The Concept Of Search Engine Positioning Computer Science Essay

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Search Engine is a program that design to search any specified keywords and any returns list document in the World Wide Web that link to the Website itself. It was design to identify and organize the many information and messages fragments that the most people have stored in various forms on their computers. There many option of Search Engine can be use by user, for an Example of Search Engine is Google, Yahoo, Webferret, Bing and AOL.

Which also knows as Search Engine Optimization which can improves the rank on your website in the varieties of search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google. Search engine optimization can also improve the ranking of your website so that the visitors can easily find it. This can help to improve the traffic on your website. Hence, to stabilize your ROI(Return On Investment). Moreover, it provides more searchers that can be gain faster to access into particular website. If the website has something useful to offer in the world of E-Commerce, then is a strategy that should be employed immediately. Meanwhile, this traffic can be successful and may help you in achieving better goals and increases leads, sales and profits from your website. It also improves your online presence and increases your company's reputation. And this condition can also help to achieving the customer guarantee.

While for owner of the website, they should know what are the basics search engines positioning to their website. One of it is they have to create accessible site for the users and follow with accessible guidelines. And, to review each of your analysis during the process to see which can be work and what doesn't.

Web crawler as a computer program that the methodical, autometedmanner. Other term for web crawler ants, automatically in indexers

Spider is a process of web crawling or spidering, in particular search engine, use spidering as a means of providing up-to-dates data's

Robot is a computer applications travel through the internet in various resource in search of the websites, It host database to list and offer Information seekers.

All the programs above will provides an automatic search on the web that find a web pages that can make customers interested according what they want to search and type. It's reads and copies other text and sources information's from the sites, then the assign particular URL, or page and ranking based upon relevancy of certain keywords, phrases, and subject matters. These automated applications are preprogrammed to review page construction and coding to then add (or remove) that page to a database based on its rank achieved.

Meanwhile, when Web Directory and Search engine are combined together, they will act as a dominant tool to search the items on the web on which it approaches toward the internet marketing and will provide everything as you requested. As you know, the first step to find out the results is you must type or list the items first on the 'search list/box'. It is very accessible by users and they can search anytime as long as the users have the access to the internet. The results that would be appeared can be easily updated. Furthermore, Search Engine positioning serves the users by making your site visible to view and also to promote your products and services. It can increase the traffic but it will give better satisfaction to the users. By including a keyword to your search can help for your results appeared. This means it can increase sales on your business because with the help of interested users of your website.

Search Engine Positioning is absolutely critical component of the marketing mix. we have to maintain the possible position where the costumer ready to purchase your items and if you lose the other competitor will win and replace it)

The function of search engine optimization is to be positioned where the costumer is. Other function is to be positioned well than the other competition. In the world of search engine the more people or user knows your website, more clicks on your link or they will make it as their homepage .in this way you will know that your website have many visitors and buyers

Online Shoe Shop can have three potential names for the new site:


We were suggesting using domain name as the most appropriate for the Shoe Online Store website because it is simple and easy to remember for the customers that who want to access to the website. Customers find it easier if the website name and the company name is identical for easier remembrance. and don't have any similarity to the company name. Customers can easily forgot the Company name and brand they are selling from, Just like when we choose name for a shop, website name also has to be chosen carefully.

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