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This report is based on Mobile Call Centre to reduce the operating cost and to build the good customer relationship. This report particularly emphasis on four major technologies like VoIP, WiMax, Blog and wearable computing.

The first section of the report is mainly focused on emerging VoIP and WiMax. The first part complete detail about these technologies and then how these technologies can help to improve business and cut down the cost of the business. What is the major role of this technologies and how these technologies can emerge with the business.

The second section is about wearable technologies and Blog. How wearable technology can help the employee of the Mobile Call Centre. Blog can help the Mobile Call Centre to have a good relation with the customers.

The final section conclude recommendation to the CEO if the Mobile Call Centre to emerge technologies.

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Executive Summary 2

1.0 Introduction 4

2.0 Background 5

3.0 WiMax 6

3.1 WiMax for Mobile Call Centre 6

4.1 VoIP 7

4.2 VoIP for Mobile Call Centre 7

5.1 Wearing Computing 9

5.2 Wearing Computing for Mobile Call Centre 9

6.1 Blog 11

6.2 Blog for Mobile Call Centre 11

7.0 Summary 13

7.1 Conclusion 13

7.2 Recommendation 13

8.0 List of References 14

1.0 Introduction

In this modern world, the technology is a key factor for any business. Mobile Call Centre is one of the fastest growing businesses. The main purpose of the mobile call centre is to get more call on a daily base, and provide really good customer satisfaction. At the same time they also needs to cut down their operating cost that includes call rate, location, wages and etc,. To reduce this cost any mobile call centre needs to emerge new technologies in to their business. With the help of new e-technologies any business can reduce the operating cost as well as they can improve their business efficiency. The new technologies can be like VoIP technology, WiMax technology, Wearable technology and Blog technology. These technologies are really helpful for any business. These technologies can improve the Mobile call centre's operating process way faster and the business can run much smother.

2.0 Background Information

In this competitive world, the customer service is a key thing for any business around the world. All the companies around world now have a call centre. A Mobile Call Centre can help any business to provide good customer services to their customers. The Mobile Call Centre has different departments like billing department, technical department, and general department. In addition to that many people prefer to talk to someone before buying any product or after buying any product if they have any issues of concern. In the countries like the USA, UK, India and Australia mobile call centre is main feature to give good customer service and to satisfy the customers.

3.0 WiMax

WiMax stand for "Worldwide Interoperability to Microwave Access". WiMax is an IP based wireless broadband technology that gives the same kind of performance as 802. /Wi-Fi networks. WiMax is a wireless communication method and the other name for WiMax is IEEE 802.16. WiMax can give really good broadband wireless access on a fixed station up to 50 kilometres and on a mobile station up to 5 to 15 kilometres. The main purpose of a WiMax is providing good and efficient wireless network to business and customers on a Metropolitan Area Network. Many companies are deploying WiMax to offer mobile broadband connectively across whole country.

In many cases these deploying of WiMax deployment results in a huge competition in the market, which typically only had access to broadband through an existing DSL provider. In addition to that the deployment of WiMax is comparatively cheaper than GSM, DSL or Fibber-Optic. Wireless providers are working really hard to expand the WiMax network around the world. It is now lot easier to give broadband where it might be not economically viable. There are many types of equipment in the market now days to get connected with WiMax. These equipments are like handsets like smart phones, PC cards, and embedded devices in a laptop. WiMax gives really huge coverage that it is almost impossible to compete for other wireless service providers. The data transfer rate for WiMax is about 100 mega bytes per second. WiMax has a base station which is assigns a Quality of service class to each connection. WiMax provides not only the wireless networks, it also helps the ATM machines, IPv4 and IPv6 and other technologies. There are different kinds of WiMax available in the market like WiMax chipset. The WiMax chipset has networking circuitry and a radio and work through an antenna. Another example is Mobile WiMax. The mobile WiMax is trying to supply with rates top than 1 mbps at frequency not more than 3.6 GHz and at speed equal to 155 mph.

WiMax for Mobile Call Centre

WiMax technology can be one of the biggest help for the Mobile Call Centre. Normally a Mobile Call Centre receives numerous numbers of calls. At the same time they have to use internet to access the customer detail. The internet speed would normally goes down because of that and because of slower internet speed customer has to wait on the phone for long time and on the other hand the customers who are waiting on line to talk to a Mobile Call Centre consultant they have to wait longer and which most of the time gets annoying. Instead if the Mobile Call Centre has WiMax network they get really good internet speed and help the customer lot faster than they used to. This would make more satisfied customer. The initially emerging WiMax technology can be bit expensive but gradually it would reduce the operating cost and also satisfaction of the customers.

4.0 VoIP

VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP is normal term for a family of methodologies, communication protocols and transmission technologies for delivery of voice communication and multimedia session over IP networks like Internet. The normal word for VoIP is internet telephone. VoIP requires existing broadband Internet access and with the help of that users can call anybody or receive a call from anybody, the way like public switched telephone network. A VoIP phone has to be connected with a service provider. VoIP is really useful not only for the home use but it is also very helpful for the business purposes. VoIP can provide really low cost and bandwidth efficiency so that businesses are gradually started to switching old wired telephone to VoIP. It helps them to reduce their monthly phone cost. VoIP provides not only the voice communication but also the data communication so that business can reduce their infrastructure costs as well. VoIP can run on only one network which does not require a different voice network and different data network. In addition to that VoIP providers gives free services like conferences calling, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID, which the telephone provider charges lot of extra money. VoIP also provides the Three-way calling. With the help of Three-way calling people can talk to three ways at the same time and it would be like a mini conference. VoIP has ability to transmit many calls over just one single broadband. VoIP already has new features for secure telephone connection like digitizing and digital transmission. To get connected with VoIP provider it requires only the good internet connection.

On the other hand VoIP has some disadvantages too. The biggest disadvantage of VoIP is that it relays mainly on electricity. If something goes wrong and we lose electricity then there is no way people can use VOIP but on the other hand typical telephone lines work on cable which does not require any electricity. VoIP have to have an internet connection, without internet it is really impossible to use VoIP and there are some places where Internet connection is really hard to get like mountain areas.

4.1 VoIP for Mobile Call Centre

For the Mobile call Centre VoIP can be a biggest help. The main use of the Mobile Call Centre is that people call them all the time and most of the time the service provider pay for the incoming call and outgoing call. Each telephone call they receive or each telephone call they make is really expensive. On the other hand they have to have so many wires lying around and they get tied up to a one place. With the help of VoIP the Mobile Call Centre staff does not require the traditional land line phones. They can just go online and talk to the customers. At the same time they don't need to hold the phone and search into the computers. The staff fells bit of a relief. At the same time VoIP is lot cheaper in compare to traditional telephone line. There are many VoIP providers in Australia who provides really good VoIP services. They are as follows.

ACE Communication Group










These companies provide really good and cheap plans for VoIP for their customers. Any company can reduce their operating cost just by emerging VoIP. There is another benefit of using VoIP is when a customer calls to the call centre they can also use internet and use the VoIP service. They don't have to have telephone line. They just need a computer to make a call. In this modern world people have many choices like desktop PC, Laptop, even the smart Phone, etc. People can use any of these devices to access VoIP. With the help of a webcam Mobile Call Centre staff can chat live with the customers and which makes customers very satisfied. Customer can see the consultant and they can even show what is there problem is. This facility is really helpful for technical staff. They can give a small demo to their customers. These are the ways for Mobile Call Centre to cut down the operating cost and in addition to that, satisfy their customer.

5.0 Wearable Computers

Wearable computers are the computers that can be worn on a human body. These type of computers can be worn just like glasses or clothes and it interacts with the users based on the context position. These types of technologies have been used in many ways like behavioural modelling, health monitoring, IT, media development and much more. The wearable computer is very helpful for application which needs a computational support where the user's voice, eyes, hand, or attention are continually engaged with the physical environment. The good thing about this device is that it does not need to be turn on and off, because it constantly interacting with their user. Wearable computer does not mean that only the computer can be worn on the body but it can be a watch which was invented in around 16th century. There are many kinds of computers are available in the market like Ana log computers, Hybrid computers, mainframe computers, microcomputers, desktops, laptops, PDAs and wearable computers.

The wearable computers are mainly based on sensors. There are two types of sensors in a wearable computer like hard sensor and a soft sensor. The sensor jackets are the most popular one in wearable computers because it is more comfortable and also it has benefit of being acceptable with the society. These sensor jackets are connected with the knitted sensor in the jackets. With the use of commercial available electronics components and custom software a sensor badges detecting 6 perambulatory activities have been developed. The advantage to the user of wearing sensors is the better behaviour of their wearable computer currently related to their current activity. Wearable computers are really useful for military. It helps them to track down their current situation also they can locate the enemy from far distance, because these computers can track the motion. There are many different kinds of wearable computers are also available in the market like wrist watch which runs on a Linux, wireless headphones, etc. There are many companies in the market which they are trying really hard to reduce the price of these devices and some of the companies have been successes.

5.1 Wearable Computers for Mobile Call Centre

Any new technology can help any business to improve, same way these wearable computers can also help the Mobile call Centre. The wireless headphone can facilitate the employee to have freedom of movement. They can move and do their work. The employee does not need to tie down with any wire. For any business if the employees are happy and satisfied then it would make it lot easier to do the business. They can give really good customer satisfaction. For instance if an employee need to get up just to get something from really short distance and which would only about 15 seconds but still he or she still needs to put the customer on hold who is talking with him or her, and nobody likes to stay on hold. On the other hand if they have a wirelessheadphone they can talk to the customer and still do the thing they need to do. There are other wrist wearable available in market which has GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facility. This facility can help the technical staffs who need to go to a customer's place and do their work. The wireless headphones are really cheap. The companies who are making these kinds of devices are as follows.






This way Mobile Call Centre can help their customer and help their staff with the help of wearable computers.

6.0 Blog

Blog is a website or it can be a part of that website. The word Blog is noun and also a verb as well. The blogs are created and maintained by one individual with regular entries of messages, comments, any description of an upcoming or passed events, photos, videos or etc,. Blogs are normally interactive which means it allows other visitors to leave comments or leave any message. An individual who maintain and create these blog is called Blogger. The act of putting this blog is called blogging. The term Blog was blended from the term Web Blog. The word Blog was give by Peter Merholz. Blogs were started in 90s but it didn't get much response from people until 2002. There are many kinds of blogs and they are as follows.

Personal Blogs

Corporate and organizational blogs

By genre

By media type

By device

There are many benefits of Blogs like it is really quick and easy. The setup of a blog is really inexpensive. The search engine is quite friendly for the users. It gives good awareness of the brand. It built really good relation with the customers and also it gains and insight of their customers. The biggest advantage of the blog is that it reduces the number of the emails and the calls. It also has some educational benefits as well like a teacher can monitor and share information with their students. Students can share issues or thoughts with each other. There are many social networking sites are available in the market which is mainly based on blogging. The biggest example of it is Twitter. The blog's only purpose is not only to comment on each other's post or leave a message but also it helps to gain creative, critical, communicative and collaborative skills from each other.

6.1 Blog for Mobile Call Centre

Emerging of a Blog technology in a company can help any Mobile Call Centre. With the help of blogging any company can reduce the operating cost with a huge mark up. A customer puts a blog on a website about his or her issues or concern. Everybody who accesses this website can see this and write on it. A mobile Call Centre staff can directly reply or a comment on it. They can chat this way. This is really helpful for people who cannot make a call. In addition to that other people who had same kind of problem or issues in the past they can also put a comment or suggestion on it so that everybody can read it. Also all these comments and messages are going to be on the websites so if anybody needs to read it they can just go to the website and read it. This way the cost of operating call centre will be reduce. It will help the Mobile Call Centre staff to build a really good relation with their customers.

Blogging is really easy. It does not require any special kind of computer knowledge so anybody can use it. With the help of Blog Mobile Call Centre staff can also help their customer's to save their time. For instance if a customer wants to know something they have to call first and wait on the phone which depends on the traffic of the Mobile Call Centre and then someone answers the phone. On the other hand they can just go to the blogs and read it if someone has put the same kind of comment or issues which they want to know, rather than waiting on phone for long period of time. At the same time if any customer is somehow not satisfied with the service and puts a bad comment then it can always be deleted. This way Mobile Call Centre can give good customer satisfaction. It also helps the Mobile Call Centre to reduce the number of emails which they have to reply everyday on top of their calls. The setup of Blog is really easy and inexpensive so it really helps the Mobile Call Centre.

7.0.0 Summary

7.0.1 Conclusion

At the end we can conclude that emerging new technology in any business would help. Especially the technologies like VoIP, WiMax, Blog and Wearable Computing can pump up the business like Mobile Call Centre. With the use of these technologies Mobile Call Centre can reduce the operating cost of the business. In addition to that they can satisfy their customer. The VoIP technology can provide the better communication option with the customers. Customers can make a call without any land line and on the other hand Mobile Call Centre consultant can answer them same way but the cheaper way. WiMax can provide really good internet speed so that the customer can solve their issues or concern quicker. Wearable Computing can give the better communication option so that employee can work effectively and also with the comfort. Employees don't have to be tied down at one place and do their work they can move around. Lastly the Blog technology can help the customer to support over the internet and with the very low price. Furthermore Blog technology is really helpful to build a good relation with the customer. These technologies help not only the Mobile Call Centre business but also to the customers.


After reviewing the complete detail about these technologies there are few thing that can be recommended to improve the customer relation and reduce the operating cost of the Mobile Call Centre.

First of all, Mobile Call Centre needs to use VoIP technologies. VoIP technology is really cheap. It also replaces the wired telephone. The VoIP call rate is cheaper than the wired telephone. In addition to this customer can make a call with the use of Internet they don't have to a telephone.

Second, Mobile Call Centre needs to emerge WiMax technology. WiMax provides 100 mbps wireless network which is really faster than the current DSL. Faster internet can provide faster customer service.

Third, call centre should emerge Wearable computing technologies. There are many ways but the most effective way would be with the use of wireless headphone. It is really cheap as well.

Last but not least, Mobile Call Centre should start using Blogs in to their website. The Blogs can help the company to build a good customer relation. In addition to this it solves so many basic problems, which normally a customer has.