The Different Types Of Web Hosting Computer Science Essay

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"Online", "exposure" and "Business" are three words which denote the importance of website and you need a hosting to make your website in action. Web hosting tips is definitely going to help you select a host.

Hosting is essential for your website but how to choose a proper host is quite a difficult task if you are not aware of the process.

There are numerous hosts which provide services but you don't know which one is suitable for you. Definitely you have to decide about the budget before you can proceed. Web hosting tips is definitely helping you to finalize your budget.

In online business scenario web hosting has grown like anything over the last decade. By this time thousands of large and tiny companies have started offers of several internet related services. Many of those companies have faced difficulties during economic decline in 2000s and lots of companies were shutdown. With due course of time web hosting industry has consolidated its position and becomes stable and web hosting companies are offering wide varieties of hosting services. Your particular requirements are crucial to find out the type of hosting you require as lots of web hosting packages are available at different prices. They are also offering varieties of services which you may not need. Many people never use those additional features and services. But web hosting companies are raising the cost of their hosting pack by showing those additional features. Make sure what you really need before selecting any package. Study of Web hosting tips and guides will help you to select an appropriate package for your website.

Do not hurry and before you can go ahead do some research.

Different Types of Hosting:

Free Hosting: Some of the ISPs and web hosts are providing free hosting. It is suitable for small website with low traffic. Here you can't use your own domain. No support is available for free hosting. You can't expect free site without ads. It is suitable for personal and family websites.

Shared Web Hosting: Shared web hosting is cost effective as the name suggests, server is using virtual hosting and shared among websites. It has solutions like database, email and different useful tools. Cost of the shared hosting is low and useful for small business websites with average traffic. Technical support is available for shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: Here your website will be hosted on a dedicated server. It is costly and suitable for large business website with very high traffic. It supports multiple domain name and provide excellent solution for email and database. Support is also good for dedicated hosting and skilled person is required to manage dedicated hosting.

Co-location hosting: You can place your own server in a datacenter and host your site. But it is very expensive and used by large business entities.

Only a website with fast hosting can generate enough visitors. People who are using slow dial-up connection can also access your website if you use faster host.

Do not sign to a host if they are charging a set up fee. Good host will not charge for set up.

Ftp access is important feature for web hosting. Ftp will help you to upload your files inside web server.

Check that your hosting provider is back up files regularly. Backup is important for web hosting and you are not going to lose any data.

Signup on a monthly rental basis hosting and make sure that there is no penalty if you want to cancel your account.

Check that the hosting service provider is providing enough email addresses for your business. Email address is essential to run your business efficiently, make sure that your host is providing it with additional features like email forwarding etc.

Once your website will be ready then you expect that people will access your website. Go for a plan which provides sufficient bandwidth e.g. 5 GB.

Check for additional services like template and google adword credit.

Good Support is important in case if you face any technical problem.

Check for disk space offered and server uptime guarantee.

Only a thorough research will give you idea about right price for hosting. Compare prices of different hosts and it is not a bad idea to select a host offering moderate price.

Select the host which has a fast connection as it will help your visitors to access your website fast.

You can either choose Unix / Linux or Windows Hosting. Linux hosting is cheap and also offering lots of features.

Select hosting with cPanel. cPanel hosting is most popular with lots of feature and inbuilt utilities. cPanel is simple to use.

With the introduction of new technology web hosts are changing and including new features in addition to general web hosting. If you run sophisticated e-commerce site, blog or feature rich social contact website, different tools could help you in this regard. Web hosting reviews, opinions, web hosting tips and your own research will help you to find a host for your website.