Survey Engine to Assess Indirect Attainment Parameter in OBE

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The proposed system consists to two modules:

  1. Admin
  2. Users
  3. Report

The administrator can perform several operations such as add and delete Question in question bank and creating survey etc. The administrator cans also send email to user to give survey and generate report.

The User can receive an email to give survey he can give survey by opening link in email received by him. If user does not give survey he will receive email again for survey.

The Generated report are useful for useful for outcome based education system where improvement and necessary changes are made into the system by using survey reports.


Founded in 2007, e-Sutra Chronicles Pvt. Ltd is a technology products firm based in Bangalore, India. Our innovative, category creating products for the Indian and international education sector are marketed under the brand name of ‘Contineo’.

Our vision is to build world class products with Indian relevance and global applicability.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of academic autonomy in India through IT.

Contineo is a pioneering OBE enabling software platform for implementation and administartion of academic autonomy contineo executes full academic autonomy cluminating in secure confidential accurate,efficient and auditable examination of both the digitized answer script and coventional paper and pen variety.

The contineo IT platform helps to organizations to quickly implement OBE conform to processes of academic autonomy execute credible examiniations and simplify accredition. While providing insightful analysis so as to allow institutes to focus on academic inovation and research.



Currently to find information about survey we have to depend on various different sources to gain or find information

Before the computerization of the survey system. Survey was taken manually using papers. The manual system requires lot of man power. A Person has to handle all the section like creating survey taking survey by using paper etc. which was so lengthy and tedious job.

A Person has to manually check the records and maintain it. Then he generate reports it is very difficult job. If there is some inquiry for any information about survey then we need to check all the survey information and then the information was given. It was very tedious process.

Limitation of manual system

  1. Wastage of manpower
  2. Inaccuracy in Maintaining records
  3. Time consuming


The proposed system is a web based application that helps to take survey from the people online. Admin will setup survey and send email to invite people for survey. People will give survey. In management dashboard we can maintain all the stuff like who is responded those who not respond we can send remainder email. Survey is based on question and option each option has weight age and this weight age is analyzed by using different OBE parameter. By using formulas graph and report are generated.

Advantages of proposed system

  1. Saves manpower
  2. Accuracy in Maintaining records
  3. Time Saving


Once you define a problem you have to check whether it is feasible or not, because all possible solutions are not feasible and feasible one is not always possible. A feasibility study is a test of checking your system proposal and its work ability, impact on the organization ability to meet user needs an effective use of resources. When a new application is proposed it can be goes through a feasibility study before it is approved for deployment.

During feasibility analysis for this project, following issues are to be considered.

The Key Considerations In Feasibility Study Are:

  1. Technical Feasibility.
  1. Organizational Feasibility.
  1. Economical Feasibility.
  1. Behavioral Feasibility.

Technical Feasibility:

In Technical Feasibility study, we have to test whether the proposed system can be developed using existing technology or not. The proposed system can be implemented with the existing technology with few changes easily.

Organizational Feasibility:

Organizational Feasibility is the study to identify the priority given to the system in the organization. The objective of the proposed system is to reduce the maintenance and overload of management & employees. Using Online Application for survey the company can maintain all the detail of survey.

Economical Feasibility:

Economic feasibility means that the benefits of project are greater than the costs incurred.

1. Manpower cost

As the proposed system is automating the survey it doesn’t require any additional man power thereby reducing the manpower cost.

2. Hardware and Software cost

The organization already has a computer network and the proposed system can be installed without any additional expenditure of hardware and software.

Behavioral Feasibility:

In behavioral feasibility an estimate is made of how strong a reaction the user staff is likely to have towards the development of a computerized system. As the firm is in process of development so there are no chances of resistance from the users.



1) LAMP Server: is a Linux web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Alongside, PHPMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your databases.

2) Firebug: What is Firebug?

Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

3) phpmyadmin : It is a open source free tool developed in PHP. It handle the data of MYSQL by using GUI and web browser. It can do various tasks such as add, delete, modify databases, tables, rows etc. by executing SQL command.

4) Mysql workbench: It is good software of Mysql. This is useful creating database. Adding foreign keys and all is easy. We can also draw EER diagram which show exact relation between tables.

5) gedit: this is ubuntu by default editor where we can write code. It shows line number and other details.


The technology selected forimplementing the application is PHP, and joomla framework MVC component since it was the requirement of the Client to develop an Interactive User Friendly Application. The development was done in a ‘Linux’ environment using for security reasons.

The MVC software design pattern

There are three parts to the MVC design pattern: the model, view, and controller. The controller and view may both be considered a part of the presentation layer while the model may be seen as a fusion of the business logic and data-access layers.

Each element of the MVC is represented in Joomla! by an abstract class: Jmodel, JView, and JController. These classes are located in the joomla.application.component library.


A model will normally contain data access methods to retrieve, add, remove, and update data stored within a specific data source. The model allows us to modify data. The methods that define business logic are essentially defining the behavior of the data


The view defines how we present our data. In Joomla!, when we use a view to display HTML, we use layouts (a form of template) that provide us with an extra layer of control and enable us to present our data in multiple formats. In addition to HTML, views can be formatted to present data in other formats such as PDF or news feeds.


The controller determines what operation or task has been requested and, based on the request, selects the appropriate model(s) and passes any data modification requests to the appropriate model, creates a view, and associates one or more models with the view. The controller does not manipulate data; it only calls methods in the model. The controller does not display data but rather creates a view that can display the data.


Joomla! is a modular and extensible PHP MySQL CMS (Content Management System). It is an open-source project, which is released under version 2 of the GPL license. Joomla! has fast become one of the most popular open source CMS’s, which is proved by its numerous awards and massive online community.


PHP originally stood for “Personal Home Page” and was released as a free, open source project. Over time, the language was reworked to meet the needs of its users. GUI applications PHP generally runs on a web server, taking PHP code as its input and creating web pages as output.


HTML is used to creating the web page either of Static or of Dynamic and used to develop the user friendly web pages.

HTML uses ASCII characters for both the main text and formatting instructions. The main text is data and the whole information is used by the browser to format the data. A HTML document is simply a text file, which contains certain information you would like to publish.


Hardware Requirements:

The basic hardware requirements are as follows:

PROCESSOR : Pentium IV & above.

RAM : 512 MB & above.

HARD DISK : 10 GB & above.

MONITOR : Color.

Software Requirements:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux Ubuntu 12.04



BROWSER : Mozilla Firefox/Google chrome

TOOLS USED : Mysql workbench;






Users are those who are actually going to use this software. The “survey engine to assess indirect attainment parameters in outcome based education” has two types of users. Both of these users are provided with different user interfaces.


Users are the actual users of this system. They use this software in to give an feedback. The user will receive an email for survey he has give survey which is very useful for outcome based education system make changes in system.


Administrator is the person who is going to maintain this software. He is provided with the interface that helps to create an survey an send email to users and generate report. This software must satisfy the time and speed constraints of both the users.


Functional requirements are very important system requirements in a software requirements in a software engineering process (or at micro level, a sub part of requirement engineering) such as technical specifications, system design parameters etc. In contrast there is one more requirements which are based on some parameters such as performance of the system, software quality attributes, reliability and security, cost constraints, design/implementation constraints.

The functional requirement defines the capabilities and functions that a system must be able to perform successfully.

The System must provide following functionalities :-

Keeping records survey.

A detailed Report regarding the survey should be maintained and produced whenever needed.

Storing the feedback & complaints given by the users.

The Feedback and Complaints given by the users should be stored and accessible by the Admin. Keeping details about the users he is given survey or not.

Sending emails.

The Admin can notify users regarding information of survey through email.

User friendly user interface

User will get good user friendly interface.The software should run on various

operating systems with different browsers



Non-Functional requirements define the needs in terms of performance, logical database requirements, design constraints, standards compliance, reliability, availability, security, maintainability, and portability.


Performance requirements define how fast the system responds. The load time for user interface screens shall take no longer than ten seconds. Requested queries shall be return results within few seconds.


System should specify the factors required to establish the required reliability of the software system at time of delivery.


The website is available as and when user needs.


Data in the System shall be easily maintained. Testing rigorously and fixing bugs as it occurs to make the application robust


The system should scale well as the number of users increase. It’s a large survey base application so as the numbers of user increase the application should provide the same performance


The Developed system is tested with test goals, test methods used, and test resources. The result is stored with proper values so that it can be referred for future testing conditions.



This system is a replacement for the manual existing systems to get survey from users. The authenticated users only allowed using the services of the system. So that the related information can be accessed by the particular users.

“Survey engine to assess indirect attainment parameters in outcome based education” is aimed at developing a web-based system that helps people to get the details regarding the request from the users.

Our application helps to maintain the details of survey i. e. feedback is taken from users to improve outcome based education system.

Our application provides a way to produce staff, course, industry survey reports with graphs, which helps in analyzing growth and suggestion of institute. This can be achieved by graphs like PI, Bar graphs.


System Design:

Design is the blue print of the system documentation. Designing process starts after identifying reports and other outputs the system will produce. It should be done carefully since if it is incorrect, it will produce the incorrect outputs.


Here is the Context Level DFD and let’s see it contains:

First admin login. He can add question in question bank. Then he creates a survey by selecting question from question bank and assigns it to a particular survey. After that he send email to user. user will receive email and gives survey. According to the user response report are generated.


Use-Case Diagram:







A description...





Software testing is the execution of program to find its faults. The testing process focuses on the logical internals of the software, ensuring that all statements have been tested and on the functional externals, that is conducting test to uncover errors and ensure that defined inputs will produce actual results agreed with required results. The following test strategies were adopted to test the system.

Testing Strategies:

There are two general strategies for testing software. These are as follows:

Code Testing: This examines the logic of the program. To follow this test, cases are developed such that every path of program is tested.

Specification Testing :Specification Testing examines the specification starting what the program should do and how it should perform under various conditions. Then test cases are developed for each condition and combinations of conditions and to be submitted for processing.

Testing Method Used:

Here black box testing and statistical testing are used. In black box testing, all possible types of inputs and seen for corresponding outputs and if not giving, code are corrected. In statistical testing, checking for all variables whether they assigned values before using it, whether array bound correctly defined, whether looping statement terminating without going to infinite loop, whether function parameter are passed in order and about number of parameters etc., are checked successfully and found correct everything working satisfactorily.

The stages in testing process are:

Unit Testing:

Individual components are tested to ensure that they operate correctly. Each component tested independently without other system components.

Ex. Checked for Username and Password with the table, after the next module is loaded session allocation.

System Testing:

System testing is actually a series of different tests whose primary purpose is fully to exercise the computer-based system. The system tests that where applied are recovery testing and performance testing.

Finally a review or audit is conducted which is a final evaluation that occurs only after operating the system long enough for user to have gained a familiarity with it. System testing was done by the inspection team to verify that all the functionality identified is the software requirement specification has been implemented. Defects that crept in the system has been found defect free and is working well. System testing is concerned with interfaces, design logic, control flow recovery, procedures throughput, capacity and timing characteristics of the entire system. For blank field, alphabets, number and special character validation.


The present computerized system is useful for creating survey. This system is developed as simple as possible to user. Being user-friendly software the user doesn’t find any difficulty in using it.

Creating survey and taking survey by using paper. Which was so lengthy and tedious job. This software overcomes these problems.

Importance of the system:

  • Less manual work.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Decreases the rate of errors.
  • It reduces the time consumption.
  • Quick (instant) result.


We can use this project in all the Institute where survey is required. We can manage all the information of survey in cloud. The coding pattern is kept as dynamic as possible with minimum amount of static values to make it easier for future extensions. As the current system is expected to add more functionality and dependency according to requirement changes and technology, proper coding standards and working platform have been kept in mind to produce a quality product. This will be a feature which will be added in future.

Appendix A


Reference Books

Robert W. Sebesta : “Programming the world wide web”, 4th edition, Pearson Education, 2008

Ian Sommerville: Software Engineering,8th Edition, Pearson Education, 2007

Elmasri and Navathe, Fundamentals of Database Systems, 4th, Edition, Pearson Education 2003.

Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development Second Edition The Professional Guide to Programming Joomla!


KLEDRMSSCET, BelgaumDepartment of MCA 2014-2015

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