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Today, Microsoft Cooperation is one of the biggest international technology and well known companies in the entire world. The first version of Microsoft Word came on the market on September 29, 1983. The Microsoft Word original name is "Multi- Tool Word." Several other versions followed, including Word 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010.Nowadays, we use the Microsoft Office word software do the project and homework are created by the smart man. His name called Bill Gates and also is billionaire in the entire world. Bill Gates was born in Seattle on the 28th of October 1955. When he first set up the Microsoft word is only 19 year old. Every home have a computer is he dream in his life. According to Bill Gates, the U.S. federal Trade Commission needs a special computer to store exclusively the data and information. He knew that his idea was going to be big and can able change his family's fortune. After he made an agreement with the U.S. Government made a deal. Then he finishes it off until successful and earning much money. The Microsoft was co founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Paul Allen retired from Microsoft Company a billionaire in 1983 but he is still a share holder and a member of the board. Microsoft company begin with three people, one product and the cost $16,000 in 1975. That was a big difference from 1975 compare to 1995 because in 1995 the company had 17,800 workers and earnings reached six billion dollars already. In the market segment for P.C. Software operating systems (Program that determine basic functions of the computer) it was controls by the Microsoft estimates 80 to 85%. The company sells many types of hardware and software products. In the company, the best sell and successful product is Microsoft disc operating systems (ms-dos) since 1981. The second best operating system that work with ms-dos in the company is Window and it make easier to use. Bill gates is the one of the most influential people in the world. Many people would like him and felt proud to him of his successfully.


Features of Microsoft Word 2010 are the best of all worlds. The feature of it is can work together in easier ways, make the professional-documents, and usually anywhere access to our files. In Microsoft word is specially designed for us to the finest document-formatting tools. Besides that, it also can make us arranged and write documents more efficiently. In Microsoft word 2007 create documents with typing them. It got a blank line to indicate the start of new paragraph. To capitalize, hold down the Shift key while typing the letter you want to capitalize.  If we make a mistake, we can delete what you typed and then type your correction.


Microsoft word is can to type, edit text to create document that viewed electonically or can be printed. It also can make a flyer to promote product or new opening to the public. If the flyer is very colourful and creative attract more public interest from the flyer content. It is available pratically everywhere of the Microsoft Word. We can typically word and can find it on your own computer or school computer. This make convenient for us and easy save documents on a flash drive. Flash drive are easy to bring and smaller size. Besides that, Microsoft Word can use to merge a data file into a form document. Normally, mail merge usually use to directories, create letter, mailing labels and envelopes it was a great news in field of business. It is efficient to customize information specific to each recipient and can be used to make various type of document which merges data fields into a common document. For the office department able increased office efficieny and improved human resource utilization. Another advantages of Microsoft Word is more easy integrates with other Microsoft Office programs. When we type a document, it help us make sure that it is the best it can be. When we type wrong a word, Microsoft Word will quickly underline and click the right click to correct or chenges it. If we type the sentences found that senteces got poor grammat word will underline the sentences for us. Through this applications allow us to change the document while we are typing it .Futhermore, Microsoft word is an affordable word processing application everyone can afford to buy it to use.

2.0 flyer


Microsoft originally marketed a spreadsheet program called Multiplan in 1982. It was very famous on CP/M systems, but on MS-DOS systems it lost popularity to Lotus 1-2-3.

This promoted development of a new spreadsheet called Excel which started with the intention to 'do everything 1-2-3 does and do it better'. 

In Mac 1985 the first version of Excel released in the world. After two years is November 1987 the first Windows version also released in market 

Microsoft achieved the position of leading PC software developer because the previous software Lotus was slow to bring 1-2-3 to Windows and by 1988 Excel had started to outsell 1-2-3. ?//////

This achievement, it was a suprised to the king the software and dethroning postion the king of software. Through this succesfully, Microsoft company became a valid competitor and also showed its future of developing graphical software.

besides that, regular new releases every two years is an advantage of Microsoft pushed its. The current version for the Windows platform is Excel 11, also called Microsoft Office Excel 2003. The current version for the Mac OS X platform is Microsoft Excel 2004.


The features of Excel is mainly used in mathematical works and making caculation. It also is a spread sheet application. It consists of rows and cells and columns in a single sheet. when we do in excel sum, product, division, subtraction and many mathematical through this appilcations. Excel's have large data management capacity in Excel's can contains large volume of data at a time. A worksheet can cointain 256 columns and 65.536 rows. With using it one workbook can contain a maximum of 255 worksheets and a single cell can cointain a maximum of 255 characters. We use it can make a data entry forms to create data entry forms within a worksheet.


Microsoft Excel to manipulate, manage and analyze data. With using Microsoft word in the field business is very helpful because able to help manage database and expenses Microsoft Excel. An advantage of Excel is effective and comparisons. Through this application have the powerful analytical tools, analyze huge amount of data to discover trends. Microsoft Excel's graphing capabilities help to summarize data and enhanced to organize and structure data. Besides that, Excel's have powerful analysis to manage large amounts of data. With the advanced of technology, it can access in mobile phone and I-Pad applications even allow us to manipulated data and update spreadsheets and then view the spreadsheet on phone or tablets. Through this applications, it can creates various types of charts and graphs with shadowing, 3-D effects and colorful. It also can share the Excel diagram with using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.


























Microsoft Word is very useful tool especially students and teachers in education. In education teacher use this application to teach student more clearly and creative. With creative of teaching ways for students can easier memoralize, no boring, interest and more understand during this lessons. Obviously, their academic will improve very well and also can develop interest among of students to use it. Besides that, it most useful and convenient in business. For example, for whose involves in business fields efficient to customize information specific to each recipient and can be used to make various type of document which merges data fields into a common document and also can increased office efficieny and save time. It also can promote product efficient or new opening shops

Microsoft Excel flexible functions and most useful for us. Especially in marketing meeting to show the performances of product sales to see more clearly wiyh using it. Through it Excel solution which was obtained using the actual underlying data set.

Excel solution which was obtained using the actual underlying data set. This means the student, given just summary statistics, can follow the standard Excel steps in generating the Excel answer. He or she, therefore, has, among other things, „everything right there in front of them‟ for confirmation purposes when working through this type of problem. In addition, and very importantly, once the Excel solution is obtained using the equivalent data set methodology, , are easily added to the Excel output obtained using the equivalent data set.



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