The Existing System For Ebay Computer Science Essay

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This is the main page of The design was fancy with includes a lot of pictures to indicate the products. The navigation bar consist some button and each button represent different action. If user press on the categories side, the website will bring the user to another page where consist of all the detailed information according to the category. On the left was a list of category which helps user to find get into that category directly rather than selecting from the category page.

Member registration page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Ebay\Register.pngE:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Ebay\Register 2.png

(eBay, 2010) registration page contains detailed information column which allow new user to create their account with easy understand information. The site is also built with the security verification to ensure user's account receive more protection and avoid being intruded by intruders. It also contains the secret question to allow user to retrieve their ID and password when they forgot about their current account.

Login page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Ebay\Login page.png (eBay, 2010)

The login page design is simple and understandable for user. It contains an checkbox to allow user to choose either to keep their account log in or not. If user would like to register another account, they can click on the register button to register a new account.

Category list

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Ebay\Category 2.png(eBay, 2010)

The category list of eBay is very precise as each of the categories is listed in alphabetical order. Each category consist of sub-category which allow user to access to the relevant page and bid for their desired product.

My eBay

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Ebay\Buy.png(eBay, 2010)

This page of eBay is basically about user's information. It indicates the user's bidding status as well as the product which they had purchased. If user was a seller, it will also indicate about the product which they posted for sale and all the information will be listed on menu to the left.


E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Ebay\Sell.png (eBay, 2010)

The selling page of eBay allow seller to post their product for sale. The textbox allow user to enter the product's name so that bidder will know what product was post to bid. The item can be sorted in different categories while seller pressed the browse categories button which located below of the textbox.


Main page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\uBid\Main page.png (uBid, 2010)

The main page of uBid is not as fancy as eBay but it contains with large picture along with some short description about the products which allow notify user or bidder about the product. The navigation bar consist sof category list whereas users are able to view the product according to the name. There red color bar indicates the RedTag deal, whereas users are able to acknowledge about what product is closing their bidding soon and which product has promotion or good deal.

Member registration page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\uBid\Register.png (uBid, 2010)

The member registration page of uBid is simply as it provides a few but effective textbox which allow user to enter their personal information. User will have to enter a security text or code in order to proceed with their registration for security purpose.

Login page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\uBid\Login.png(uBid, 2010)

Login page of uBid is simple and well design which allow user to understand the step to login into the webpage before proceeding with their bidding or selling of product. The "Forgot Login ID or Password?" helps user to retrieve the forgotten password or ID.

Category page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\uBid\Category.png (uBid, 2010)

The category list contains large picture along with product's information such as the available units, closing time of bid and the number of bids. User can navigate to different category by pressing the icon on the top of the screen to change to different category list. It helps user to understand better with the help of icon so that users which are weak in language are able to understand by looking at the icon instead of the words.

My page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\uBid\My page.png (uBid, 2010)

This page basically shows the personal information of user. It allow user to change their account information as well as checking their biddings and emails. If user met some difficulties on their account or regarding the website, they are able to access the customer care from their profile to contact the customer care administrator.

Sell page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\uBid\Sell.png (uBid, 2010)

The selling page of uBid might cause confusion to users whom are beginner of using online auction to sell their product. All selling process has to go through EnableHoldings Company in order to post their product for bid on the uBid website. This might be the limitation of uBid website.


Main page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Bidz\Main page.png (Bidz, 2010)

Bidz main page is quite complicated too many information has bundled into the main page and most of the information are in text forms. It contains of large picture which is a good source of helping user or bidder to get clearer picture of what they are bidding. Unfortunately, this website does not contain the selling page which means there will be no seller participates in here. The navigation bar is indicates by icon and text which assist user on clicking to the relative page.

Member registration page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Bidz\Registration.png (Bidz, 2010)

The registration page of Bidz is relatively simple and only require user to enter certain information for their member registration. It needs to enter security code which is same as others available system for security purposes.

Login page

E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Bidz\Login.png (Bidz, 2010)

The login page of Bidz was design to be simple and effective. Besides that, it tag along with the registration page so that user who needs to create a new account can be done on the same page without proceeding to another page.


E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Bidz\Category.png (Bidz, 2010)

The category page of Bidz is embedded with the main page. It is very confusing as most of their information are in text form and user might get confuse about the product if their language are poor. Other than that, it contains too much brand name in one page and it might takes user a lot of time in order to search for the dedicated brand name.


E:\College Stuff\Semester 8\CSC 2105\Project\Documentation\Chapter 2\Bidz\MyBidz.png (Bidz, 2010)

The MyBidz is the user's profile page whereas user is able to view their profile as well as customize their profile or send email to the administrator. It is confusing as well as it also contains other features such as the "Invite friends and earn bidz bucks" section. Beginner user might not know what feature is that if the feature was not explained properly.