The Introduction To Technology Computer Science Essay

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Technology is the knowledge of tool, technique, and system to make human life easier than past a year before. Technology huge in our life today, it make us to explore everything easier such as in medical, education, science, and society. In other word, technology also known as an art of technology or skills of system in man life development which make human have an ability to control their environment, fix environment problem, and archive in maintain the life recycle in balance. Creation of computer in World War II was the first step of technology development which is known as ENIAC. Mostly, the internet was used to promote a company product by the entrepreneur and producers and financial money transaction online. Besides, it was became the source of information and knowledge to the user around the world.

In medical, we created a medicine to treat diseases with biotechnology knowledge. For example, medicine for heart attack, cancer, skin problem and so on. Besides, technology make medical faculty easier to scan human body with X-ray of high technology tool nowadays. There a lots medical treatment that using technology tool such as human body full scanning for brain, inside human body and more.

Technology in education is to make the learning skill more affectively and with the help of the technology student will easy to learn, searching, and memories the information all around the world. For example, Wikipedia website is the most website that contains a lot of information in global in any kind of information such as history, computer, science, software, university, and so on.

Besides, today in school, colleges, and university mostly using a projector which is connect to the computer to make a full screen of slide show of the subject in front of the class. This tool can help student to read a text more and make teacher, lecturer, and professor easy to teach their student. Technology also created a CD's learning software with audio, music, text, and animation to make the learnt more interactive and affective. Technology teach people to be smart in their own skill such as in creation of animation with a software like macromedia flash and else in education.

Nowadays, technology in science was became the largest commercial to deal with. Development in science was a second largest improvement of technology empires today. Science is important in human life to control life chain and make life better. For example, a creation of satellite, organic materials for plantation to maintain earth in green zone, and more. Today, man easy to produce a new science material with the help of technology. Before World War II, it take long time to produce just one materials but different after the releases of technology tool when science and technology combine in 1960's.

In society, technology was became an interactive tool such as laptop, mp3, television, music player, personal computer, video player, website, 3Dimension screen graphical, games like Need For Speed, Football game, Motocross, and so on. Besides, technology is for enjoyable and make user feel the interactive creation of technology products. It also make the user can feel to control the movement in the technology dimension between the real life and inside the screen of high images graphic. Mostly in society, technology was used for an interactively, attractive, and enjoyable tool in human daily life. In addition, it aims for internet communication between users such as webcam, voice call, chatting room like facebook, myspace and more. The creation of website was improved moderately in global for promotion, transaction and so on. In commonly, technology in society aims for business and human life improvement.


Internet security is a computer protection to establish rules and regulation (R&R) against the cybercrime over the Internet such as information secure, banking transaction and more. For example, Encryption security method, Biometrics security method, firewall, antivirus, electronic mail security, and network layer security (cryptographic and protocol method). It is important to keep the information sending and money transaction in safe keeping from any threat of hackers, thief and else. Internet security is responsible to make the internet service secure and safe for user.

Important information need to be sent in secure to the receiver to avoid the information from being exploited. This type of security commonly needed to secure politic information, company secret, and even the country top secret information. So, the secret would not receive and knowing by enemy in publicity. The method that commonly used in this kind of sort situation is encryption. This method also used in banking transaction in internet. The internet was became a global tool of communication. Besides, it was became a source of information and knowledge to the user around the world and the financial transaction in internet banking. Mostly, the internet was used to promote a company product by the entrepreneur and producers online.

Internet banking security

It is important to keep customer money or user money in safe especially in internet banking transaction. It is important to make the money safe from hacker, intruder, and thief that do the cybercrime for own good.

In 1990's, internet banking was became the famous easier money transaction around the world. The secure transaction needed the keep the money safe and that is how internet banking security started in 1990's which is the first security is encryption method in password type then, followed by fingerprint, retina, DNA, and voice scanning. So, the second security method was created which is biometric.


Encryption is a process to secure fail, document, and sending information to the receiver in internet. Encryption method can hide the information into the unreadable format which the password only known by the sender and the receiver. Encryption is in algorithms type which is commonly used to secure a file with a difficult password to read on, DNA, voice scanning, and recognition of human fingerprint, and retina in the database. The encryption process of document password is shown in figure 2. From a readable format or plain text of the password, the process will separated the password into two and then change it into a binary number type. Then, combine the two separated binary number into one in difference way which is the first binary number will be the last after the second binary number in the combination to produce unreadable format or cipher text. The complicated of the system was made the hacker or intruder difficult to crack the password and identify the truth password. The reverse process of the encryption which is purpose to open the file that was encrypt is known as decryption.