System Analysis And Design In Solving Problems Computer Science Essay


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System Analysis and Design is a system is create to solve problems. The systems approach as an organized way of dealing with a problem. The subject of System Analysis and Design, mainly deals with the software development activities. A collection of component that work together to realize some objectives forms a system. Such as system that organized set of related components established to accomplish certain task. The system also planned and placed by people. The computer system is a system that has computers as one of its component. System analysis is a process of studying an existing system to determine how it works and how it meets user needs. Beside that, system design is a process of developing a plan for an improved system, based upon the results of the systems analysis.

2)The requirement specification is important for both developer and customer. The formal requirement specification is applying Broadcast, Multicast, Secured communication to agentMom in Multi-Agent Systems. This specification use of UML or OCL methodology as specified in the UML specification. The OCL is a formal language used to express constraint and specify invarient for the system being model.


Unicast conversation is the unicast message received the specified address only and receive message is the same as send message. The unicast conversation is named "conversation". The attributes of this class are: m, localhost and connectionHost. The m is stand for message type, and it is used for creating a text message and sent to another agent. The localHost is a string type of internet address of the developer. The connectionHost is a string type of internet address of the connection developer. Furthermore, the class and association related to unicast conversation.

class Conversation


m: Message;

Localhost: String;

connectionHost: String;

connectionPort: Integer;


sendMessage(m: Message)

receiveMessage(): Message


association Agent-Conversation between

Agent[1] role agent

Conversation[0..*] role unicastConversation


association ConstructUnicast between

Conversation[0..1] role createdByUnicast;

Message[0..1] role createdMessage;


association ReceiveUnicast between

Conversation[0..1] role receivedByUnicast;

Message[0..1] role receivedMessage;



Multicast conversation is named "Multicast Conversation". The attributes of this class are multicast Port, m, join and multicast Address. The m is stand for a message type, and it is used for storing message sent to another person. The attribute multicast Address is a string type of multicast address of the group that agent subscribes. The multicastPort is a integer type of the port that multicast listening.

class MulticastConversation


multicastPort: Integer;

m: Message;

join: Boolean;

multicastAddress: String;


sendMessage(m: Message)



receiveMessage(): Message


association Agent-MulticastConversation between

Agent[1] role agent

MulticastConversation[0..*] role multicastConversation


association ConstructMulticast between

MulticastConversation[0..1] role createdByMulticast;

Message[0..1] role createdMessage;


association ReceiveMulticast between

MulticastConversation[0..1] role receivedByMulticast;

Message[0..1] role receivedMessage;



The Unified Modelling Language(UML) is an standard modelling language with a high graphical notation, and comprehensive set of diagrams and elements. Due to its wide acceptance and usage, the UML approach is well worth investigating and understanding. UML provides a standardized set of tools to documentthe analysis and design of a software system. The UML toolset includes diagrams that allow people to visualize the construction of an O-O system. The first components, or primary elements, of UML are 'things'. Structural things are most common. Structural things are classes, interface, use cases and many other elements that provides a way to create model.Structural things allow the user to describe relationships. Behavioral things describe how the things work. Group things are use to define boundaries. Annotional things are use to add notes to the diagrams.

UML define nine types of diagrams such as class, object, use case, sequence, collabration, statechart, activity, component, and development. There are two main types diagrams in UML are structure diagrams and behavioral diagrams. Structural diagrams are used to describe the relationship between classes. Because the class diagrams are the backbone of almost every object method, including UML. Behavioral diagrams can be used to describe the interaction between people and the thing refer to use case.


The Object Constraint-Language(OCL) is a declarative language for describing rules to apply for UML models developed at IBM and now part of the unified modelling language(UML) standard. OCL is a formal specification language extension of UML. OCL also may used with any meta-object facility(MOF), Object Management Group (OMG), meta model, including UML. The object constraint language is a precise text language that provides constraint and object query expressions an any MOF mode that cannot otherwise be expressed by diagrammatic notation. The Object Constraint-Language(OCL) is an expressions language that can be used to define expressions in object oriented models, in particular UML models.These expressions enrich the respective models with precise and unambiguous annotations. OCL help to create rich and precise models, and improving the productivity of software development projects. OCL are most prominent use. Intialization expressions can be used to specify an initial value for an attribute or association. OCL also can be used to specify algorithms that is to be used derived attributes. OCL is a various other specification languages, OCL was designed to be easy to write and read, enabling business analyst and programmers to communicate effictively.


Here i would like to say about System Analysis and Design is one of important subject in Information Technology course. At the beginning, i though that SAD subject is not so important to study. After i got my assignment question it is really tough and not easy as i though. To complete my assignment i have to understand and study about the question chapters in more details. I refered reference books, internet, and my subject lecturer Miss.Fauziah to make myself understand about it. Now i realised that how important is diagrams in business world. They need to complete each and every work in systematic way. So this will make the developers and programmers to complete teir work in more details way. We as student, need to understand SAD very well so when we step to work places it will make us easy to understand what is our job scope about and also we can perfomes much well then others. Before i end up, I would like to thank Miss. Fauziah because she guide me alot to understand about DFD and make me easy to create my own DFD diagrams. Now i can understood about System Analysis and Design and what its usage for us. Thank you.


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