The Future Of Mobile Phones Computer Science Essay

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A Mobile phone is also known as cellular phone or also as cell phone which is one of the most unbeaten inventions in 20th century. The first system on mobile phone has begun in Japan in the year 1979. It is an electronic device which is used for telecommunication between two persons. All the Mobile phones are connected by satellite transmission or the radio wave to the network of wireless communication. Mostly all of the mobile phones include several options like voice communication, Internet Services, Multimedia Message Services MMS and SMS, browsing the web.

Growth from Past to Present

The fastest growth and also the most usable electronic device at present are the mobile phones. In past mobile phones are used only by the wealthy but now there are more mobiles than the households in the present world. In 2003 there are 1.52 billion mobile phones subscribers. But now in 2009 we can see 4.6 billion people using mobile phones according to ITU. The mobile phones are evolving very fast in its services and also in the technology which it is getting closer to the customers. In about 20 years the mobile phone technology conquered the world and has become as a demand by most of the people across the world. We can see how fast there is increase from cellular phones to present 4G mobile phone system.

Now-a-days the usage of Mobile Phones are becoming as essentials in the life. In 2025 the mobiles are meant not only for the communication it is used more than a device like it becomes as a remote control for your life. The future of mobile phones are said to be used as a multifunctional and also as a multipurpose device. Some of the experts said that the mobile phones run the lives of us in future.

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In future one day the mobiles do our work before we wake up by knowing our travel information, traffic details and also weather conditions. It also provides a great entertainment by loading the music files.

What’s next â€" Speed is only the Beginning

We can see today mobile phones can send mails, browse the web, chatting, SMS, MMS, Voice Messages. In the future we can see more that those coming in the menu like portable games, credit card systems, banking.

Networking: In the future we can see by using mobile phones megabits of data can be sent in seconds and will combine with Wi-Fi technology. In future no matter about the size of data or any place data is sent in seconds. Increase in mobiles lead to the increase in various network providers with various facilities and technology.

Cameras: In present days we can see Mobile Phones with 8 megapixels and in future we can see beyond this also with more image processing functions that can be seen in digital camera and video cameras.

Bluetooth: It is a wireless technology used in many of the devices like computer, phones and many others to connect and exchange data within short distance. Bluetooth is found in most of the new mobiles and it uses radio waves in connecting the mobile phones. By using Bluetooth we can send photos, send e-mail messages to other Bluetooth device. In future it’s going to increase its technology in exchanging data or files in seconds and from more distance also.

Sensors: Sensors in mobile phones is the latest technology used. These sensors analyze and show the data like about the temperature, noise activity. It is also used in game controller and also in resizing the display mainly on iPhones.

The Future of Mobile Phones has a great impact on several fields like

Learning: By the impact of mobile phones the learning moved outside of the classroom. There is a change in the learning environments in both real and also in virtual areas. Mobiles Phones are on the way to classrooms into the children’s pockets. Students can find all the information related to their subjects on mobile phones through internet as the internet becomes personal and also portable. In future mobile phones have success in the fields of education, learning and teaching.

Business: Mobiles are more useful in this field. One can solve a problem by using mobile if he is abroad and making arrangements.

Positive Impact

Since the mobile phones came into existence and used by majority of the people there is a change in the lifestyle in people. In considering the positive view the mobile phones provides a fast communication and a close relationship between them wherever they are and at anytime.

Internet access: By using internet in mobile phones one can get a lot of information from around the world. He can check weather conditions, traffic routes, airline timings, sports, marketing and several documents. In future the menu going to increase in its access.

Emergency: A mobile phone can save a life of the person by calling to police or an ambulance. In future the simple mobile can be a Life Saver at anytime and also anywhere.

Negative Impact

We also have a negative side on mobile phones in our daily life in considering several areas.

Health: The radiation from mobiles has a great impact our health. It causes cancer to the people who use mobile phones at all the times. More use of mobiles even makes our ears deaf. If the women are pregnant it may affect the baby.

Dangerous Places: It is unsafe to use mobile phones in driving as it distracts the attention and even to lead to accidents. At certain places like gas stations mobiles should not be used but due to addiction to mobile phones most of the people are using in those cases also.

Environment: By the reports approximately about 100million mobiles are replacing annually. They should be recycled properly if not there will be huge impact on the human life because resources like glass, metal go to waste, harmful toxins like arsenic and lead sleep into ground. By this unsafe disposal dangerous chemical get mix into the environment.

Sleep Loss: By excessive use of mobiles cause adults, teens, older people restlessness. They may experience stress, fatigue due to staying asleep and it may have impact on their health problems.

Spillover: Due to increase in mobile phones and also usage of it people are concentrated less on their work and making work and personal timings all are same. As mobile phones provides the service of contact each other at anytime.