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UNICOLXL is a private college range of University accredited degrees, and this study case is reflecting the right and the wrong of the college to be improved. This is all taking about the information systems about current systems weaknesses, replacement integrate systems, business intelligence, how to continuity with existing system and staff training. By the other hand of information system, which mentioned about the website and definition the weakness, improvement, mobile interaction, staff and student portals. Finally, IT system security about policies and cloud competing.


There are three key functions we need to identify which Information systems, Website, and IT security. All the details according to the case study of UNICOLXL, telling about the process of the college through information systems between staffs and students. They are using information systems to control the database and working with the logic process. Not similar with those of normal IT, this Information systems is something different, its must take time in the long term process to prove the result, otherwise it not able to achieved the result in the short term. That could be the function and structure of information systems.


2.1 Current systems weaknesses:

It is a problem that a firm tries to solve with an information system. That include of defining the problem, identifying its cause specifying the solution, and identifying the information requirements that must be meet by a system solution. The weaknesses of the information system of UNICOLXL that it supplying the personal detail twice because the staff have not update the information of the student clearly so that mean they are not using the information system by the correct way that save time and felt simple. For example, because of the staff not update the data of the student about the email address they have been changed or some how they do the double check list to except the old email address. So that the information system works, it will send the detail to the all students of any information at once not twice automatically. Another problem of UNICOLXL was a communication problem such between student and lecturer, sometime the lecturer got problem could not make the lecture and inform to the staff which the staff shall communicate to the student through email or through phone text, but at the last minute the staff just inform to the student. After that all the students have came to school but it's none of class then everyone have to get back. This is one of the problems of communication problem. By the other hand, about information system it's very powerful; we actually able to do and get the information through information system, information system can actually do advertising by marketing online. It is also one of the wonderful ways to extend the school zone and school names.

2.2. Replacement integrated systems:

The integration of SAD and SRS which is application detail for student ID, it is to recognize the student within the college, and control the timing of the student when they are enter in and out the school by typing card ID functions right in the front gate of the college. This also to determine the student that belonging to the college which holding with an ID. With the student ID(SRS) provided the code and some of personal details for the student then the student could use that code to access to school system and through college website online by SRS. The function of SRD is to link it all the SRS to generate and process the systems easily.

The UNICOLXL private need to use business intelligence to attract more student by association, spread up more promotion over the country and advertising in many different countries and beside that the UNICOLXL private should establish school in a different lands in different countries also to attract that own land student which those had been notice about the main UNICOLXL private. And also very important portion of UNICOLXL private college is forecasting the amount of the student in the future and figure down what would be attract the student such as provide scholarship or allowance to those who have potential in study, after that the private college contain of such many good students, so that could be one of the way parents will trust and send their child to this college.

2.2.1 Business intelligence:

UNICOLXL private college needs to identify the process for change to become a better service. Its about college own information system create a web page which is not depending on how to use computers to improve business process, but need to understanding what business processes need improvement is quite most important. That the UNICOLXL should analyze existing process that take the customer as a student to their web page a very clear identify of statement such modeled and documented, noting inputs, outputs, and resources, and the sequence of activities that could display clearly about the course which student will select to study, and what the benefits after they achieved the course, and the detail following lead the customer to logic information and easily enroll, select the right module online. (Connolly, 2012)

In UNICOLXL private college they are requiring for ninety percents of student passing the exams for student and that involves coursework and other material associated with their programmed, so that the lecturer could adopt the KPIs that the college expect for the lecturer to acknowledge their student. If staff have not achieve their KPIs they will face with some problem with the manager of the school, perhaps shaking about the salaries or they need to compromise for innovation next time.

2.2.2 Continuity with existing system:

This is meaning that the college need to plan for the future, no matter what happen in future that must be exist and continue to run the business, such as college planning for the existing staircase. There are two rolls of classes and two side of staircase then when its get fire the class rooms closest to the staircase nearby will exist to that staircase not exist to the staircase at the other roll, later on that will be a stuck, so that student could not exist into fire situation. By the hand, for continuity with the existing system better the staff need to save their important document at their home and their working place. If they only save their document or statement at home or college computer either. One of the two get fire and the entire document are gone, so staff will lost the entire document and must take long time to provide back the entire document.

Nowadays, many of the organizations no longer do their own programming for new system. Instead, they purchase the software from the external sources which reach to the requirements. So for this UNICOLXL private college that the staff have to send a lot of time for their own access to the school web page which using information system about log in to all the account for student attendance and school time schedule, staff account which not linking it together, so that the school or college wonder to purchase the information system from external source that the staff able to link all the account into one account for more convenient and save time for staffs. So it's also a testing system which changing the old system to the new system to innovation for staffs.

2.2.3 Staff training:

The UNICOLXL private college should send there staff for training new system which they could obtain more knowledge and collect many of the new date for their own training, and also improve staff about their technical skill, how it will be expected to work in the future. After training they can applied to improve their work performance and act on the new system. So it could effect to the student study a lot, they will feel comfortable with their own lecture and easy to adopt the knowledge. Overall, staff will received their surveys from their own students, which during a long period of teaching what their students have achieved, all the feedback lead the staff as lecturer to a different situation. They actually do their job well and perhaps get the rewards from the school and competition with the other lecturer to motivate the school touching the goals and getting more students coming in.


Website can also be the web page, website or a simply site, its set of related web pages served from single wed domain. Website is known as a hosted contains at least one server, able to access via a network such as Internet. All of the public accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.

3.1 Weaknesses

UNICOLXL private college still having some of the weakness about their own website known to as staff using many account to login to their school account to complete to their own job. For example lecturer they are using the normal web page of the school to check for the examinations date which same with the student but they have to use another account to mark student attendances. Why do not they just combine it together, that will be save time and save cost.

3.2 Improvement

And the improvement for websites are all about how to make It nice on the eyes when ever we look at the web page, easy to navigate around the website, and easy to find everything after the double clicks. Additional on website need to visually consistent which easy to read, and created with a function flawlessly. Nowadays, in recently they have created a very useful website call "Face book" that brings a lot of benefits to people, they could find their old friend which are disappearing for a long time and they able to get each other together through face book, and you could share your comment, your credo to share with everybody else.

3.3 Mobile interaction

Mobile devices, in particular, mobile phones, PDAs and mobile music player are an essential part of life for billion users. The goal of mobile interaction researchers is to understand the requirements and needs of mobile users. Compared with stationary devices mobile devices have specific, often restricted, input and output requirements. A goal that is often named is to overcome the limitations of mobile devices. However, exploiting the special opportunities of mobile usage can also be seen as a central goal. In UNICOLXL private college, mobile interaction also helpful for their student which not only needs to use computer to view their timetable on school website, now they can view their timetable via mobile phone. That could be very convenient and saving time otherwise switch on the computer. Mobile phone is such a mini computer that easy to carry every where that we enable to study and do our own business with internet access.

3.4 Staff and student portals

In UNICOLXL private college they need to provide staff and student portals for their own benefit during the long working period for staff such organize some trip for them during their holiday break, also be relax themselves and encourage them as well. For the student, the college should create the forum for the entire student to access, once bring them together to each other, and to have a good environment. Through it student able to discuss sharing opinion, study among themselves. This action could enable and attract student, staff not within college and others college in local and different country get interest with it.


IT system are about something extremely huge, it's containing a lot of issue involved such system are vulnerable that it is possible to access data flowing over networks, and steal valuable data during transmission, or alter message without authorization. In this virtual world such internet that effect to those of the hacker and computer try to interrupt those of the users and steal information over user themselves. And many kinds of malicious software that could spoiler your personal computer through viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spy ware, whenever these enter to the computer it will destroy the information, and collect the secret data by a very silence way. Virus is a rouge software program that attaches itself to other software programs or data files in other to be executed, usually without user knowledge or permission. Worm, which are independent computer programs that copy themselves from one computer over the networks. Trojan horse is a software program that appears to be begun but then dose something other than expected. And spy ware that many users find annoying and some critics worry about its infringement on computer users' privacy. Beside that a real person acting on this virtual world is hacker that is an individual who intends to gain unauthorized access to a computer system. Within the hacking community, the term cracker is typically used to denote a hacker with criminal intent. Most hacker activities are criminal offenses, and the vulnerabilities of systems we have just described make them targets for other types of computer crime as well. In this IT system security of UNICOLXL private college issue of IT system in the UNICOLXL private college was a case with student abuse of the IT facilities. The student they use the college facilities to gain unauthorized access to a Military Computer System which they should not access to, and sometimes one student use the computer but forgot to log out the account, and then another student take over the computer which the student before have not log out yet, so this new user use the account of the previous student to continue access and find out something that not belongings. Normally, in school or college the student not allow access to those of the online function such Yahoo, QuiuQuiu…, that during the computer lesson the student will not concentrate in study and online games are strictly prohibited in the school. So UNICOLXL private college should apply this issue and improve itself. The guards controlling the strength student enter to the school, by the way that every student will have an ID call SES or SRS, at the moment they enter to the college they need to check their card ID the automatic checking, but it's not probably checking such guards hole the student ID card checking for the correct student about their face which able to recognized. But in UNICOLXL they just quickly check, no need to see their ID to confirm its right person.

To take those issue at the above to the improvement to protect them which they has been created software is firewalls software able to protect virus from all the warning software, scan the virus in personal computer to kill those virus and with the software enable to safe the computer. Through Firewalls that prevent unauthorized users from accessing private networks. Firewall is a combination of hardware and software that control the flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic. Through intrusion detection system such an additional to firewalls, its feature full time and monitoring tools placed at the most vulnerable points or "hot spots" of corporate networks to detect and deter intruders continually. Lastly, antivirus and spy ware software which designed to check computer systems and drives for the presence of computer viruses.

4.1 Policy

The UNICOLXL private college should develop a comprehensive business continuity plan for their organization, and a formal risk assessment should be undertaken in order to determine the requirements, cover all essential and critical business activities, periodically tested in a simulated environment to ensure that it can be implemented in emergency situations and that the management and staff understand how it is to be executed. All the staff must made aware and notice of the business continuity plan and their own respective roles that kept up to date to take into account changing circumstances. (Kaufman, 2011)

Identify the main risk to the systems, the college will need to develop a security policy for protecting the college assets such information especially those of the examination paper will present in the next semester, A security policy consists of statements ranking information risks, identifying acceptable security goals, and identifying the mechanisms for achieving these goals. So that staffs need to create the password to control those of the personal date that unable to leak out. An acceptable use policy (AUP) defines acceptable uses of the firm's information resources and computing equipment, including desktop and laptop computers, wireless, telephones, and the Internet. A good AUP defines unacceptable and acceptable actions for every user and specifies consequences for non-compliance.

4.2 Cloud computing

It is the use of computing resources that bring the service over the network such as Internet and its have potential to delivery powerful benefits through emerging mobile digital platform. This cloud computing allows college to avoid upfront infrastructure costs. There are two types of cloud computing such as securing in the cloud and securing mobile platforms. For securing in the cloud, the cloud users need to confirm that regardless of where their data are stored or transfer. They are protecting at the level that suitable with their corporate requirements. And securing mobile platforms the college should make sure that their corporate security policy includes mobile devices, they will need tool to authorize all devices in use; to maintain accurate inventory records on all mobile devices, user, and those applications. They can not be compromise with control update s to applications, and lock down lost devices.

5. Conclusion:

This case is reflecting the problem of UNICOLXL private college with an information system; they have not control well in that. By the other hand, they need to improve kind of IT system security to strictly and straight to check on the student ID with facial in the ID must be corrected to avoid stranger student from outside coming in, and school need to update the software and college website to save costs and save times for staff. Motivate staff training to have a perfect teaching style, and desire to student. Providing more ads overall, to attract student in over the nation and different countries. Especially, prohibited for student to use abuse College facilities just for gaming and chit chat through computer internet, college's computers should lock up the entire device that student only able to access internet to search for information, but not for chatting online, that they could concentrate better in study. Improve those of the weaknesses and carry on all the good process.


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