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Bus topology is very easy to install and easier to implement than any other topologies. In the bus topology every node is connect to the centre line which is called Backbone. There are start point and end point. Data travel from the start of the node and end at end of the node. Note one thing in bus is if there is no terminators the data will bounce back to where is send. It is also the limit the workstation and cable length. Due to the length of the cable the limit of the workstation reduces. Only small network will be fit to use the bus because it limitation and weakness.

Ring topology is better than bus. Bus topology does not need back bone to connect to work station for data travelling. It uses the single cable to send the data in the form of ring. It starts from the first node and end in the first node if they found the destination to send the data. But like the bus cable break or corruption can halt the connection of other workstation. But it reduces the cost of hard ware. User can reduce the chance of cable problem by using double ring method.

In mesh topology node are connected each other and to the other nodes to carry the data. It makes the mesh network send the data immediately to the other destination. The nodes of a mesh network have some kind of routing reason so that the signals and data sending over the network take not too long between each to the transmissions.

Unlike the other network star topology is the most suitable for company or anything usage. It consumes the use of hard ware but it very effective in network because of its using central device called switch or hub or router. Every node come and joins to the central device to gain access. Cable failure can be avoid in star. There is no need to about cable failure. The nodes are not connecting to each other or travel in single cable. But the weakness is if the central device breaks down make the connected node unable to access.

Network Medium

In network medium is needed because it connected device or other computer device to work or data transfer to each computer. There are three types of network medium. There are

Cable (Coaxial and twisted pair)

Fiber optic


Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable is the kind of copper cable used by cable TV companies between the community antenna and user homes and businesses. Coaxial cable is called "coaxial" because it includes one physical channel that carries the signal surrounded (after a layer of insulation) by another concentric physical channel, both running along the same axis. With repeaters, can carry information for a great distance.


Coaxial Cable

Twisted-Pair cable (Unshielded)

In Ethernet networks and most of the telephone system use the UTP cables. UTP cable is also commonly use in computer network. There are hundreds of thousands of pair contained in UTP cable. Each bundles of twisted and twisted rate may be differing. If the same rate of the twisted rate that may occur cross talk. They are also using in security cameras. Because of UTP cable bandwidth is most suitable with the base band of the television. UTP costs less per meter than any other type of LAN cable.


Unshielded Twisted Pair

Twisted Pair-cable (shielded)

STP cables are not too much differs from UTP cable but they are shielded over wire to prevented the electromagnetic field and cross talk. STP cable is thin and they are easy to install between the walls. And more line can be applied through the same wiring ducts.

Fiber optic

Fiber optic is unlike both of the above cable other cable is send the data by mean of electrical pulse and they are quite slow than fiber cable. But are like light pipe they travel the data with the light pulse That is travel in light speed is faster than any other cable. Fiber area use in area which need to travel at high band width. Fiber are not making with metal because of that they are immune to interference.

In fiber light is store in the main core by means of total internal reflection. Naturally fiber are expensive and it is quite difficult to install and use, single mistake can cause trouble to user.


Fiber Optic

Wireless medium

Wireless is the most popular network medium type in modern day. It travel the data in form of wave. That mean travel the data not in the cable but in air. For example radio wave. Because of the wireless many of the personal portable device such hand phone and wireless device are work more properly than home PC. And around environment they are many wireless device such as wireless mouse and phone including wireless system.


ISP Internet service provider

(Bagan cyber tech and redlink inter access)

Bagan Cyber tech is also building Bagan Teleport which will include the infrastructure for using the biggest wireless network in Myanmar. VSAT Network (Very Small Aperture Terminal) uses TDMA technology (Time Division Multiple Access) which is the newest satellite communications.

50 terminals in Yangon will be using VSAT Network and up to 180 to 200 terminals can be used in the entire system. A VSAT unit is US$ 20,000 and the monthly fee is US $ 250

Red link ISP

Red Link Home Page

Red link Internet Service Provider is one of the internet service providers in our country. It is like the other ISP that is working under the Myanmar Post and Telecommunication. It offers the service such as wireless area for public and offer home internet access for public. They also provide internet access for enterprise. There are three type of client that offer in Red Link are




WiMAX service and other service are available in the RedLink

RedLink offered public inter area around Yangon hot spot area and other

This is the one of the service offer in RedLink for Public

Service offer are differ from other ISP which have more Varity of choice

Service include IP, Fiber, Satellite, Ethernet solution that are available in RedLink

Task 3


In this communication system device need two parities to communicate each other. But duplex can only maintain in two parties but if more we should use multiplexing system. Duplex system is capable of send and receives data from the same device such as 2 way phone or PC. Whether duplex communicate they need repeater to extend the range and receive the message from other point. There are two type of duplex system there are half and full duplex.


Full duplex

Now a day we use the full duplex to communicate. The telephones we use today are two way communications because both of the users can talk or listen at the same time. Unlike walkie-talkie they are more suitable. Because of that most of the communication medium uses Full Duplex system in telecommunity The Switch provides full-duplex support for its RJ-45 ports. Full-duplex operation allows data to be sent and received simultaneously, doubling a port's potential data throughput. If you will be using the Switch in full-duplex mode, the maximum cable length using Category 5 cable is 328 feet (100 meters).


Half Duplex

Half Duplex not like that it can only be communicate at one time at one turn. One party have to wait until other communicate. This is some kind of old telephone system. Walkie-talkie is using half-duplex system to communicate. They use to notify by saying "OVER" to send message after they end the message.

C:\Users\OkkaMinn\half duplex.gif

GSM technology

GSM mean global system for mobile communication this phone is very popular in these days.GSM also use by about 1.3 to 5 billion public use across the countries. Signaling of the GSM and speed channel are both digital. GSM is the type of cellular phone because GSM search certain type of cell varies with the place and vicinity. Differ type of the cell provide for different connection speed and location.



Chanel number

























975-1023, 0-124





955-1023, 0-124








This is the limitation of the GSM

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)

DECT is the type of phone system which do not need base of the phone which mean wireless.

Connectivity to the set network is done through a base stations to end the radio link, and a gate ways to connect calls to the fixed network. In most cases the gateway connection is to the public switched telephone network, although connectivity with latest technologies such as Voice over IP (VOIP) has become available. There are also other devices such as some small monitor utilizing DECT, and in these devices there is no gateway functionality.

The DECT standard originally envisaged three major areas of application:

Domestic cordless telephony, using a main base station to link one or more handsets to the public telecoms network.

Enterprise site cordless PABXs and wireless LANs, using many base stations for coverage. Calls can be both within the system and to the public telecoms network.

Public access, using huge numbers of base stations to offer high capacity building or urban area coverage as part of a public telecoms network.


C:\Users\OkkaMinn\Motorola_protalbe lwin.gif

1. Channel Space:12.5/20/25KHz


3.Alarm alert function provide

4.MDC 1200, Quik Call II and DTMF Function

5.Frequency Range:136-174/403-470MHZ

6.Output power:5W (VHF) 4W (UHF)

Motorola GM-3688 repeater

1. Have functions as: Quick Call II、DTMF、MDC1200 

2.Output power:VHF:1-25W,UHF:1-25W、

3.Alert calling function.

4. 136-162MHz/146-174MHz/403-440MHz /438-470MHz frequency rating for GM repeater

5.Channel Number: 64

6.Size:44mm x 169mm x 118mm 



I recommended on using GSM system which is suitable for fire department. GSM Technology is using in worldwide and most of the people use it communicate. GSM work in every situation likes under the building or on top of the building or in the room and they are working in different cell method so for department I choose the GSM system for our fire department. Because of its well feature and usage make me choose GSM system.



Private branch exchange is old telephone system but it is still use in modern for some reason. It is use in Public. The PBX provide phone service such as internet calling, access and public switch telephone network. Some advanced PBX functions provide auto-attendant and voice mail for public. PBX is use also in sending text message which is call SMS and Fax use the PBX number to send data in readable form. The way it send the message is recorded the voice or send mail via the SMS to company and call forwarding. But all these function are only available in Virtual PBX such as Gtalk. The next one is they also support for DECT technology.

PBX features are auto attendant, call forwarding, auto switching, call account, blocking the call, other function like greeting call when the phone is held and conference call. In PBX call function is commonly use.

This is the Gtalk and as you fill the address and password correctly you can chat with everyone whose are available


IP PBX is differ from the PBX it is mainly use in internet phone calling. It is very good method and save money and hard ware. Instead of using phone line use the IP address to link with the internet enable to talk with the phone using internet access. This is the method of voice travel on the IP which is calling VOIP (Voice over IP) and this is one of the latest. It is worth using. You can use IP phone to connect through or use computer to connect to the internet to call. On the screen you can see the call navigator and other activities which make you check the call. One the IP calling soft ware was VZO chat which also provides video. The other function are also available such as conference call and group call etc. The advantages is saving money and hard ware but disadvantage is any failure to internet connection may cause delay to call or unable to call.

This is the entry of the VZO chat as you can see call to your friend or make group calling just put the address you can call them and watch them.


Hosted PBX is little bit similar to IP PBX but they are different because IP PBX is talking on internet access but the hosted PBX is rely on the central location like company which support for Hosted PBX line. Hosted PBX is normally link to telephone company and for customer there is no need to buy or install the equipments of the PBX. Because of that there is service providers which provide service for PBX user.

Their function are like can present whole department by using single number and allow the multi model mode for department. Single number function can use in our department to reduce the cost effect and hard ware cost effect save the department funds.

This is the function of the Hosted PBX :

Truly Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling

Mobile Phone Integration

Automated Attendant


Electronic Faxing

Virtually Unlimited Call Capacity

Work from Home

Automatic Call Distribution

Virtual Telephone Numbers from Most Anywhere in the United States

Disaster Recovery Call Routing


For department choosing the Hosted PBX will be fit for department. Hosted have not too much necessary for fire department. It can work from the department to other department. Voice mail and Fax also available in Hosted PBX. Only need to connect to the company service provider to gain access of the phone line. Hardware cost saving and its functional make it easier to install and only need to install the software of the Hosted PBX to get started. Because of that advantages department should choose Hosted PBX for phone line.


This is really important for fire department because for fire department without electricity and phone line make the department unable to work. For fire department enough power need to provide for whole department without it computerized system cannot be run properly and other device such as alarm system. If we do not run alarm system we cannot go to place where catch up with fire. Without phone line we cannot contact to the fire place and cannot get help from the department. Not only this but also we can't know about what happen at other place.

For first problem we should place large generators to support for enough power for whole department and other way is to put inverter to supply for shortage of the electricity. Some of the place we should put emergency light on the wall when the light go out and flash light in necessary.

  The second problem is how to put another telephone line when the old one is broken or disable. Use walkie-talkie or VOIP phone instead of using ordinary phone line.

The third problem is war or terrorist attack. This is not concerned with fire department because government will recover all the damage cause by war or terrorist.

Task 6

Task 1 for report

In task 1 for my department I use star topology because it is robust and good for our department. Such as cable connect to the node is break it is not problem to other node. To use with the star topology user need to implement network switch or hub or router at the center. I use network medium of wireless. I use wireless because it also effect to portable device around wireless medium.

Network Switch




Task 2 for report

In the task I choose the Yadanapon internet service provider. Because it is under blessed by Myanmar post and telecommunication.

First step

User need to apply from to post and telecommunication

Second step

Pay the money (Include all equipment and software and other)

Monthly fee

Third step

Install and configure the network and equipments

Task 3 for report

In the task 3 I choose the HOSTED PBX because it supports the service such as FAX and mailing.

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