The Clinic Management System Computer Science Essay

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The Clinic Management System is a group of computer software products that coordinates all the activities involved in the management and operation of a healthcare facility. This system is a new technology developed to help the growing healthcare industry so that it is feasible to meet its urgent requirement for fast, tightly controlled clinical trials. The clinic management system combines data management and trial or site management to achieve an Integrated Clinical Trial Process. They must meet specified security, technology and functionality standards for managing electronic medical records and practice management information. The system functions to maintain and organize activities such as the complete patient information records, medical records, giving prescriptions, medical billing, medication supplies and many more.


The Gomez Policlinic is a renowned group of clinical practitioners whose clinic branches are located at various locations in the Klang Valley. Dr. V. Gomez Lawrence was the founder of the clinic. Their first clinic opened in 2000 at Taman Delima, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. In the present, there are currently nine clinic branches of the Gomez Policlinic which provides one of the best quality healthcare services to the Malaysian community in different parts of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Yes, we have it yearly once and it is during the end of the year. During the maintenance process, we will update our software to the latest and upgrade the system to a bigger capacity so that the system could store more patients’ details. Besides that, every end of the year an IT technician will go to a particular clinic and do a cleaning up process such as defragment and update the anti-virus software.

Lastly, can the patient access into the system database to check their records?

No, the patients are not able to access into the database. Only authorized personnel such as doctors and IT consultants can access it. This is because we do not want any details of the patient to be revealed as that is their personal information. But the patient will receive e-mails or SMS from the clinic regularly regarding their consultation with the doctors.


The clinic management software provides comprehensive information between patients and doctors. It provides several benefits for clinic management and data base maintenances.

First and foremost, the clinic management system gives an effective management of outpatient healthcare benefits. It is very convenient for the clinic to track their patients' treatment history, diagnostics information and the administrative activities of a clinic with just a mouse click. An identification card such as the MyKad is used to verify the patients’ personal information. Besides, this systematic management reduces the errors that may occur when clinical activities are done manually and it also saves time.

In addition, the clinic management system is very suitable for large organizations as it reduces the work load required. This clinic management software also helps in maximizing the efficiency of the clinic especially in organizing the doctor's appointment and the medical billings. The system also provides an accounting system as the main branch of the clinic can easily utilize the online features to check for their billing transactions, payment details and balance outstanding of the patient and the date for the next medical checkup. It provides a platform for in house plane clinics outside the organization as the information are sent regularly to the patients through the email or SMS. Therefore, it is an effective and reliable means of communication between the clinic, management office and patients.

Apart from that, the implementation of this software is more eco-friendly as compared to the 'traditional' paper card record. It is less troublesome on retrieving the patient diagnostics records and money is saved by reducing the usage of paper. Moreover, the great advantage of this system is the history of consultation can be shared and transferred among different branches and different doctors. Therefore, the patients do not need to go through the registration process again once they go to a different clinic.

This system gives a report part which the patients can obtain their medication reports online and the date for the next medical checkup. It is also useful for the clinic to check stock issues such as prices and amount of the drugs, company names and stock balance.

Even though, the clinic management system was said to be perfect. However, there are some flaws that need to be enhanced.

The clinic management system should include the thumbprint verification system in collaboration with the identification card verification. The identification card could be forged as technology is getting more and more advanced while thumbprint verification can precisely track the diagnostics record of the patients.

The system should also have an interconnection with the hospital for any emergency cases. Hospital can immediately access and retrieve the previous diagnostics history of the patients such as medicine allergy, current medical problems and types of medicine being used at the critical moment. This enhancement can strengthen the relationship between the hospital and clinic. Hence, the hospital can give the most suitable medicine and treatment to the patients as time is saved from the elimination of registering in the hospital. It also enlarges the coverage of its system and encourages every clinic to have such an easy method on running their clinic.

Moreover, the clinic management system should also reveal the medicine given to the patient to avoid any confusion and to allow the patient to know more about their illness. It can increase the trust of the patient towards the clinic and the doctors. It also can let the patient to get to know more about the medicine they are consuming and increase the awareness of patients on the sickness. The execution of this method can also arouse the doctors on giving the best treatment and medicine to their patients. The patients can instantly take any action if the medicine is different from what their account stated.