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According to the problem scenario, the Ictbuild Ltd has been stood in the construction industry software selling market as a medium-sized company for about 15 years. Although it started as a foundling company at the very beginning, the company was able to expand and has continued to expend the business after passing over a period of national economic downturn.

For being an entrepreneur with more business knowledge than technical knowledge, the company chairperson places the sales staffs in the first rows of his business among other staffs like research and development staffs, technicians, construction industry specialists and programmers. Based on the problem scenario, in the Ictbuild Ltd, sales staffs travel to clients offices in order to give demonstrations about the software and generate ideas for new products and features. The research and development staffs are responsible for developing and maintaining software and technicians are involved in installing software on existing client hardware or on proprietary PCs and networks. The construction industry specialists are employed to explain the programmers about the sales staffs' new ideas in order to transform the ideas into reality.

Based on the problem scenario, although the Ictbuild Ltd use large proprietary database of building component descriptions and costs in order to be used easily by quantity surveyors and estimators, the company is still facing some problems associated with sales staffs, resource and development staffs and technicians. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, the senior managers are likely to develop a website which can solve all these problems and can handle e-commerce to sell individual PCs, digitisers, Ictbuild packages, and proprietary software to a huge number of small construction companies through the Internet.


Waste of time on traffic

As point of sales business, the Ictbuild company predominantly depends on the selling of their packages and proprietary software. If the company does not have an e-commerce, sales staffs have to go to place by place for expanding the market so that it will take them a lot of time stuck in traffic. For being a software selling company, it would be difficult to sell the constructions software without having an e-commerce website for the reason that most of the software users are computer users and they will find software through internet. Moreover, without having e-commerce website, the sales staffs need to deliver the product to the customer and it would be a waste of time and staff power when having e-commerce website as users can download the software after they have given the payment. Thus this would be the major problem of Ictbuild company to stand successfully among competitor companies.

Small market area and poor communication

Without having an e-commerce website, it is hard to extend the market globally and it would cost lots of expenses for expending the branches. However, with an e-commerce website, the company will be able to reach markets far beyond its local area while also gaining much more customers number than its current one. Moreover, it would be difficult to communicate staffs from different branches. Poor staff communication could result in misunderstanding of user requirements and producing products. For example, one of the branches of Ictbuild company transforms one of their projects to the main office to develop. Because of this problem, Ictbuild company essentially requires an e-commerce website.

Poor responsiveness

Moreover, poor responsiveness is also one of the problems of not having any e-commerce website. Without e-commerce website, customer needs to wait in order to enquire about their problems until the company staffs are able to answer. However, customer would not need to wait if the company has e-commerce website as they can be able to ask online interactively.

R&D staff working from home

R&D staffs need to work at the office for the reason of not having e-commerce website. With company's e-commerce website, staffs can work from home where appropriate and can communication each other easily and can upload their work easily. Thus it is one of the issues that most R&D staffs are requesting to have.

Software manager resignation

Furthermore, one of the problems of Ictbuild company includes the resignation of the software manager to a rival company as he was the sole owner of key information of the Ictbuild company.

Web Page Design

Home Page

This is the Home page of the ICTBuild website including the description of the ICTBuild company, the list of the services given by the ICTBuild company and the new softwares that are sold on the ICTBuild website. Through the Home page, users can go to register page in order to register a new customer account if they are customers. If users have their own accounts, they can directly go to Sign In page in order to access their accounts. Moreover, user can go to FAQ page, Site Map page and About Us page through the Home page. Furthermore, Product page, Features page, Service page and Contacts page are linked to the Home page.

Customer Registration Page

This is the Registration which is intended to Customer. If the customers do not have any account, they can make registration to create an account. Customer needs to choose construction company type and company name, first name, last name, email, country, phone, password and confirm password are also needed to be entered in the registration form. After submitting all required information, customers can access their individual accounts with unique company IDs that are given.

Log in Page

This is the login page for both staff and customer in order to be able to access their accounts. For customers, they need to choose their account types and enter company ID, email and password to log in to their account. After clicking log in button, if they enter correct information, they can easily access their accounts.

For staff, they have to choose the account type and other information like customer. In addition, in order to remotely secure the log in, the fingerprint scanning will be include in the ICTBuild website. The fingerprint scanner will scan the fingerprint of the staff and check with the original fingerprint stored in the database of the ICTBuild. Staff will be allowed to access their account in order to update work only if the fingerprints are same. After logging into their account, the staff home page will be reached.

Remote Meeting Page

This is the remote meeting page of the ICTBuild website. After logging into the staff account, staff can join remote meeting through this page. They can see various participants on the screen who are attending the meeting. Moreover, other staffs can be invited to join the meeting through this page. Video conferencing can also be made by clicking on the Start conference button.

Chat Room Page

This is the chart room page that the customers can surf after logging into their accounts. Chat Room page is included in this website intended for customers to chat with each other in order to discuss about the software products that are sold in this website. They can do text chatting as well as voice call. When they reach the chart room page, they will firstly see the online customers who are currently using the chat room. Then They can participate in the chat room.

Product Page

This is the product page of the ICTBuild website and the available software products that are produced by the ICTBuild Company are sold on this page. Usually the newest product will be on the first place of this page. Additionally, their primary specifications and features are described beside the product and the selling price is also described as well. If customer wants to purchase the product, they can buy it by clicking on the Buy it button.

Enquiry Page

This is the enquire page of the ICTBuild website. Customers can enquire the company about the products that they do not know or understand. Moreover, they can ask questions about the services that the ICTBuild provides as well. By entering the title in the Title and enquire information in the Description and clicking Enquire button, customer can send mails to the company to ask about what they want to know.

Site Map Page

This is the sitemap page of the ICTBuild website. All the links included in this website are described in this page.

Service Page

This is the service page of the ICTBuild website. The services those are provided by the ICTBuild Company are described in this page. This page is mainly aimed at customers to understand about the services of the ICTBuild Company.

Website and Maintenance Fees

The basic costs for developing a website included the domain name registration cost, website hosting cost, website static contents development fees, the cost of website design and the website modification or uploading fees are mainly included.

Basically the charge of registering domain name is $36 per year. It will cost $55 for two year registration and it will only cost $80 for three year registration. The website hosting fees is $96 per year and month to month hosting is also available and it cost $6 per month and it will allow 50MB Disk Space, 1 GB Monthly Bandwith and 75 Email Accounts. Moreover, Email Domain Forwarding, Email Forwarding, CGI Perl, PHP. FrontPage Extensions, MySQL Database, CPanel, Detailed Statistics, Database Driven Shopping Cart and Guest Book functions will be provided.

The charges for website static contents development is about $50 for the size of maximum 3MB and $60 is for the website which has about 3MB to 6MB. For 6MB to 10MB website, it will cost about $70. On the other hand, the development company will give a free flash banner.

The fees of website design will cost between $600 and $800. When it comes to designing a website, it needs to develop front end features and back end features. To develop the front end, static contents and some interactive contents need to be designed. In this part, pages like Site Map, Content. Frequently Asked Questions, Feedback Comments and Photo Gallery will be included. On the other hand, site administrative contents need to be designed for back end features. For example, Password Management and Authorized user management are included in the back end features. Therefore, in order to develop a compete website; it will cost around $700.

The maintenance cost will be charged about $90 per hour.

These are the basic cost that will cost for developing and maintaining a website.

Database Design

Database Design for Customer Table

Database Design for staff table

Database for Software table