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Well begin is half done, this is the right proverb to begin this paper. Well, background images and themes always give us good appearance and sometimes make us to feel better and relaxed by changing our mindset. This paper will give you the innovative idea regarding changing the desktop background wallpapers and themes automatically when you are in online as well as in offline. Here the user needs not download the images and themes and save it in systems. Instead of downloading and storing it in computer, you can directly use it from the internet database. Database which contains wallpapers and themes can be retrieved and displayed online through internet. The front end application which is developed in VB or JAVA can be used to configure the settings to change the wallpapers and themes automatically. This minimizes the downloading time and avoids the storing method. Online database is designed as a back-end in such a way that the front end of the applications directly connects to the internet database so that the users request will be fulfilled. Suppose if you are selecting for the image on nature, then the front end will straightaway provide the images request from database.


The Innovative idea of desktop background and themes changer with the online database gives, the user a new computer graphical interface and make the user to feel that they are working on a different environment. The application is designed in VB or JAVA. The application is designed to contain a different format and arrangement of the wallpaper and the effects of the wallpaper changer. The application is designed in such a way that user can manually set all the setting and the appearance change ,fading and even set the timing of the wallpaper and themes to change. The back-end is connected on the online database. The website is designed to hold the large amount of storage of wallpaper and when particular link is selected in VB. The link connects to the online database and the images are retrieved and displayed from the online database.

Design of front-end:

Front-end is designed by the VB or java (preferably for Linux OS). The window is having many options like placing the wallpaper in the middle or center or left, right etc. The menu bar which contain two option offline and online .if the offline is clicked then the designed VB table ask the folder to add, so that it can display the image from the folder. We can activate the offline mode if necessary. Next is the online menu bar. The menu option is designed with the many options like we can activate the online mode by checking the checkbox. The two tables with the selection and de-selection button are placed. If the user needs to select the contents from the left side and press selection button then the selected topic is moved on the right hand side area. So that the right side area is selected and the image is displayed. The front-end design is given in the screenshot below.

Fig. 1 Example of the front-end window

If the selected field is moved to the right side and next is to be clicked. Then the relevant field is retrieved from the online database randomly and displayed in the desktop background. The user can enjoy widely different wallpapers and themes everlasting from the online database. The application windows are designed as an easy interface for the users. The sample application window is shown below.

Fig. 1 Example of an offline window and the settings

Design of back-end database:

The back-end online database which is mounted from the system server using oracle or Microsoft SQL. The other way is mounting with amazons simple DB. The online cloud database like Gluster is also used to store the pictures and themes. So that many end user can access at the same time. The traffic that is created by large number is controlled by apache server from amazon and glusters. If we are mounting the system server by using won domain server and website. Then we can control website traffic using apache server 2.2. The website is designed in a user friendly manner that individual user can get the account and upload the pictures. So that the front-end application also contains the option to login directly to the internet database. If the user is interested to upload the photos in the online database website, then the link is connected directly when they login. So that the user can set the automatic background of their uploaded pictures to the desktop background of their system. If the user is using the remote system anywhere in the world connected to internet and the system contains the application, then they can login and retrieve their own account image to the desktop background. If user wants to view a normal selected image which is in the database then the link provided in the front end will retrieve the selected field images to the background. The same can be implemented for the themes also in case of windows 7 OS.


The idea is proposed to design in the visual basic for windows based OS system and in java for the Linux based OS. The front end application holds all the responsibility to link the back-end database. This implementation gives a global change in the desktop background and themes change as wished by the users.


The working method of the application is as follows:

The user has to set the default folder from the computer which contains images of wallpaper, so that when the internet is down it switches on to the offline mode.

The user can select the required fields of interest in the online tab, so that the selected field will directly links to the internet database

The user can upload their own photos in the website, so that when they login the account link will show their uploaded pictures in the desktop background.


The online database is much secured, as it will be designed with strong security implementation like Gmail or Picasa.

The Front end application automatically logout when you restart the system

At every time you need to login and there is no option of saving the password.

If you logout from the application then the personal photo of the account will be automatically destroyed and set to the default image. This can prevent the other user to view the personal photos.

The application is well secured and it only connect to the descried links and there is no spam images from the database.


Finally the innovative paper tells the benefits of the automatic wallpapers and themes changing by using online database. This concludes that the negligence of downloading the wallpapers and themes from the internet. We can be able to upload our own desire images and themes into the online database ant that can be used our desktop images and themes. It mainly avoids the unwanted storage in system and saves precious time. This also makes the user to feel that they are working on different environment every time.