The Iterative Waterfall Life Cycle Model Computer Science Essay

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Since the project seems to be relatively well structured and the objective for each development is well defined. Breaking the project into smaller segment to provide more ease of change during the development process.

Since the job involves working closely with the users, so small scale mockup of the system will be developed following an iterative modification process until the prototype evolve to meet user requirement. This will increase the likelihood of user acceptance of the final project.

Today's web sites come in all shapes and sizes. Some provides rich user experiences using Flash animations; other provides interactive page elements created with JavaScript or Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript Extension) or a combination of both or other technologies. These types of web sites can be described as dynamic as some part of the pages changes as a result of either manual or automatic stimulus. PHP is no different in this respect, it also reacts to a series of stimuli in a pre determined way. Dynamic pages created with JavaScript or similar technologies are client-side scripting, the web pages are sent via the web server to the visitor's browser, and once loaded the script begins to work. The code that generates these interactions is sent directly to the browser. Hence it is open to public scrutiny, and therefore not the best choice in all situations. For example a user authenticated system becomes ineffective because the code that handles the login process is completely visible and therefore insecure.

PHP, however works in an entirely different way. A web page containing PHP code is "pre-processed" (server side scripting) by the PHP engine and the results of the processing are passed back to the web server. The code that generates them remains hidden and is therefore much secure.

PHP is designed for environment independent development. It can be run on many different web servers and operating systems. It is easy-to-learn and flexible development tool.

Creating a database-enabled web site in no exception, there are always alternative ways to achieve same goal. But they do it in slightly different ways. The main alternatives are ASP, ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), JSP, Perl etc. ASP and ASP.NET are proprietary technology build around Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). ASP.NET allows rapid development of web applications. It is costly to implement in a production environment. ASP.NET can prove difficult for first time developer compared to PHP.

CFML is extremely powerful and easy to learn and fast to implement, custom tag can be created. It is another proprietary technology and costly to implement.

Java Server Page (JSP) is available in various flavors, it is portable and compatible and platform independent. It can be difficult for the first time developers to decide which version to use. PHP is stable and much easier to implement and there is only one PHP.

2.8.2. Database: MySQL

A database is structured in a way that allows to retrieve information easily and quickly depending on the kind of data stores. MySQL is a relational database management system. An RDBMS defines relations between data structure. A relation between two data structures is a way to construct new virtual structures in a way that will enforce some constraints or conditions. This will help the user to construct a robust application.

SQL stands for 'Structured Query Language'. The SQL language is commonly used on database software, it let developers to talk in a human friendly way to the server to retrieve information from the database and manipulate the data in it. Other flavors of SQL database server includes Oracle, IBM BD2, Microsoft SQL server, but all speaks the same basic language which is SQL.

Advantages of MySQL

MySQL has advantages when compared with other databases.

MySQL is lightweight, free, fast, reliable and easy to use. Other SQL servers are often fast and reliable but not easy to use or configure. The binary package of MySQL for Windows is only 12MB compared to Microsoft SQL Server which is around 300 MB.

MySQL is the server of choice when used with PHP language. PHP provides a very strong support for MySQL. Many web-hosting companies provides PHP and MySQL as a standard package.

MySQL is open Source. This means source code is available for free and can be changed according to users need.

There is a huge user base for MySQL and a lot of online communities focused on development and help.

The advance features like replication and transaction system are present in MySQL free version. It also runs on many platforms like Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and many others.

2.8.3. CSS

CSS stands for Cascade Style Sheet; it is a used for styling a web page which includes design page text, body tags and HTML tags. CSS can be used for an individual page or as external style sheets and can be applied like a template to multiple pages.