The Concepts Of Search Engine Positioning Computer Science Essay

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Customers can easily and quickly find the website in many ways. Most of the common easy to find in website is through a company logo or a symbol of the name. The logo or the symbol will directly link to the website. And also it always gives the domain name link lists of the website to choose which is the correct name we searching for. One of the famous website that can attract customer is using Facebook and Twitter which is the common use for the user and the customers in whole world wide.

For offline customers, provide them the full domain name and full address link for them to research in fastest and easiest way such as in television advertisement, newspaper, Billboards, Flyers/brochures/pamphlets and Radio Adverts.

For newly registered customers, they were sending an email about the advertisement and the promotion. They will also provide the domain name or website link to go to the website. Once success to go to the web page, customer needs to make an account to log in to the website for purchasing.

To attract customers for them to easy and quickly to find the website is by register with Search Engine like Google whereby when a customer's type the name of the 'Special Shoes' it can be found in Google without typing the full domain name of the website.

Search Engine is a website where we can get all the information in a fastest way by typing keywords. Customers don't have to type full name where the search engine can give all the information. It can give the name lists by different domain names. Such as;

A crawler also called web crawler, is also one of the search engine to get all information same as But no offence is better than a web crawler.

A spider does grabbing and adding content to search engine indexes linked to the whole internet. It is important to link your site because spiders have the ability to find links from one page to another and many different sites.

A robot is one of the search engine that can stored many links. A robot also can get all information that we wanted. It can do a lot of search in the search engine where it can have more findings where it can find top listed web site.

By typing those words can easily to access the web page or directly link to the domain name or address link. This could make customers more interested and excited by doing typing a simple keyword. Search engine also one of the powerful tool to get all information needed. The web site must be register with Google since it is the famous engine in world wide.

Search engine positioning is most commonly placed at the above website according frequently sites on the right side next to the search domain name. Every website will show the position of the search engine.

Search engine positioning is very important because they want most of customers, users and surfer easy to find the search engine so that customer can search easily and faster what they want to search in the website which is related with the product and the company URL.

Here I created three potential domain names for the new web site which can attract many customers especially to those women out there. - Whereby customer and public can purchased which shoes their interested and wanted to order. - This website contain all information about shoe product and the policy. But this website cannot purchase. - This website for pre-order customers and public. They can design their own design and shapes they wanted to be.

The best choice for the domain name of the shoe online is

The name chosen is easier for customer to research and identify the web page. By that name customer will always remembrance and can make customers feel excited to surf the name or the web page. Most of the women will feel gorgeous once they heard about the interesting name. The name will attract most women out there.

The other two domain name is not being used or chosen because it is hard to remember and also it is too long to research and difficult to identify for the customer and public, this will give effect to the customer and the public. They will feel annoyed.

To locate the website is by typing the name of the company. Search engine will identify the full domain name and the address link. We may also put the full domain name or the address link in the search engine; this is easier to connect directly and automatic locate to the web page. Not only that, we may use the symbol or the logo of the shoe for advertise in the website especially in the social networking, is just that we have to make sure that the symbol or the logo is successful link to the web page because when customers click on the symbol or the logo it will automatic directly link to the website. By using social networking we will always give the link or the address of the website in Facebook and Twitter. We also may create an advert in the Facebook and Twitter website. Not only social networking can create an advert by display the website, other website also provides the services such as typical website and