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This report aims is to identify the key target users of the Pizza Capers website, it will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the website and following by analyze its competition in the same Pizza restaurant market, and lastly, it will also recommend some ways to improve the website with a view to improving the business as well.

Pizza Capers started its business on 1996 with the first restaurant opened in Kenmore, Brisbane. With the delicious food and excellent services, the pizza restaurant quickly expanded over the years. Today, Pizza Capers operates 14 company-owned stores and over 40 franchisee-owned and operates stores throughout Melbourne, Queensland and South Australia. (Pizza Caper 2010)

Recent the company found the company's website appeared at the, and there is abundance of complains and criticizes from customers about the poor quality of the website. By having all of these, the Pizza Capers is afraid that their business may be affected, hence, the Pizza Capers hired the website consultancy company to improve the website.

Methodology(method of information conducted)

The information for this report was obtained through research on reference books and the Internet.

1.4 Scope of the report

The report investigates the qualities of Pizza Capers website, in terms of template, content, internal navigation, broken links and Search Box, which are the basic characteristics for a good website design (Jennif 2008).

Key target users

2.1 Key target users (who they are? why?)

The Pizza Capers aims to target the teenagers, families and working adults as their major customers. The reasons are the followings:

Firstly, fast food culture in nowadays is very popular among teenagers. Pizza Capers will be a popular gathering place for them to go to. Secondly, a research had done by the Dietitians Association of Australia, (2008) shows that the average Australian family spends nearly 15% of their food budget on fast food. And lastly for the working adults, due to their busy lifestyle, the fast food restaurants will most likely be their favorite places to go to. Thus the teenagers, family and working adults would be a huge market for the Pizza Capers to capture for.

2.2 Profile of key target users

2.2.1 IT savvy

People who order pizza online is tended to be IT savvy. This is because at least they have basic computer knowledge. For those who do not have any knowledge on how to use the computer, they will choose to visit shops personally.

2.2.2 Health consciousness

A recent study from Medical Journal of Australia (Kriplani 2001) shows 47% of women and 63% of men are overweight or obese in Australia. Obesity is one of the major health problems in the Australia. Now people become more concerns about their health, they will be more likely to choose Pizza Capers restaurant when they want to eat fast food as it sells 97% fat free pizza.

2.2.3 Busy lifestyle

Online food order service is popular among working adults due to their busy schedules. With this service, working adults will be able to order pizzas by just visiting the Pizza Capers website, and the hot pizza will be delivered to their office or house. It helps the working adults to save time on the traveling to the restaurant and queue for the seats during the peak lunch hour.

2.2.4 Exotic taste

Pizza Capers has abundance styles of pizza flavors, which includes traditional, gourmet, seafood, 97% fat free and kids. This characteristic helps Pizza Capers to attract people who have different preferences.

Strength and Weakness


No Broken Link

Through the checking of all links, it showed that there is no broken link on Pizza Capers website. Broken links have very bad impacts on the users, and it also affects the customers' impression with the website. So it is important to cross check entire active links on the website and ensures there is no error displayed on the website.

3.1.2 Content

Content is the soul of all websites. It is important to keep the contents clear and simple for the users. Referring to image 2(appendix A-3), there are maps of all restaurants' locations at Australia attached on the website. The customers can conveniently find the exact location of every restaurant by just click the respective link on the website. This strength can rarely find in other websites.

In addition, with reference to image 1 in below, there is also a gallery column shows photos of the events that Pizza Capers had participated in, such as Greatest Slave, Australia Grand Prix slave and so on. This would help the Pizza Capers to increase their publicity and improve their reputation.




It is important to attach the pictures of food on the menu in order to provide a quick look of food for the customers and attract them to buy food. However, with reference to the image3 in below, the menu shown on the website looks very wordy and without any picture on the menu, which may not be able to attract the customers' attentions and appetite to buy food.

Image3: Pizza Caper Menu


From the image4 shows in below, it found that the background color of Pizza Capers website is very dark and dull, which may not be able to attract the customers' attention and appetite to order the pizza. This is because, according to research, color has both emotional and psychological impacts on people. The dark color may give users an impression of cold, spiritless and negative, which may not be appropriate color for a restaurant website. (Lim ND)

Moreover, it also finds that the layer-out of the website is not properly organized. Icons and pictures are spread out all over the website, and the users may encounter the problems to find the icons they want.


Bad Website Navigation

With reference to the image5 in below, it is observed that there is pop-up for each icon on the Pizza Capers website. This may be irritating and distractive as many Pop-up windows will be shown on the website after the visiting.

In addition, the words on the menu are extremely small and difficult to read. Even using the zoom in function, the words on the menu are still blurred and only half of the menu can be seen on the web page. The website also has the problem with zoom out function, after zoom in the web page cannot zoom out again and some of the icons on the web page will be hidden, which can be referring to the image6 and image7 (appendix A).

Furthermore, there are too many flashes on the Pizza Capers website, which are not practical as the flashes do not add benefit to the website, but take longer time to load the web page than the normal web page. And while you mouse over certain icons, weird and random flash sound files will be activated.


No search box

It is observed that there is no search box on the Pizza Capers website. Search box is a search engine which allows the users to type in the key words and finds the information efficiently (Fekete 2008). For Pizza Capers website with the content are not properly organized, an efficient search engine is not only helpful but crucial. However, the search box was omitted on the Pizza Capers website.


4.1 Major Competitor

Pizza Hut is the major competitor of Pizza Cappers. The first Pizza Hut Restaurants was opened on 13th June 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. Today, Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world in terms of both the numbers of outlets and percentage of market share that it holds. (Pizza Hut 2010)

Competitive Advantage

Strong Brand Name

Pizza Hut is recognized leader in the Pizza Business category at Australia. Pizza Hut has a history of 30 years and with more than 12,000 Pizza Hut Restaurants around the world and approximately 325 stores in Australia (Pizza Hut 2010)

Product Variety

Pizza Hut offers difference styles of pizza along with side dishes including pasta, Buffalo wings, breadsticks and garlic bread. They introduce 24 types of toppings with 4 difference types of pizza bases, which are Perfecto, thin'n crispy, deep pan pizza and stuffed crush. They also investigate new flavors of pizza frequently to replace the unattractive ones.


From the image7 (appendix A), it found that the Pizza Hut website looks attractive with the red color background and fire image around the navigation bar. This strength gives users an impression that the food they offer is hot and delicious.

Navigation and Search Box

The Pizza Hut website is properly organized and easy to navigate. With the navigation bar and search box on the website, users are able to find the information fast by just click the icon on the navigation bar or enter the key word on the search box. And the new web page will display at the existing windows.

Another finding is that the pictures and description words on the menu look clear and neat.

Conclusion and recommendation


In view of the whole report, the following conclusions can be made:

The key target users of Pizza Cappers website are teenagers, families and working adults. However, the Pizza Capers website is not able to satisfy the needs of their targeted users.

The pizza Capers website has more weaknesses than its strengths.

The strengths are no broken link and having maps attached to the website.

The weaknesses influence the user's impression about the website are including without a useful search box, inappropriate background-color website design and bad website navigation.

Pizza Hut is a strong competitor to Pizza Capers in terms of stronger brand name, wider product variety and better website design.

Pizza Hut with its long history and larger number of outlets is now more recognized than the Pizza Capers in the Australia.

Pizza Hut offers more variety of pizza toppings and side dishes than Pizza Capers.

The description words on the Pizza Hut website's menu look clearer than the Pizza Capers. Pizza Hut website looks neater with lesser pop-up windows compare to Pizza Capers. The background-color of Pizza Hut website is more appropriate than the Pizza Capers.

Recommendation (4-5 pages)(only for the website)

Based on the Conclusions above, the following actions are recommended for the Pizza Capers.

The Steps To Improve

Recommended Changes

Change Background Color

In order to be more competitive, it is recommended Pizza Capers changing its background color of the website from a dull to light colors, such as red or blue, as a research shows bright color has a psychological impact on the people and bright color will attract the users' attention.

Reduce the numbers of Pop-up windows and flashes

Secondly, the web designer may reduce the numbers of Pop-up windows, they can display the new web-page in the existing window, and this helps the Pizza Capers website to look neater.

Pizza Capers may reduce the amount of unnecessary flashes to spend up the time for loading the website.

Re-organized the layer out

Pizza Capers may re-organize the layout out of its website, such as close up the gaps between icons and remove the unnecessary picture and games on the website so as to make the website look neater.

Search Box

Pizza Capers may add in the search box on the website to provide the users an easier way to find the information they want.


Besides that, Pizza Capers may shorten the description words on the menu and enlarge them, so it will be easier for the users to read, and they will not encounter the problem with the zoom out function. In addition, they can also add the pictures of the pizzas on the menu to make the menu more attractive.