he/she left for continuing the shopping". I strongly agree with them that there must be link that provide go back to the preview page in order to allow customer to continue the shopping. The main purposes doing like this way for improving customer overall satisfaction.

Figure 1.4 Shopping Cart

In addition, based on Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy product information must follow the rules as below:

Provide accuracy, consistency and specified descriptions of product

Present accuracy and full images of product

Provide the measurable and comparable size of product

Initial the inventory details of product

Provide products in a table with enough information to make a purchasing decision such as prices and features for easy comparison

The Products should not be eliminated from the page because of out of stock

I agree with the rules listed by above because there is a necessary to present all relevant details of product and picture of product. Customer can obtain enough information to make a purchasing decision and consideration in different aspect.

Figure 1.5 Product details

First of all, I will share my personal perspective about the favorite component in malaysia. There is lot of popular website especially to those online shopping website such as is a buying and selling website suitable to all internet user, computer accessories,air ticket, online banking and so forth.

Based on myself analysis, I found that to create customer-center graphic design is important. Every images of product are compulsory to provide customer visual satisfaction and color richer. However, it is frustrated to have the site takes too long to load so that the greater images file size and too much animation will not be encouraged to the web page.

A good websites is not just relied on how colorfulness and riches of your graphic design. But also depend on simple elements design in various aspect of what can you do for color matching and how to make website look nice and clean. Therefore, I will attempt to analysis and compare and contrast the differences between poor and good GUI website.

Apple is the best example for a good websites design to be an essential learning type. The background color is simplicity and does not interrupt the text. The hierarchy of information is definitely clear enough and the navigation buttons are easy to use apart from highlight the bars in order to show what page they are currently at. Besides that, link color is compatible with page color and underlined when visitor mouse over it. I catch out that every web page in the same site must be looks alike and do not have too much distinction.

I discover that many of the China websites having a same problem involves text crowding at the left and right edge, text is too small to read, putting some meaningless pictures and images, too many focus point on 1 page, useless page title, cluttered and so forth. Moreover, they are prefer to use text blinking to capture visitor attention, but normally obtrusive text blinking will make people more irritated.

4.1 Advantage of customer centered designed

customer will choosing your website to find products and service more easily

Increasing the customer loyalty to specific product

easy to convey news or advertising to friends or coworkers thereby increasing the number of potential customer

Product cost can be reduced because of decreasing number of phone calls and transport fees

Minimize the number of errors taken by customer especially to those customer likely to make mistake

Sustainability to operate long-term business

4.2 Compare and contrast between web 2.0 and web 3.0

Web 2.0 is created focus on communities. For example, e-commerce website such as and both of them are created for commercial purpose. Besides that, web 2.0 designs more concentrate on blogging, sharing content, chatting, and emailing due to that the pages are encoded on the XML format rather than text. Why web 2.0 has not being replaced by web 3.0? The page of web 2.0 is well structure, clean and simple navigation just require few columns in a page.

However, web 3.0 is not designed for communities, but it is designed for individual usage. Web 3.0 usually can be called as web semantic because it is incorporate with artificial intelligent to make web more like to human brainstorm can understanding to the data means. Web 3.0 is not widely used only some of the countries government trusted it. But some commercial website such as Yahoo and Adobe has progressed in this few years.

We know that web 3.0 has gradually replaced by web 2.0 especially in year 2010. Nevertheless, we are clear that web 3.0 is not created or designed based on web 2.0. Therefore, we are able to make the technologies distinction between web 2.0 and web 3.0. According to Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl (2008), the main various between web 2.0 and web 3.0 is that web 2.0 is focus on content creativity of end users and designer while web 3.0 focus on linking sets of data.

At here, I am totally agreed with what of Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl said. Throughout, my own understanding and research I found that most of the web 2.0 designs are rich of content and media such as and adobe I mentioned just now.

Web 2.0 is emphasized on AJAX programming language, but the information exchanging is still restricted interoperation. For example, Google is famous utilized in web 2.0. It is faster, smooth, less latency and interactive with most of web application. As result strive for excellent to improve the constraint of web 2.0. The development of web 3.0 could help to combine more content with one another by using resource description framework (RDF) in which running web service in the format of XML programming language to make web more readable and understand by Personal computer.

According to Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl (2008), web 2.0 is more basically in human analyzed data compare to web 3.0. Thereupon, depending on human analyze is considered knowledge limitation and excess to human boundary. However, web 3.0 machine can help in overcome this problem it could exactly assist human to defined and interpreted data for creating relationship between data sources with data properties.

The different between web 2.0 and web 3.0

Web 2.0

Web 3.0





Emphasis on create a high potential content and greater technology interactive linked

Linked set of data and devices to allows people access via the web


The limitation of exchange information interoperability

Linking of datasets and device in an easily way



Individual, organization create content and sharing content

Individual, organization

machine create dynamic

content which can be reused

Programming language





Resource Description framework (RDF)

Website , , , ,,,,,,


No collaborative

Collaborative on the message

Chapter 5: My opinion future trend of web 3.0 development

Web 3.0 application is the latest technologies that allow us to interact with other social communities. It is can be said that an evolution of web 2.0. From original paperwork evolve to punch cards, photostats and printouts. We can seem that the technology revolution is from time to time .Interface designs have progressed rapidly within the last few years.

However, there is still a long pathway to go and there are many possible ways that future designs could make it better. We're already seeing some exposure in web based development technology and it is exciting to think about how they will change and go into our lives.

The ultimate user interface design is not just an imagination or inspiration among designers. It is possible happens and existing in real world if we could able to continue pursue and explore new discover.

The data on demand in web 3.0 is powerful and high potentially it is joined all content across the world to build a large database structure. Compare to web 2.0 is my caused some problem of combining sets of data from different location or place on the web such as different format of data file XHTML, XML, PDF, excel sheet and so forth. But all this problems has been solved by web 3.0. Throughout build relationship between data and document individually in order to let the computer has better understanding on linking of all sets of data.

At the left hand side of above picture show the normal sets of data integration. From here we can see that there are 4 sets of different database without joining together compare to the set of data integration in web 3.0. This is means that a client or customer can search the data automatically based on the ontologies language, query and resource description framework (RDF integrating sets of data). Therefore, I predict that everyone may choose to use web 3.0 in the future due to can be accessed to a large amount of data without taking a long time and directly gain all valuable information from the different websites. There are few beneficial applied RDF in web 3.0 framework. One of benefit is the data would not be lost in the database server. Thereby It is not surprising web 2.0 will be switched to web 3.0 in the future.

Web 3.0 has increased the satisfaction and demand of internet user. It is incorporated technology as we known artificial intelligence in web 3.0 designs. The data and information are being categorized and stored in the database controlled by a web 3.0 in which it can understand can understand and recognize as well as human. Then the web 3.0 will lead and guide the computer to interpreter the data means and the computer can use that information instantly. I am sure that no longer in the future, the web 3.0 would be widely used by the enterprise and business organization to improve their customer satisfaction. Customer can be obtained largely information about the product in customer service web page where all details and information are related to the other datasets.

The picture above show that all products are captured from the different web site and grouped it together into a new dataset. The capabilities of web 3.0 designs enable customer search through all the related info they want. It helps to reduce the time of surfing web and provide convenient for customer to gather all information immediately without locating from web to web. Hence, web 3.0 is the best choice for next coming generation instead of use the older version web 2.0 less individual wish centered.

As we know that current email no one knows who send what to whom. But the future of email applied in web 3.0 everyone can collaborate on a message simultaneously. It is provide significant means that everyone can edit the conversation at exactly the same time. It is save a lot of time that all users has not required to send and use more than 1 message because everyone screen can updates as fast as they type. This is an advantage of collaboration on email utilized in the future of web 3.0. Besides that, it is also provide capabilities of translate between 40 different language in sending email. No matter which nation you belong, what culture you have, where do you live, all such question can be eliminated by the assisting web 3.0 helps in auto translation multiple language.

Critical evaluation

A good website interface design is a key to make your business successful. There are many ways or approaches to create a successful good website. It is not just only depend on web accessibilities, implementing language, and design pattern. But also concern about with other issues such as different nation culture and people behavior. Sometimes we are more focusing on what pattern do I apply in my websites? How complexity that could I make? As long as we are neglect some important part a simple, clean, and clear design will present a very positive impression and visual satisfaction among the visitor.

Throughout this seminar allows me to observe and analysis from 2000 to 2010 design trend. I found that after 2009 website designs are more freely and not restricted by tradition design manner. Designers can base on their own imagination and creativity to apply vary theme of websites development.

Besides that, multimedia websites become more and more popular nowadays it is because many people are prefer and desire to have directly interactive and intuitive with websites. I discovered that many multimedia website enable to create a deep visual impact. This is a new tactic using by designer in year 2010. Visitors are more willing to see images rather than reading words.

Despite e-commerce are still using some common elements as commercial websites such as categorized various types of product and displaying some pictures and description of product as well as a variety of links. They are also commonly recommended a shopping cart and applied security features for protecting transaction between consumers. These are basically element we are concerned most of the time.

However, sometimes we are missed out some significant factors like consumers are curious about the online shopping internet security. Some of them are not truly trusted at online banking or enter credit information into the web service provided as well. Besides that, online transactions usually do not involve simultaneous exchange of goods and money between buyer and seller. As a reason, consumers will feel lack of faith without dealing in the same time. Hence, I realized that create an unforgettable impression to the visor and high quality of interface designs are important in generating consumer's faith to your website.

According to Xiaowen Fang and Gavriel Salvendy (December 2003)"The interface design quality of the Web site is another important factor influencing shopper's trust" The attractive and interesting web interface design is play an important role to decide on whether a consumer will be continuing shop online.

In my final year project, I am applying external style sheet rather than internal CSS. It is because external CSS provide facilities to edit in single element which can update all of your web pages. On the other hand, even though internal CSS is powerful to edit specific formatting task of single element. But it is frustrated and irritated to take control in every single row of cosmetic properties. The advantage of using external CSS is easy to use and enable to modify all pages in a single changes without editing row by row. Apart from that, it is help in reducing time of page loading and fitting entire page width within a standard browser window. By using external CSS exactly can also minimize the risk of coding error either in one way or another

After comparing with web 2.0 and web 3.0, I found that both of them have itself good and bad side. Web 2.0 is well structure, clean, simple and fast compare to web 3.0 is more complexity development. However, the strongest point of web 3.0 strong is capable combining sets of data from different location or place on the web. And also web 3.0 is added artificial intelligence in web 3.0, the data and information can be interpreted and understanding by the computer. Computer can act as a human brain to help searching and seeking information automatically. Therefore, all these just depend on developer to assess which one is appropriate being used. It is better to improve constraint of web 3.0 in order to completely replace of web 2.0 in the future.

Nevertheless, the advantage of good web interface design can increase the revenue of an organization. For example, e-commerce websites such as ebay and amazon the products are listed neatly and cleanly, so that consumer is realized that where they are and what page are they currently on. Customer may come to shop their websites frequently rather than go to the market respectively. In addition, a good web interface design also increases the productive of the company. For example, staff is prefer to use company admin site to compute and maintain the inventory stock effectively rather than go to stock counting one by one. But if the company did not prove a good interface design, the staff may also get bother use of it shortly.

Based on my understanding, design a good interface is time consuming. By creating a good interface need spend a double time compare with the programming code. During my internship, we always spend few weeks to have a progressed in any project of interface design. Our company is quite emphasize on good interface design due to they're significantly in developing and designing a good mobile games. Thus, they always want us to use some assisting software application tools such as photoshop CS4 and illustrator to create or edit particular images.



The objective of writing seminar is to get a better understand of the concept applying in my final year project apart from explore my decision making on the possibilities way. This is a good opportunity and experience for me to testify my critical thinking.

During the period of writing my appraisal on different chapter declared on my proposal. I found that It is very difficult to make a decision on what chapter should I write and how it could see in my final year project and how to critical evaluate my strong points unto the journal .

Anyway, most of the problems are solved by surfing internet and consulting supervisor and my classmate. This project has taught me on how to apply all knowledge that I learnt in the college and combine it with the extra knowledge I gained and thus joined it together to make the seminar to achieve higher level of appraisal. Besides that, I had referred to some useful magazine, book and journal provided by college intranet library.

However, I was browsing some websites that is related to seminar topic even though I know there is no online resource recommended by seminar overall ruled. But it is an initial approach to make my mind operate in producing any ideas and notions to certain scenario. Throughout my seminar title (web application interface design), I learnt new concepts and new ways of development web interface design and emphasize to every single phase in order to capable draw customer attention and interest continuing browse my website.

From this seminar, I get a better understanding and realizing all the specific technique and guideline on designing web application interface. The important element should be considered involves context, accessibility, and design pattern. I also learnt what is the constraint of CSS and how to catch up customer centered wish design and so forth.

In conclusion, the seminar is developed under my overwhelming stress condition, the deadline is given by school was not adequate. So that we have to follow the timeline for each phase and complete project on time. I noticed that my critical evaluate skills become even better than before and able to identify tendency of an issue effectively and distinguish the different perspective toward argument. I quite satisfy on what I had done in my seminar.


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