The Application Testing Tools Computer Science Essay

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The research was based on Application testing tools, which is a feature of enterprise life cycle that helps to test applications. The objectives of the project were to identify the different application testing tools and discuss them, their features, advantages and disadvantages. Books and the internet were used for reference and understanding of all the necessary information about application testing tools.


This document discusses application testing tools, which are devices that help test applications. There are many tools used for testing applications for different things such as stress, load, security, software and performance. Some of the testing tools include proxy sniffer, WAPT, QA Wizard and QAInspect; all these tools are discussed in brief, the features of these tools and what they test is mentioned.


Campbell-Kelly (1998) states that an application is a program designed to perform a specific task for the user. An application is a computer based software developed to help the end user carry out certain tasks.

Application testing tools are devices that are used to test applications for security, load, stress, software and performance. Load testing is the process of determining the response of a system over the demand. Security testing is a process of testing/finding out whether intruders have hacked the security. It is done to try and find software errors of faults that may lead to security bridge. Performance testing is the process of testing how a program executes. It is done to find performance bugs that cause the performance of the system to degrade. There are many testing tools and here a few are discussed in brief.

3.1. Proxy Sniffer

Proxy sniffer is a tool used for testing web stress and web load. It is used to determine the performance and stability of web applications in real load conditions. It is specifically used for testing e-shops and e-banking applications. It helps one find out how many users a web application supports and the kind of errors that may occur due to overload.

3.1.1. Features

The Proxy Sniffer has the following characteristics:

It supports multiple OS (Operating Systems) - it runs on windows XP/2000/NT as a result there are less issues of compatibility.

Saves time- it runs load tests in a few minutes and record all test scenarios.

Easy to install and use- it is easily installed on windows and all functionalities can be used just a few mouse clicks as it is user friendly and has a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Scheduler- Proxy Sniffer allows one to schedule test jobs at certain times, thus if one wants to test the performance of his/her e-shop at 12noon then all he/she can do is schedule the tool to start its test at 12noon.

E-mail and sms alerts- when a load test job is performed, email and sms notifications will be released. Alerts can be made when a test starts or when there is an internal error.

3.2. WAPT (Web Application Testing)

WAPT is a tool used for testing performance, stress and load of websites and web servers.

Most performance issues occur when there is a high user load as a result the server gets stressed. The load testing is done to know how many simultaneous visitors the site can handle without fault. WAPT can imitate thousands of users to test the performance of the site and find traffic jam. It does not need expensive hardware to run, it runs in windows 7/XP/Vista and 2000. It is easy to use and provides clear graphs and reports helping to manage the testing process. It saves time in the sense that one can create a basic test and get information about the performance in minutes. If you have identified the problem, stop the test, fix the problem and start the test again to find out whether there are any performance changes.

3.2.2. Features

WAPT has the following features:

Clear reports and graphs- the results are represented in informative and clear graphs and reports to give detailed data on websites performance.

Playback and Recording- WAPT supports security features related to HTTPS. Requests can be recorded and played back for security reasons, thus to insure that the content is secure.

User friendly interface- one can familiarize themselves with the features of WAPT in just a few minutes after installation. It is easy to use based on the knowledge.

3.3. QA Wizard Pro

This is a tool used for automated functional and load testing of web, windows and java applications. It is cheap because it performs functional and load test in a single application. It tests both web and windows applications, helps find bottlenecks that slow the functionality of applications. QA wizard is also used to test popular languages such as C++ and VB.NET.

3.3.1. Features

It supports multiple Operating Systems; it runs in windows vista, 2000, 7 and XP.

It tests web applications through internet explorer version 6.0 and later and Firefox 3.0 and later

It helps troubleshoot and repair problems in scripting by use of its built-in debugging tools

Record and Playback engine- it enables one to record and playback scripts with no modifications. It allows one to add breakpoints and monitor scripts to troubleshoot failures.

Batch File Support- this feature can be scheduled to run 24/7 thus, 24hours a day seven days a week for a detailed and thorough testing. It can also be used to test failures and make sure that the application functionality is not disturbed by changes made to codes.

3.4. QAInspect

It helps one carry out and handle websites security and functional testing without any special knowledge about security. It helps test web applications for security without leaving the QA environment. Provides all necessary information after it finds that the website security is vulnerable.

3.4.1. Advantages

It is easy to use â€"it makes it simple for the user to carry out and handle security, functional and performance testing.

Defect reporting- security and functional defects are reported allowing you to detect and eliminate security bugs

Reporting- it provides detailed descriptions of security defects and information on resolving defects

4. Conclusion