The History Of Wifi Computer Science Essay

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People found the wifi technology as a good solution for wireless connection after 1985. Before the 1980 people were worked with wired connection. They had used wired connection for data transfer, communication etc. After many research NCR corporation and Institute of electrical and electronic engineers (IEEE) got the opportunity to release their research results to the human world. As a result of that today we are using wifi wireless technology.

Father of wifi, Mr. Vic Hayes has worked with IEEE 10 years and more time and he could make standard in wifi system. Finely he was able to make to standards call 802.11a and 802.11b. These standards are work with different speeds. 1991 NCR cooperation were able to launch their wifi products into the market under the name of WaveLAN. Early days they could reach to 1Mps to 2Mps with wifi speed.

Wifi is a technology which is not use wires. This technology uses radio frequency for transmits the data. Its uses frequency range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. wifi compatible computers or devices can connect with the wifi router. Wifi router has to be connected with the modem to get the internet connection .wifi routers provide the wifi coverage depend on the wifi router power. According to the normal good router, that router can transmit the wifi signal normally 200 feet far.

Wifi router receives the signal and decode it .using the physical wired (Ethernet) the router send the information or data to the other wifi devices.

Wifi technology uses radio frequency to transmit the data to the other wifi device. Its normally use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. this frequency range is higher than other frequency devices. It's higher than walkie-talkie, cell phones and television. In wifi, it uses higher frequency and because of that reason it can carry more data than other normal frequency system. Higher frequency system allows carrying higher data at once.

In wifi technology, it uses 802.11 standards to transmit the wifi signal. There are many standards which are included in 802.11 standards.


In this standard, they use 5 GHz frequency to transmit the data. It cans carry up to 54 megabits per second. It uses a special technique call orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. Because of this technique users can reduce interference. This multiplexing technique splits the radio signal into several sub signals before its reach to receiver.

This standard is the slowest standards in wifi technology. Also it's least expensive. It's been popular because of the least cost. But in these days it's becoming less common because faster standards becoming less expensive. This 802.11b technique uses 2.4 GHz frequency for transmits the data. It can carry 11 megabits per second.

This 802.11g also use 2.4 GHz for transmits the data. In 802.11g frequency is same as 802.11b but in this standard, it can carry 54 megabits per second and it's very fast than 802.11b. Cause its use OFDM technique.


This standard is the newest one and it can perform faster than above standards. This one can get 140 megabits per second.

Source: Admin, How stuff works-1998-2010

Wifi hotspots locations are the places which people can access wireless internet. Everyone can access the internet thorough the wifi hotspots. What you need is wifi supported device. At some hotspots you can get access as free and some places you need to pay for it. Some times wifi hotspots provide the coverage for small place or may be entire city.

Source: Phil Shepley, 2003-2010

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According to the above picture, that we can say nowadays wifi helps people all-round. It could be getting connected with your computer, your kitchen devices, gaming console, your phones and also for your car. Then you can make your works fast and automotive. These days so many places and shops have provided the wifi connection to the people. In Sri Lanka there are no outside wifi services. But at some shops, airports, and in buildings providing the wifi service to the customers and people to make their works fast and easy.

Chrysler Car Company has made a car which is fully support to the wifi system. It can gets connect with GPS system through the wifi hotspots. When you get connect with the wifi hotspot, you can connect with the internet, you can download music, you can find any location through the GPS system. Car wifi system can provide the weather status, car status, its locate fuel stations and many more. Other main thing is you can get connect with hospital, police station which are covered by wifi hotspots. So you can do many works when you are on the way.

Source: Sam Churchill, March 27th, 2008


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Wireless house

So many wifi providers are having provided wifi system to houses. Its little expensive but it makes people to move on with busy works easily. Other thing is everything automotive and full schedule. Wifi system can control your every device which is having connected with main wifi system. It will control your air conditioner, refrigerator, television and etc…. this kind of system can make people works easy and fast.

Source: Jason Erns, 2008-2009

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Wireless people

Nowadays some people trying put a chip in to body. Its looks like a small tablet and it's very small. Main special thing is its wifi supported. It can provide all the details of your body and status. It does transmit all the information to the selected device. When you are went to the doctor, its transmits about your heart beat, blood pressure etc. and doctor can get 100% correct idea as soon as possible. Also you can get connect with gaming console and brain control devices through this small chip.

Source: Jason Erns, 2008-2009

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Wi-Fi Hotspots - Access Free Internet from Access Points

After the wifi technology arrived, people tried to provide free hotspot and free wifi internet access to the people to make their works easy. As a result of that government provide the free wifi hotspots in their city and some special pleces like air port, railway station, public bus station etc. As a result of that some companies and some food centers implemented the wifi free access point in their places.

Most universities provided the free wifi access to their student and most privet companies also provided the wifi free access to their customers. Nowadays so many coffee shops, food centers and many privet and government shops have provided this free wifi access point to the people.

As a result of that people can do their works very easily and very fast. They can get access to the internet while they have their lunch of coffee. Some privet companies have provided the service to the customers to pay their bill through the wife access. Because of that reason people can save their time and they can do their works very fast and smoothly.