The Email Extraction Software Computer Science Essay

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Email extraction software is a program that is used to extract e-mail addresses from web pages on the Internet using HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It is also used to obtain email ids from HTML and text files on local disks. Email extractors can be divided into three groups namely, CD/DVD extractors, Internet email harvesters and extractors that pull out emails from files.

Email extraction software is a fast program that supports multi-threaded page loading. It can run on any computer that has Windows versions, 95, 98, XP, ME, NT and 2000. The terminal using the software should have a functioning connection to the Internet.

Email extraction software provides a variety of filters for scanning web pages. Its users can limit the scanning depth and paths. The program is easy to use and is similar to a search engine. A user would simply need to type in a valid URL or the desired keywords and the software would gather the top ranked pages from major search engines.

Email extractors also perform email address checks to verify the address that it receives. Some other kinds of verifications that can be done using Email extractors are syntax checking and country/TLD zone checking. Email address search is another important feature of an email extractor. A user can obtain a new relevant mailing list by typing in a few key search words. On account of these flexible applications, email extraction software is extremely popular amongst users.

Email extraction software can be repeatedly used to get new email addresses. A user who has an email extractor would not need to purchase email addresses for mass mailing purposes. Users of the software can collect a new-targeted mailing list at any time, from any site of their choice.

A super mail spider or SMS is a popular email extraction software. SMS utilizes a unique thread pool technology that allows it to process thousands of web addresses simultaneously. It has proved to be faster, accurate and more reliable than most other Email extractors available in the market.


Direct email marketing software helps users handle their own bulk email marketing campaigns. It helps businessmen save on costs as they would not have pay a per piece price to use online bulk emailing services or hire a marketing firm to do their bulk email promotions. The direct email marketing software assists in providing a cost-effective strategy in Internet marketing.

There are a number of direct email marketing software packages available in the market. Some of these are shareware programs that don't require an initial investment or ongoing costs. Shareware programs don't have the value-added features that are usually available in the marketing software packages. However, they are suitable if a user doesn't have a large email marketing campaign.

A good email marketing software package provides some basic features that will enable the user to effectively develop and manage their email marketing campaign. Firstly, these would help to import data from a variety of sources, including database and contact management systems, electronic mailbox and text files such as HTML. They would also assist in creating mailing lists that include email addresses, recipient names, date stamps, source information, user-defined keywords, and selected other data. They are also used as mailing list management tools for viewing, editing, modifying and updating lists. List management involves the merging of two lists, deleting one list from another, editing individual entries, and extracting selected data from a larger list.

With these basic features, users would be able to construct mailing list and email marketing message and analyze the results from their email marketing campaign to determine what is effective. The software is more useful if it can send both text and HTML form messages. This is helpful when users want to personalize their email messages automatically.

Direct email marketing software enables the timely delivery of e-newsletters to customers. This enables a company to keep in constant contact with clients and build the credibility of the business. It keeps the communication channel open by eliciting product or service enquiries from recipients. In this manner, direct email marketing software lead to repeat purchases and higher conversions.


Quite often, an individual or an institution has to send a large amount of emails. In such cases, paying a per email price becomes a costly affair. The installation of bulk email software provides a cost-effective way for sending a large number of mails at a single time. A number of such softwares are available on the Internet now a days. Some suppliers of bulk email software have special promotions, during which period the software is available for free.

The key requirement to send bulk mails is correct email addresses. Free bulk email software helps users get safe email addresses and send mails to them at a cheap rate. The best source of safe emails is FFA Networks, which stands for " free for all". When a potential customer registers with the FFA Network, they are required to provide a valid email address where they agree to receive email messages in exchange for free advertising provided by the FFA Network.

By downloading a free bulk email software, the user turns his/her computer into its own mail server. As a result, the user does not have to use ISP's (SMPT) mail servers to send or receive emails. Most ISP's prevent users from sending thousands of emails from their Internet connection and this causes a big problem for users who want to send bulk email. Another advantage with this software is that it does not allow spam mails to accumulate in a users mailbox.

Downloading emails is a very simple process using bulk email software. The software can be run even if it shows error messages. Most of the time the errors occur due to DNS timeouts.

A large number of Internet marketing firms are also offering free bulk email software. It is mandatory however that the user be a subscriber of these firms to be able to use the software. The free software provided by these firms is not time limited. However, a user must have a valid account with the marketing firms to make use of their free bulk email software.


Most institutions or business houses are bombarded every day with a large number of emails. Some of these emails may be important and would require a response. In such cases, an automatic responder email software is of great help.

An automatic responder software is programmed to support an unlimited amount of entries. The amount of entries can be limited only by the hard disk space in a user's computer. All these entries are processed against each e-mail within the user's POP3 inbox. When a match is found, an appropriate action is taken as per the rules fed into the user's rule set. Subsequently, the message is automatically removed from the user's inbox. These softwares can also automatically remove emails of some people upon request, from all subscription lists globally

An automatic responder software has a number of advantages. They automatically create new customer email lists from an user's email responses. They help in extracting customer information from emails received and then use this information when creating personalized email or campaign newsletter.

Automatic responder email software is also used to drive email newsletter campaigns. This involves adding and removing users, automatically unsubscribing users and sending confirmation emails to users. An interesting feature of the software is that its users can compose, edit, view, test, and manage every message from a remote location. They can instantly get information about every promotion or newsletter that they have ever sent. They can obtain specific details such as the size of a list and a record of all newsletters received by specific subscribers. This helps in keeping track of all the emails a user has sent.

A large number of marketing firms offer free automatic responder email software download, on their websites. However, they make it mandatory for an individual or institution to register on their website before permitting the download and use the software.