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The evolution of technology is moving forward without any barriers. The development of the technology is sometime beyond the human expectation. Yet these developments become compulsory for the daily human life. Most of the technology is really stick together with human daily life. If we raise the question why such kinds of situation happen, there will be an only answer we can get, which is technology makes life easier. Technologies have started to control the world we live in since it is become a compulsory in daily life. When we talk about the technology we have to touch much thing right from the gadgets until the system which run those gadgets.

. The final year project is consisting of two semester duration. The project task is divided into two phases. For the first phase of the project tasks are more to research on the title which given to me. As a first step of it some studies of the network were done. Besides, relevant information is gathered which may and useful for the project.

The project title is MMU Past Year Exam Repository System. The objective of project is actually to create a website where the student able to view and download past year exam papers of their university. Besides, the students are also can answer the exam question thru the online system which provided. The marks for the every paper they did will be shown in the system as well.

To be more detailed on the project, a system is creating to store and download Multimedia University past year exam papers. On top of it students are also able to answer the question in through online. By using internet ready computer students can access and do the past year exam papers from anywhere and any place. This may reduce the students work by downloading and printing the past year paper. The system also will provide the statistics of students' performance based on the result they get.

1.2 Project Scope

The scope of this project mainly covers research and development of solutions to the problems, incorporation of the findings into the multimedia authoring as well as application in programming language of relevant instructional principles and techniques. The past year exam repository system is an output of this project. However, due to several constraints, the system would not cover the whole subjects of science.

The function of system is divided into two main portion which client or end user and server which known as administrator. For this project the attention given to the end user (client) area. The system created to make ease of the end user part to download the past year exam paper from Multimedia University. The end users are also allowed to answer the past year paper thru online from any location as long as the internet connection is there.

Scope of this project is limited since there is not fix exam format by the Multimedia University's faculties. Yet in terms of manually download the past year paper and print it for answer the question; student can taking chance to answer those past year exams paper online. The application can be used from any location and any time as it is a web based application provided with internet connection. Once the end user login to the system, they able to see their summary of test based on the number of past year paper the answer previously.

The end user also can download the past year paper based on the faculty, subject name or even subject code. The end user also can search for the past year paper in the search engine where they can query the paper based on the filter list provided. End user not only can download but they also can answer the past year paper in the system itself. Since the format of the exam papers is not same for every semester, the end user are limited to answer those objective or multiple choice question, true/false and fill in the blanks kind a question.

The end user has no time limitation for student to answer the question. Thus student can do more revision on the past year paper which they do on a particular time. Even though student or the end user has no time limitation for answer question, but there is a login session time for the student login. If any student stay idle for more than a time given the system will automatically log out the end user page. This is done due to the security and avoids traffic congestion when too many user login to the system.

1.3 Problem Statement

There was some problem in the existing past year exam repository system. The problem which can be seen obviously is searching for exam papers. Students sometime couldn't find for the past year paper they search for. This could be because the query the entered is not same as used to upload the exam papers.

With the current system student are only allowed to download the past year exam papers. Students or end user will just answer the papers they download after they print it or maybe by view it from their computer or laptop. In this case sometime they answer they give for the question maybe be correct or may wrong. Student can't spend time they have fully for one particular paper and therefore their effort for answering the particular paper is not the efficient. Sometime the end use wouldn't know that their answer for the question is not as per need by lecturers.

For those student who don't have computer facilities they need to walk to the campus or nearest cyber cafe to download the past year paper and printing it. The end used sometime need to walk for the printing shop to print those past year paper which they download. This is really wasting a time for them.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Background of study

Repository is consisting of database which store table that store data. Usually repository will save and keep data into it. The repository is actually a central place where all the data stored and kept. The repository system will keep all kind digital data which later will be used by the users.

The past year exam repository is a system which collect old or past year exam paper and make them available for students or in general end user in electronic format. Mostly this collection will available in the universities' library website. Usually the exam paper will upload to the system in portable document format (pdf).

The administrator of the system will upload and manage the repository system. Usually the security features for the exam repository system is not focus as much than other system. This is due to the reason where student can only download the past year exam paper.

The main reason of this system is to let the end user to get familiar with pattern of questions and the difficulties of the questions which was design in the university. This may help the student to have better method to approaching exam questions. Above and beyond, they also get familiar with the time limitation to answer those questions.

2.2 System Overview

This system enable student to answer their past year exam paper via the Internet. The system can grade the question in three ways which are multiple choices (MCQ), fill in the blanks and true/false.

Multiple Choices (MCQ)

Students will choose the most appropriate and suitable answer among the possible answer given. There will be multiple answers which list and student have to choose the best. Usually there will be four possible answers where student need to compare and choose the best.


Students are responsible to determine whether given statement is true or false. End users only have a choice to determine whether the statement given in the question is either true or false. All they have to do is just click on their need choose in the choice of answer. In the system the end users only have to click on the radio button provided to give their answer and submit to the system.

Fill in the blanks

There will be one or more than one blank area in a statement. Students have to fill the blank area with the most appropriate answer. The system will only accept the answer given by student as correct if its exactly same as in the database. The nearest answer will not be entertain.

Exam Paper Selection

Student can find for the exam paper by query. To download exam paper student need to search the papers on the search engine. Besides they also can search for the paper my choosing the faculties which can make ease of finding for the past year paper.

Exam Paper Downloading

To download past year papers, it is compulsory for student to login to the system. The system will keep students detail for future reference. The repository system also will store student answer sheets and also students' evaluation

3.0 Methodology

3.1 Development Process

Requirement and Specification





Figure 3.1.1 System Development Life Cycle

The Exam Repository system is developed base on the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The process of development divided in to five phase which is requirement and specification, analysis, design, implementation and finally maintenance.

3.1.1 Requirement and Specification

The entire system requirements are collected from the various sources. The sources are collected from internet, library and other places. Meet with supervisor to understand more about the title and also flow of the system.

3.1.2 Analysis

For analysis phase have visit most of the exam repository website to get to know more and to be familiarize with the exam repository system. The weakness of the existing system is identified. According to the data collected the list of the specification for the system been drafted.

The system architectural model has been identified after doing some research on the websites. Research has done to the existing repository system website. The problem of the system identified and the solution is proposed.

3.1.3 Design

The flow of the system is drafted for the end user site. The flow charts show the flow of the system and the navigation of it. The logical model of Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) will be drawn. The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is used for the database design. Besides, ASP.NET is used to design the end user interface.

3.1.4 Implementation

The implementation of system started with some software. The software include for database and programming software. The ASP.NET used for coding the end user interface and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is used for the database design. The detail of the tool discussed in chapter 3.2 and chapter 3.3.

3.1.5 Maintenance

The final phase in the SDLC is maintenance. During this phase, the system will be maintained for better performance. Enhancement for the system also will be done based on the future needs for the system. Features and functional of the system will be improved based on the end user feedback to the system. Database and screen design will be maintained from time to time.


Microsoft ASP.NET is a free technology that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET is next generation of the ASP and it is not a enhance version of ASP. ASP.NET is totally new technology for a server scripting. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications.

ASP.NET is a scripting framework. It is termed as scripting framework rather than scripting language because while most people use Server Side VBScript and VBScript is the default scripting language for ASP when scripting ASP pages, one can actually use Jscript, PerlScript or any other scripting language for that matter if that is supported on the server. The scripting language used can vary from page to page even within the same web application or page.

ASP.NET's approach is to provide an environment in which a script is executed on the server to retrieve user requests from a web page and generate active web content to satisfy the request and that the script written can be used for accessing data from a database, retrieving a binary file that a user is uploading, emailing, generating gifs and etc. Script code can be combined with straight HTML.

3.2.1 Advantages of using ASP.NET

ASP.Net has many advantages - both for the programmers and for the end users. The advantages that will most impact you as the owner of a website are:

Powerful database-driven functionality

Like ASP (Microsoft's language preceding ASP.Net), ASP.Net allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database. The advantage of ASP.Net is that it is object-oriented and has many programming tools that allow for faster development and more functionality.

Faster web applications

There are two aspects of ASP.Net that make it fast -compiled code and caching. In the past, the code was interpreted into "machine language" when your website visitor viewed your page. Now, with ASP.Net the code is compiled into "machine language" before your visitor ever comes to your site. Caching is the storage of information that will be reused in a memory location for faster access in the future. ASP.Net allows programmers to set up pages or areas of pages that are commonly reused to be cached for a set period of time to improve the performance of web applications. In addition, ASP.Net allows the caching of data from a database so your website isn't slowed down by frequent visits to a database when the data doesn't change very often.

Multiple language support

Programmers can actually write their code in more than 25 .Net languages (including VB.Net, C#, and JScript.Net). This allows programmers to develop your site in the language they know best and it means that you can more easily find programmers to support the work on your site.

Ease of filtering data

The ASP.NET makes data filtering much easier. Beside the process of filtering data also simplified by decoupling filtering logic from the data source

3.2.2 ASP.NET requirement

The minimum software that you will need is Windows XP or Windows Vista o run or use the application in the computer. To run the ASP.NET the minimum hardware requirement are the speed of processor which is minimum 1.6 GHz CPU. For the memory the RAM needed 192 MB RAM and of course for the display purpose 1024x768 resolutions.

3.2.3 ASP.NET Language Support

The ASP.NET supports most of the language such as:


ASP.NET supports full Visual Basic, not VBScript.

ASP.NET supports C# (C sharp) and C++.

ASP.NET supports JavaScript.

3.2.4 Using ASP.NET

The ASP.NET is used to create a client website. The ASP.NET will be use to create client site interface for the Past Year Exam Repository System. Using ASP.NET allow the server the client without passing any posting back to the server. This function really useful when there is a need to retrieve information from the server.

Figure Function of script call-back in client/server

The function call back is implemented in both client and server. This is event reference method to get the name of client for the call back function. Using the client script the call-back function will call the server from the client side. For this function it will use the client script for the communication. The call back function is also help the client to launch the script which will call the server anytime when needed. The notification will get when the execution of the call back function is completed.

3.3 Microsoft SQL server

3.3.1 Introduction

SQL server is relational database management system which created for high user with more advance features. The SQL server is also a powerful database management system for the highly skilled users. There are many version and edition of Microsoft SQL server in a market. Even though there comes with similar function yet it also has its own special functions. Microsoft SQL DBMS is core part of the Windows Server System. It is very useful for client/server database. Besides, the Microsoft SQL server is also very much incorporate with Microsoft Visual Studio and Office system. There were many types Microsoft SQL Server available in market.

3.3.2 Microsoft SQL Server 2005

The SQL server 2005 is enhance version of SQL server 2000 and it was released on October 2005. The server application comes up with more features compared with the previous version of SQL server. In the SQL server 2005, the performance was better with the new advancement which added to it. The Multiple Active Results Sets is a method which allowed connection for multiple purposes in database. The Dynamic Management View focused on the function such as monitor server, diagnose problems, and tune up the performance. New indexing algorithm in the SQL server 2005 helps administrator to recover the error in the system. Besides, the permission and access control included for queries execution and handling of queries. Additionally partitioning and indexing makes process of scaling the database very much easier.

3.3.4 Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is a relational database management system which is comes with full features. Never than anything else the SQL servers 2000 designed and build tools which really help to create a powerful website. The SQL software provides database development, maintenance and also administration tools. These administrative tools are really helping to reducing the burdens in developing and maintaining database. There was some new features in the SQL 2000 which will be really useful for create database. The features such as data mining tools, client connectivity and security enhancement are really useful in developing the database for the application. The SQL server is built in with the XML. The joint-venture of these SQL server and XML makes simplifies integration between server and client. Besides, it is also really useful in transfer data between client and server across the firewall. Advantage of Microsoft SQL Server

Data mining

In the data mining, the SQL server 2000 really helps the uses to analyze huge relational database. Besides, it also allow to grouping the records in the database.

Web Based Analysis

SQL Server 2000 enhanced all its features on the web development. The advantage of this is where when remote users not connected to the Intranet can access data through HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

Enhanced Security

With the enhanced security features help to store the sensitive and confidential information more securely. Even though the data are protected but it's still available and accessible to other sources through the link. SQL Server 2000 also incorporates special permissions for databases that require secure logins and authentication.

Indexed views

Indexing in SQL Server 2000 make ease of seeing the data table. Create an index; make the viewer to not to query each time. The reason if it because the result of the queries will be stored in a database. A unique clustered index and store it in the database. This may result the query Processor automatically recognizes and pull these indexed views.

Distributed partitioned views

Distributed partitioned views make tables on multiple servers look as one table. Extremely large table in database can be partitioned splitting them up. The partitioned table will be assigned into multiple servers. The base tables can be updated directly through these views. This facilitates data location independence and makes data distribution and planning a lot easier.


SQL Server Query Analyzer provides tools to check and modify query plans for fine tune the performance of queries.

English Query

The user can now pose questions in plain English instead of complex SQL. English Query is a tool that builds specialized applications in relational databases and makes data available to all types of users.


Copies data changes to subscribers. The snapshot copies entire data to subscribers each time it replicates, but does not monitor updates to data.


For a rapid synchronization of data between server and end user the SQL server ensuring to allow changes which made by the end user and administrator. Merging data modified from user and administrator really useful for the data synchronization in the database.

Data Transformations

It is a flexible tool for moving and transforming data. SQL Server Enterprise Manager allows the performance of simple DTS tasks using the DTS Import and Export Wizards and the DTS Package Designer. Automated data transport with the manipulation of data while its being moved make it a very useful feature.

Cascading Declarative Referential Integrity

SQL Server 2000 is the first version to offer Cascading Declarative Referential Integrity, a feature that while reserving referential integrity of tables' implements cascading to allow a wider range of operations.

4.0 Proposed Solution and Implementation Plan/Design


. With the system which developed this problem can be solved. Since student s can search the paper not only using the query but also through the faculty they want to. Once student entered the faculty they want the paper offered by faculty will be listed and student can directly view or download the paper.

The exam repository system allow student not only to download past year exam papers but also let the student answer papers thru online. On top of that student also can view result for the question they answered. The summary for the question they answer can be viewed by the end user. But the end user are not allowed to download the answer script for the past year papers they answered.

4.2 Design

4.2.1 System Flow Diagram

Figure End user flow diagram

The end user will see the login page once enter to the system. At the login screen the user need to enter their user id which will be their student id and their password. Once the successfully login to the system they will lead to the system main page. Once at the main page user can search for the exam papers, download exam papers. Besides they also can answer some of the past year exam question thru online. Once they complete their question they will able to see the summary of the question they did.

4.2.2 Login Page

Figure System Login Page

To access to the system the user need to have a valid user identification and password. If they don't have then they need to register to the system as a new user. Before submit the username and password to the system the user need to specify them as user. Once submit they will lead to the user main page. If the person is n administrator then they need to choose to login as administrator where the page will lead to the administrator page. The access level for the user and administrator will be different.

4.2.3 End User System View

Figure End user system flow

The figure above shows the function of the client site in the system. Referring to the system the client will see three main functions in their user page. The first function will be exam paper retrieval. Here the user able to download for the exam paper by using the search engine provided. The user can query for the exam paper not only with the subject name but even with the faculty and also with the majoring. Once they get the past year exam paper which they want, the user can either view it or download the paper to the computer or portable storage device.

The second function in the system will be the test. Besides, downloading the past year exam papers, the end user also can do the online exam through the system. Once download the paper the user can go for the take test option. Here the system will allow the user to answer question like multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blanks. If the past year paper has no that type of question then the user only can download the paper, and they can't answer the question online due to the limitation.

For the third function is where the student can view result of the question they answered. The user can view the summary of the question they answered and of coz they can see the answer. The system will only show the result of the test which taken by the student and the answered will not able for student to download.

4.2.4 Entity Relationship Diagram

Figure ERD diagram

The end user can take one or more than one test in the past year exam system. Each test will refer to many questions. End user or student can have more than one test summary. Each test summary referring to one or many test result. One test will have many question and many answer. One question will have one answer and one answer will refer to one question.

5.0 Conclusion

As a conclusion the MMU Past Year Repository system is implemented for the student convenient. The system will developed with answer may really helpful for the student to do more and confidents revision with the past year paper. The encouragement from the system the student may work hard more on their exam. And will believe may turn up good result for them.

Besides the system believe to be a core part of students' reference for their revision in future. This conclusion made upon the main advantage of the system where the student get a immediate result for the test they do. The keep track the student performance will be the milestone for the student to know their level before their preparation for exam.