The Development And History Of Facebook Computer Science Essay

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Today, Social networking has been a common use on the internet generation. With nearly 1 billion active users, Facebook is becoming the largest social network of the word so it affects rapidly to life of people . According to a survey, Facebook is the dominant social media site among teens, with 93% users have a Facebook account much more than others. Teenagers like all other age group, love to spend their leisure time on Facebook rather than watching their favorite programs on TV, or playing video games. Therefore, it has many effects of teenagers with both benefits and drawbacks of using Facebook by teenagers in our society.


One of the most influencing websites nowadays is Facebook which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates. It brings people around the world closer. Facebook is an excellent tool for communicating with loved ones and interacting with other people (Findley,2009). Facebook provides opportunity to contact friends and family members and share the most memoriable moments with relatives and friends through photos, videos, and links. It also gives the chance to follow famous people, movies, music, job, idol through their Facebook pages and groups and convenient for business, advertisements, events. Although it can be dangerous when personal information is being shared. Sometimes people do mismanagement of their personal information and most people don't know how to protect their information online, so Facebook is the best place for hackers. Users can't balance time online and time on outdoor-activities and realize the value of real life. Facebook can be very addictive for users. With the popularity of Facebook, this paper will discuss the somes informations about history, development, benefits and drawbacks of Facebook.

2. Discussion of findings

2.1 Somes informations about the development and history of facebook

The founder of Facebook is Mark Zucherberg. He was only a sophomore in Harvard University when he created ''. Initially, the membership was restricted to students of Harvard University then expanded the other US, Canadian, European and Asian colleges. In 2004, Sean Parker became the company's president. The company changed the name from The Facebook to just Facebook after purchasing the domain name in 2005 for $200,000.

Since September 11, 2006, it has available for any email address globally, but the interface is in English only.

On September 25, 2007, with 42million active users, Facebook is the second largest social networking site globally after Myspace and it increased dramatically 270% between June 2006 and June 2007.

In October 2008, Facebook announced that it would set up its international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

In November 2010, Facebook's value was $41 billion and it became the third largest U.S Web company after Google and Amazon.


2.2. What are the benefits of Facebook ?

A report in the Paris (October3rd 2007) revealed that Facebook users spend an average of 20 minutes on the site daily and more than 6 million active user group on the site. As the social media giant prepares for its upcoming initial public offering, here are somes benefits of Facebook. Thank to Facebook, we easily to keep in contact with our relatives. or friends who lives far away, and connect to different people from anywhere in the world because almost people around the world use Facebook. This gives us opportunity to have more knowledge about other country and culture, tradition, religion, etc . If you want to chat with a friend, you can write on her wall or chat with only her. Moreover, we can make secret groups where we can invite who we want. When log in your account, the interface by Facebook is simple, easy to use and orderly. Facebook is not only a great tool to find a old friend who you lose in contact for a long time but also a great platform to advertise for business. In addition, the cost of online advertising on websites like Facebook is cheaper than conventional method, and also provides a larger audience and greater visibility. When having a picnic with friends, we can take a photo and can upload immediately on Facebook to share with friends and people. We can share our feelings an what's happen around in our daily life through Facebook. Facebook also where people can get information quickly and kinds of news can be easily found as a result more and more people use Facebook to update lastest everyday.

Besides, spending time on Facebook can help people relax, slow down their heart rate and decrease stress level, according to researchers from the Masachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Milan ( Business and Industry portal,2012). Tons of gaming and other applications are provided by Facebook. Besides games,there are tons of applications you can use and enjoy which are variety of type such as photo editing, horoscope, texas porker,etc. Facebook Fanpages,groups, events,etc are becoming more popular day by day. We may use these Fanpages and groups for many activities. Students can use Facebook for group study by creating a group only for studying,so you can share any information about your projects, homework, assignments, exams,..And if you have a Facebook login ID than you don't need to waste your time for registering other site. Nowaday, most of site are allowed to login at their site by using account Facebook Login ID. Finally, as we have talk above, Facebook gives many advantages such as : entertainment, communication, and sharing of informations, photo with others. It's place where you can make friends, advertise, chat with friends, share your ideas and much more.

2.3. What are the drawbacks of facebook ?

Despite the good benefits of Facebook, its has its drawbacks. If you aren't a users of Facebook yet,you will soon realize problems that Facebook can cause.

To begin with, everyday there are million people update their status on Facebook and share picture or links and new status which contain kind of viruses storming through it. Users don't know or are may be are concerned about their online Privacy. When you click there,you can create danger to your data and your computer. It is no surprise that Facebook involves several hackers who actually steal other people account. Many people said that they noticed change in their profile information while they were forgotten log in. Next, the majority of the Facebook users are student and study in school, college and university. Nowadays, almost students have a mobile which can access to Internet whenever and wherenever they want. Therefore studies are very much affected due to use of Facebook. Pupils now even use Facebook during the class,while paying lesser attention to the lecturer. What worse could be than this? (Top 5 Negative Effects of Facebook on Us). One of the biggest Facebook drawbacks is that it addictive or become addictive easily. According to Findlay (2009), recently, young adults are already addicted in using Facebook, why?. Well,they check their profile more than 35 times each day. They can't realize how frequently they open Facebook and also spend so much time in commenting, viewing other's pictures, playing games or doing other stuff. Many people know disavantages of using Facebook but can't stop using it. Instead of using Facebook,they can spend time doing more important work during that time. In addition, Facebook has bad influency on health. At the present, lesser children play physical games. Being online on Facebook for social networking and for playing games for long times, children spend less time on outdoor-activities. Gradually, Facebook has ruined people's eye-sight, mental and physical health. Finally, one recent report blamed Facebook for 1 in every 5 divorces. Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak got divorced due to Facebook, and there are many other examples. An American lawyer said that Facebook is one of the major sources of causing troubles in relationships (Top 5 Negative Effects of Facebook).

3. Conclusion and recommendations

Sum up, to be fair, Facebook has its own good and bad effects just like any other aspects of life. And it's up to you to decide whether it's a bless or a curse. Looking at all the drawbacks, our life will become a waste of time and avoid our from doing more enjoyable activities than having to sit on the computer's screen for many hours. It's people creating and using Facebook, not Facebook controlling human.