The lctbuild Ltd

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An Introductory covering background

        The lctbuild Ltd was located science part next to a university. But now, the company is moved to secure, suitable, new two-story building. The company owns half of the both floors of that building length. The chairman of the lctbuild Ltd builds this company 15 years ago so has many of construction company experience but not has much of IT experience. This company has developed quickly five employees from 30 employees after surviving from the economic crisis. This company has many staffs and the sales staffs are the most admired by the chairman and have a high regard for go to customer offices and takes explanations to the software, the products of the company and every of them own personal computers and phones. The research and development staffs are thoroughly involved from developing to maintaining the construction industry application software. The few of construction industry specialists produce the thoughts for the new options and features of the software. The sale staffs only sell the product and they get the ideas for the research and development staffs from the construction industry specialist. So the construction industry specialist staffs are the linkers between the sales staffs and the research and development staffs. The company works with huge databases of explaining the constituent of the construction software. The company sells the special packages that include computer sets and software that the customer ordered. Now the senior management of the lctbuild Ltd wants to develop the company web site to e-commerce site to have advantage within rival companies.

Problem and prioritisation of the problems facing the organization

        The sales staffs of the company have to go to the customer's offices to show demonstrations and try to attract the customers' attention to buy the software of the company so all of them possess portable computers and mobile phones. These portable computers and mobile phones are essential for their work because they need to show the company's product with portable computers and mobile phones to communicate with each other staff or to company. But there may be misuse of these portable computers and mobile phones such as using for personal cases. And there may be jealousy of other staffs on sales staff because they are provided with such facilities. The company need to pay attention to this case and company may make restriction in use of portable computers and mobile phone so there are no misuse on these effective tools and no problem with each other staff. There is also another problem with sales staff that has to waste a great amount of time in traffic. For this problem, the company needs to make time management for the travel time of the sales staff. So there may be no waste time in traffic for the sales staff.

        The problem of the research and development staff is that they possess computers at home. So the research and development team want that the management to permit them to work at their home when it is appropriate to work at home. It is good for the research and development team to have a permit to work them at home but there may also misuse of that permission such as doing personal cases during the working time. So it can be seemed it is important that there is no misuse of the permission, eavesdropping on their work and there may be somebody that tries to disturb the connection between the staff and the company so the information between them may be wrong and may be update or delete. Therefore company and staffs need to encrypt the information send between them and it needs to be secure encryption.

        The company is located on new two-story building and occupied both floors of half of that building. There may be noise from people of other half of the building that disturbs the company's working. In this case, company need to use thick wall to control the noise and that wall is also useful for preventing from the seeing of the information about the company.

        The company starts e-commerce site and there is a risk that that project may be failed due to no expertise in that area of operating e-commerce site. The company may likely to hire experts in that area of e-commerce site. Another problem of the company is that software staff and programmers are very competitive ones and they ignore the good rules and principles of Software Engineering such as requirement elicitation, testing and documentation etc due to the resignation of the Software Manager, who will work in rival company as a senior position. Therefore company must hire experience person to replace his position and that will be able to solve the problem of software staff and programmer. The new staffs who replace his position may not know standards and procedures of the company and cannot have much knowledge about information about the company and there is delay in working due to that risk. The company needs to explain and teach him about the procedures and standards of the company as soon as possible. But the person who replaces the Software Manager position may need to have management skills to control well the staffs.

        The rival company can know almost about the company information due to the resigned Software Manager so they can get advantages in rival with the company. The company needs to make changes within internal organization and the relation with other companies. The company needs to create new products and promotions to made attraction of customers. The management wishes to sell the packages of lctbuild by developing the company web site to handle e-commerce. And many of the small construction companies want to buy these. But there is a problem that describe above. It is that there is no expertise in that e-commerce area.


        The lctbuild company is a middle-sized company and there are not many staffs. The company also doesn't have many post of job. So there may be some problems with research and development staff because they are the most important staff in the job of producing software in the company. So if any of the research and development staff resigned, it is not easy to replace. The company needs to prepare for this. In the process of running the e-commerce site, there may be errors when doing the delivery process because there are no experts in the fields of running the e-commerce site. So the company needs to hire some experts in running the e-commerce site. To conclude, the company processes can be successful, the company needs to use highly secure technology for security, change and modify the standard procedures and policies to make customer attraction and hiring the experts for running the e-commerce site successfully.