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In an interview with Techcrunch, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said that the social networking company would not look to manufacture its own hardware or operating system, but would work closely with a wide range of partners to embed Facebook features into mobile phones.

That could include making Facebook's own customised version of Google's Android software for smartphones, he said, adding that the company was in discussions with third parties about "deep integration" and collaborative marketing.

But he sought to play down reports that Facebook would challenge Apple or Google head-on.

"Our goal is to have Facebook be everywhere and everything be social rather than a specific device," Mr Zuckerberg told Techcrunch. "The web is only at one and a half billion people whereas everyone is going to have a phone and all the phones are going to be smartphones … Our goal [on mobile] is breadth not depth."

Making access to Facebook easier on hand-held devices will be crucial for adding users in emerging markets, where the mobile internet is "leapfrogging" web access on desktop PCs.

The site, which has more than 500m active users worldwide and is targeting 1bn within the coming years, already makes features including messaging, photo-sharing and its live news feed available through apps on devices such as Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry and smartphones running Google's Android system. Dozens of mobile operators also allow their customers free access to a low-resolution version, called Facebook Zero.

Techcrunch, and other news outlets had reported earlier in the week that Facebook was "secretly building" on its own phone, something Facebook initially denied.

Mr Zuckerberg said that Facebook would continue to develop its apps for iPhone and Android, but increasingly look to HTML5, the latest version of the programming language in which web pages are written, as a way to make itself available on other devices, such as BlackBerry, which he said was a lower priority.

"So for iPhone, we built in contact syncing, and for Android we integrated and did contact syncing pretty seamlessly," he said. "The question is - what could we do if we also started hacking at a deeper level, and that is a lot of the stuff that we're thinking about."

By bundling its services more tightly into a mobile software, Facebook could make it easier for users to stay signed into its services, and therefore access the wide range of third-party applications that run on its platform, he said.

Bloomberg reported on Thursday that Facebook was working with INQ, a mobile phone maker, on a device that would run on the AT&T network, but may not be branded by Facebook. INQ and Facebook both count Li Ka-shing, chairman of Hutchison Whampoa, the telecoms group, as an investor. INQ declined to comment on reports that it was working with Facebook on a device earlier this week.

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2-1. Summary of News story

Mark Zuckerberg who is the youngest billionaire in the world and chief executive of Facebook and announced on 22nd of September 2010 that Facebook is planning to raise its mobile focus. The social network site has more than 500 million users worldwide at the moment and if the site focuses on mobile services with smart phones, the active users will reach double in following year. Moreover, Mark said continue to develop its applications for smart phone users such as Apple and Android and it will make people's social life 24/7 available to chat or send messages to their friends with mobile.

3-1. Tactic of Facebook

It is kind of Facebook's marketing tactic that will bring both existing and new users with their mobile phone to sign in the social network server. Facebook targets mobile industry with wide partners rather than its own hardware and operating system from existing manufactures. Also Facebook has its own customised version for Apple's I phone and Google's Android software in order to achieve deep marketing integration and collaboration. Moreover, the social network site has differentiated platforms for different smart phones in order to make users convenience.

4-1. Vision / Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Breadth not depth with mobile

Be everywhere

Everything be social

Doubling its users

Targeting Hand device

4-2. vision / Mission Statement of mobile Facebook

Facebook's vision of this case is simply defined that the social site will go breadth not depth, be everywhere and everything be social with mobile phones. In other words, the social network company focus on users to log in all the time with hand devices and enjoy their social life easily.

On the other hand, Mission for Facebook is doubling its users 50 millions to 1 billions worldwide in following year and targeting not only for PC users but also more emphasis on hand device users.

5-1. SWOT Analysis




Easily access


Lose attraction of its web site



Uncountable users

200 mobile operators

Ethics / Moral issues

5-2. SWOT Analysis of mobile Facebook

There is some internal strength and weaknesses points for Facebook and it focus on increasing mobile market that potable and easy access for the users. It will be much easier and convenient for Facebook users to log in anytime and everywhere they want with their mobile phones. It will make the company to keep thinking of better services in order to reach user's satisfaction. However, the social network site should lose attraction of its web site if they only look at mobile industry.

On the other hand, externally, there are uncountable non registered users worldwide that will be brought to Facebook with mobile services and more than 200 mobile application operators are interested in servicing Facebook with their own application.

However, the social network company should also be focus on ethics and moral issues. For example, it is only for mobile version of Facebook and is called check in that keep telling user's current location to share with its friends. Some of users would like this service but it could be Invasion of privacy for the others.

6-1. Marketing MIX 7p's


Free Application

Thousands of economic effect


Mobile Applications


Mobile Internet access


People to people

Through Mobile application providers

Physical evidence

Application's Icon


Facebook / Mobile application staff

Mobile application providers


Increasing its users to 1 Billions

Wide range of third parties applications

6-2. Marketing MIX 7p's of mobile Facebook

Marketing Mix 7p's for Facebook when it increases mobile focus that price is for free except some applications such as Facebook chat but it will have numerous economic effective since hundreds and thousands smart phone users are already existing.

Product will be smart phone applications for I phone, Android, Black Berry and so on and applications related with Facebook are countless because most of applications such as games and social networking are based on Facebook to play with user's friends.

Distribution of Facebook mobile focus will be internet. The applications spread via internet with mobile applications that users simply download it from stores such as app store for I phone and market for Android.

Promotion could be the rating system, people and application provider. Firstly, rating system that users comment reviews about how it works, it is good or bad.

Secondly, promotion can be people through mouth to mouth that a person could tell its friends to download and use it together. Moreover, application providers keep updating the applications to fix its problems such as bugs that make more users to attract the applications.

Physical evidence of mobile Facebook will be application Icons that mobile application Facebook is well known with blue background color and white letter of "F".

People of marketing mix in this case will be Facebook staff, application staff and application providers. Facebook, application staffs and application providers keep an eye on user's feedbacks and reviews in order to provide better services and add more functions.

Process can be goals of products in marketing mix that Facebook's main goals are increasing its users from 500 million to 1 billion in following year, making users easier access to the site and wide range of third party applications that run on mobile devices.

7-1. Product Life Cycle


7-2. Product Life Cycle of mobile Facebook

Both Facebook and Facebook mobile service are now located in between Growth and Maturity area within PLC as it has strong market share compare to its competitors and the social network company try to extend its market share with mobile services. Moreover, the site still has high quality of services and keep introducing additional functions to its millions users such as games, surveys, mobile notifications and so on. Additionally, Facebook has already its strong competitors such as twitter and other brand new social sites are waiting for a chance to take over Facebook. Every single social network sites are already jumping into mobile market and competing with Facebook at this time.

8-1. Conclusion

The rapid development of technology, people are more and more interested in their social life. There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world at the time. A mobile service of Facebook has been already lunched and thousands of people log in the site several times a day to check their social life. It has been much easier to access to sign Facebook with mobile applications and one of the strongest strengths is people can enjoy their social life everywhere and anytime they want. Start servicing with mobile devices, the social site will bring another 50 million users worldwide and the economic effect of mobile tactics will be an exorbitant price.

9-1. Analysis

Tim Bradshaw introduced the article about Facebook to increase its mobile focus. He claimed it will make easier accessing to facebook with smart phones users and will be paramount for bringing new users. He quoted Mark Zuckerberg's sentences from an interview with Techcrunch such as Facebook's main goals for mobile market. Tim also assumed that the users of Facebook will be 1 billion within the coming year and positive point of the social network company's mobile strategy.

Strengths of this article are that informed such useful information to the public which people are interested in. The article indicated the readers to know about Facebook's new marketing tactics and strategies that facebook raise its mobile focus with full evidences of Mark's own sentences. However, the article did not include the weaknesses of mobile focus and too positive point on Facebook's new strategy. Moreover, it should have more strong argument about advantages and disadvantages and should have an accurate description of the company's financial situation when it increases mobile focus.