The Functions Of Command Prompt Computer Science Essay


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Everyone knows that what is Command Prompt basically it is consider a network application that provided in every Windows'. It is very useful for internet troubleshooting or computer troubleshooting. How the command prompt can help out in troubleshooting the network? By using some command, it can check that where the problem occur. For example, check whether the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is down, modem failure, computer failure, or the LAN cable failure. It also bring harmful for those who use it in the unmoral way, for example like checking IPs, access a computer by using IP address, sending mass packages to a specific IP users and etc. There is also some basic error checking by using command prompt, it can check that whether there is any malware, Trojan, worms, key-logger or any third party software that are attaching in the computers. In this research, there is command explanation part and it includes the way of using the command to troubleshooting.

This command will show all connection that is coming in and out of your network interfaces. What ports your pc is listening to, who is connected to your PC and who you are connected to. You can do a netstat /? to see what switch are available and its corresponding functions. You can even tie each connection to its corresponding process ID to see which process is responsible for what process ID. Eg.  netstat -n or netstat -b. Netstat command can use to displays the protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connection. Basically the most popular command is 'netstat -n', it is use to check the active connections whether having some problem or not. For example, if the specific computer is contains some viruses, Trojan, Malware, or key-logger, we can easily identify that it is in suspicious file. We can remove it by using Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete). In the process tab, we can find the unknown processes file.


This command is use to do a DNS forward or reverse DNS lookup for a particular domain or IP address. Eg. nslookup or nslookup Nslookup command is use to check the IP address of a specific URL, for example 'C:\Users\Cheong>nslookup' it will display the IP address of google. You can try it out by entering the IP address in IE; it will also connect to Google website as well.

Route print

This command will show you the routing table in your laptop. It shows how traffic is routed at different interfaces on your laptop. You can delete or add route manually using this command.

Eg route print


This is a basic utility to see if an IP address is currently up, and also a very basic but powerful network troubleshooting tool.

Eg. ping or tracert

Commonly the Ping command is use to trace the speed of a network or the respond time of a website. In more detail, Ping command can do a lot of things. There are two facts, one is good and one is bad, the good fact is it can check help the network engineer to identify the network performance, the speed, and etc. But the bad fact is that it can disturb other user network, for example 'ping 192.168.X.X -t -l 1000' this command is sending one thousand packet to the specific user in every second and this will cause the user network traffic will jam if the user RAM is not strong enough. This case was happen in 90's, and is named as 'dot killer' last time.

Eg. ping -t -l 1000 or ping -t -l 1000

Way to solve

The way to solve the 'dot killer' is now very easy and fast, we just need to set the window firewall setting on and go to advance setting tab and go to ICMP setting and unmark all the marked mark. The setting is don't allow any user or computer to Ping, and cannot check the specific IP directly. After done the setting, it might secure as long as we never access to any insecure website or webpage.

Enterprise Usage

Basically, this application can use in enterprise, for example it can use to troubleshoot network, checking viruses, check the status of a IP or URL, and etc. This might help the network engineer a lot, since it is a simple application and can easy learn it. I believe that it can help a lot in the enterprise usage.

Command prompt can be useful in the network troubleshooting and can be used as a network tools and are frequently used by experienced network admins to troubleshoot network related problems. So that if a small company or a large company also can use this application to troubleshoot some network problem easily, and the entire company can save some cost of hiring a professional network engineer to help to maintain the company networks.

This application also can help to find out some viruses that are in our computers, if there are any malicious processes running on the background which are connecting to the internet. The result can then be cross referenced against well known processes. These are frequently used by security expert to identify malware or viruses on a PC or server. So that the employee can also maintain their own computers or lap-top easily by using this application and some commands.

If there is some company is business using website, they can use this application to check whether their website is down or busy. We can use ping command to check, it is an easy way to determine if an IP address or service is up or down. There is another way also, for example using telnet 80, this means I am telnetting at port 80. If you get a blank screen that indicates that the service is up.


Common application

It is a common application that installed in every single operating systems, it is easy to use and can easily find the function of command in the internet.

User friendly

When we using this application, once we face problem about the command we can type example ping /? Or any command /? Then it will pop out all the command with a brief explanation.

Troubleshooting network

We can know whether the entire service is up or down is by telnetting to it at the port which it is running on. For example if you want to make sure if a web service is up you can launch your command prompt and type telnet 80. This means I am telnetting at port 80. If you get a blank screen that indicates that the service is up.

Identify Malicious

It also can be used to identify if there are any malicious processes running on the background which are connecting to the internet. These are frequently used by security expert to identify malware or viruses on a PC or server.

Figure out latency issues

We can use ping or tracert command to figure out latency issues in a network or even to determined server or service availability. If you are good at scripting you can issue a continuous ping to a destination server and compile the results in a graphical format.


Make a specific IP traffic busy

The ping command can use it in a bad way, for example if we hate someone or any website. We can send a busy packet to the entire website or IP user by using 'ping -t -l 1000' and this command will automatically send 1000 bytes of packet to the website or IP and make it busy, so that the users who wanted to access to this website or IP will takes a long time to access it.

Limited information provide

It is alike CISCO but CISCO will show detail information rather than command prompt, for example when we type in route print, it will show just some basic information like IPv4 table, and IPv6 table. In IPv4 table it will show the subnet mask, gateway, interface and the network destination. For IPv6 table, it will just show the metric network destination and the gateway.


Enhance and upgrade

This application cannot be enhance since it is a default application in the operating systems. It cannot be upgrade as well, for example it cannot upgrade the version, functions, interface, and so on.

Fix Commands

In the application itself, the command all is fix and we must follow the commands. For example, if we key in the incorrect or existing command, the application won't show any result with it, it will just show ' ' is not recognize as an internal or external command.

Graphic User Interface

The GUI is always fill in color black and white, the text color is white and the background color is black. So the interface is not attractive enough compare to others applications.


In the conclusion, according to my research I found that the Command Prompt is still a complicated application due to there are too much of different commands and inside those commands are consist of some sub commands. The command such as ping or even tracert can be used to figure out latency issues in a network or even to determined server or service availability. There are even commercially available tools or network monitoring applications that uses ping to monitor IP address up time and down time. If you are good at scripting you can issue a continuous ping to a destination server and compile the results in a graphical format. I believe that there is still many parts I still need to explore and study it more detail, so that only can function it perfectly and easily.

Experiment and Print screen

Netstat -n command output

Ipconfig command output

Nslookup command output

Netstat -b command output

Ping command output

Route print command output

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