The Advantages And Limitations Of Using Virtualization Computer Science Essay

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In slightly more technical terms, virtualization essentially decouples users and applications from the specific hardware characteristics of the systems they use to perform computational tasks. This technology promises the user in an entirely new wave of hardware and software innovation. For example, and among other benefits, virtualization is designed to simplify system upgrades (and in some cases may eliminate the need for such upgrades)by allowing users to capture the state of a virtual machine (VM) and then transport that state from an old to a new host system. Virtualization is also designed to enable a generation of more energy-efficient computing.\cite{Dummies}

Virtualization, idea came from the idea of "Time sharing" by Christoper strachey in 1959. Base on the idea of time sharing, in the mid 1960s the IBM Watson Research Center did the project called M33/44X. The architecture was base on the virtual machine. The main machine was an IBM 7044 and each virtual machine was an experimental image of the main machine. \newline

For the sake of obtain better hardware utilization in mainframe hardware the concept of virtualization development was started in late 1960s. Although modern day computers base on x86 if suffer same problem s of rigidity and underutilization that mainframes face in overcome the problem of underutilization and other issues VMware invented virtualization for the x86 platforms in the 1990s.\newline

Since then virtualization have change everything. Now for one machine can run a multitude of applications, each isolated into one virtual operating system, completely separated from the others. By surprising many IT experts in 2005 virtualization technology came in to mainstream awareness faster than anyone could ever imagined.

Recent times have seen the IT world look for different means of consolidating that would assist in running their systems more efficiently. Virtualization software from companies such as Platespin was just in time to initiate and capitalize on the momentum for this new technology, seeing nothing short of outstanding adoption rates and customer satisfaction. The latest estimates even show that nearly 75 percent of all companies with at least 500 employees are installing virtual servers, with nearly half of those who are already utilizing the technology stating that of all new servers purchased, close to half of them will be virtualized. \newline

Like Plastespin other companies like Microsoft, Xen have entered the virtualization market as well. Manly they are making virtualization software for ease the virtualization. Because of the revenue of the virtualization, Microsoft released a Windows-hosted virtualization program called Microsoft virtual PC 2004 in July 2006 as a free product. It was immediately followed by the release of virtual PC 2007 beta in October 2006.

The tram of virtualization becomes so popular in modern day. Because of virtualization have many things that can be help to increase computing power and reduce cost. \newline

Recent past virtualization is limited to the server side, But now it available in desktop machines. For ease this process operating systems provide they are own software's. As an example let consider about Mac operating system, Mac has reputation on better performing in graphics. If someone needs to use Mac operating system whiles he using the windows. He can use it by using virtualization. Now broth operating systems are running in the same machine. \newline