The Android Software Enviornment Computer Science Essay

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With the constant improvement of the mobile platform, the applications development increasingly shift from PCs to smart terminals. Nowadays user needed flexibility The cell phone world is blooming. In fact, with the boost in insist for Smartphone's, the globe too has reduced in size and now fits in your hand. currently, there are a wide range of Smartphone's which are powered by a variety of Operating Systems. Android OS found to go forwarding the quality of computer appliance via touch incorporation.

Android was built to take full advantage of open alliance environment. It is supported on linux core. Android works with java environment for coding purpose. This software platform offers a groundwork for appliance just like a genuine working platform. It propose many aspects such as application improvement, framework to enable the reuse, Optimized graphics ,Open source for novelty, internet, media, provide Customizability and connectivity.

In android environment, user can use multiple applications simultaneously and may switch between running apps. Android is designed mainly for touch screen cell phones which developed with the Open Handset Alliance. Android framework provides a broad range of applications and services. Android breaks down the limitations to building new and novel relevance.

2.Android Software Enviornment

A wide variety of tools providing developers to high efficiency and deep approaching into their applications. Android skeleton is related to JavaSE, apart from graphical and security libraries. It consist of operating system, middleware and key applications to utilizes a custom fundamental machine to optimize memory. it Is A Standalone Software to create application. manufacturers are now capable to adapt anything and everything just because of this open source platform.

Android is a software environment which consist of an OS, built on Linux kernel-based OS hosting the virtual machine,libraries

3.System architecture :

For storing words in dictionary we need to create database.In android there are ready-made functions to control sqlite which is the database built into android. To use a database, we will create a class called Helper. This class will allow us to manipulate the database from any other class that has instantiated the object Helper. For the class Helper,you can add all the methods used to select, add, edit or delete entries in the table.

The goal of the project is to help people to communicate with the indian people. For that there

has 2 sections in the application:first section for input phrase or word in english which want to translate into hindi.second section for output of first string which converted into english

To add new word, the user must enter an English word and a hindi translation in the corresponding fields.we also used text to speech applets for automatic voice conversion of hindi

hindi language guider interface layout diagram


Hindi language guider is a kind of common mobile language conversion applications. This paper takes hindi language guider as an example to illustrate how to develop the Android applications. We create a database for manipulation and storing. Due to lack of time we can't add many words to the application.we use java applets for voice conversion.we create two field one for giving text into english other is for getting conversion into hindi of above phrase which enterd into first field.

hindi language guider actual implementation page layout

5.conclusion:first we understand the mechanism of android application how they are developed .in this paper,we implement an mobile android application for conversion between two languages. hindi language guider will help people to translate language english to hindi. . This application allows the user to have English phrases which translate by the application into hindi with voice conversion. It will be very useful for the foreigners and tourist. The main concept of this paper is to make the user to understand the Hindi Language.


6.future enhancement

For this project, we had not time to do a better application. In fact it lacks first interface easier to use

with anything other than simple lists and text boxes.we could create large database for phrases and their translation.we can add camera with this application to recognized situation of user, For example take the situation where the user is in a store, it could take a picture, choose the sentence that corresponds to his need, show the person to whom he wants to talk with, camera screen. There would be the photo and below by example the phrase "how much does it cost?"and we can enable the google map with it .


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main component ka diagram