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HTML, XML and CSS can be used as multipurpose for Web publishing. Style sheets have been developed as a means to define visual instructions without resorting to misuse of HTML tags or solutions that can be implemented only by one browser. A style sheet can be a set of instructions that apply to a very specific portions of you document- to highlight this text in that color, for example, Or a style sheet can be universal guidelines for document presentation, controlling font choices, colors, margins, heading styles, and almost any other visual detail you can imagine. Generally, a style sheet is a document or document fragment that defines rules for the stylistic presentation of content [Error: Reference source not found].

In this project we are using Cascading Style Sheets for defining style of each web page. Each design such body background, height, width, colors, tables, div elements, text, headings and all other elements are design separately in global CSS, which then this file will be used in all the pages.

Using Adobe Photoshop (CS3) and Fireworks all the web images will be design. Menu images and buttons will be design.

Using HTML 5 OR XHTML public pages will be design. The XHTML is being use to follow the specifications of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We are going to design the photo gallery page in XHTML.

PHP is used to design content management pages and to connect to the database for CRUD operations. In this project we are designing Admin panel and few other pages using PHP.

We are designing the database for this project using MYSQL and creating tables such as users and for managing the content of website. The content of the website will be store in the database.

Following the Agile Development method, we planning to develop small modules and testing them, then moving on to next module (following iterative method of testing).


The main aim of this project is to design a CMS website to manage the content in an effective way. Some of the other issues are being addressed are as follows:

Easy Content Management

To create CMS website, for a non technical person to easily add content, images and multimedia files without any programming knowledge.

Reusing Content

To create CMS website with do not repeat yourself concept (reusing the content)

Separating style from the main content using CSS

CSS main advantage is separates the styles from the actual content of web page. While using HTML, you might have noticed, that HTML have both style and content. So we are designing a global CSS file with all the styles included in it.

Reliability of the Website

By changing the one CSS we can change all the pages design.

Reducing the Bandwidth

When CSS separates the actual content from design dramatically reduce file transfer size. CSS document will be stored externally, and will be accessed only once when a visitor of SCOSAT requests website.

Improve the usability and Load the sites faster

When CSS is used extensively, website will become more usable and faster.

By removing all the body attributes and font tags from your HTML pages, and separating them writing them separately, the sizes of HTML/PHP will become smaller, and CSS would download once, and thus your site would load faster.

Searches will be faster

As writing styles in separately will leave the actual content which automatically search will be faster.

Browser Compatible

Cascading style sheets are now compatible with almost browsers, so we planning to test our pages in all browsers.


Style sheets can be developed in any style sheet language-they are not produced in XHTML. Each style sheet language has its own syntax and rules, much like programming languages and XHTML have their own rule sets. As of now, the only language in with XHTML across multiple browsers is known as Cascading Style Sheets [Error: Reference source not found].

Since the beginnings of SGML in the 1970s, Style sheets have existed in one form or another. CSS were developed for creating a consistent approach to providing style information for web pages or documents [Error: Reference source not found].

Style sheets are increasingly important to today's web designer. Style sheets provide the visual treatment and presentation. CSS provides the web designer with a means of defining visual stylistic issues in a single location, either in head of an XHTML document or in an external style sheet.

Cascading style sheets is the most prevalent style-sheet language in use, though XSL is gaining fast in the world of XML vocabularies [Error: Reference source not found].

In view of the above, we are using CSS in our project for not only separating the design from content but also to increase the usability of the website.

CMS separates the content, design and structure and allows non technical person to manage content of the website.

Decentralized maintenance of CMS

using a common browser Admin can edit website content anywhere, anytime removes bottlenecks.

This has been design keeping a non-technical content person behind in mind.

Configurable right to use limitations.  

Uniformity of design is conserved. 

Navigation is automatically generated and adjusted.

Content is stored in a database.

Dynamic content.

Extensions searching, news management are typically modules.

Content scheduling: Content publication can often be time-controlled, hidden for later use or require user login with password.


The research methodology we are using for our project is Agile Development Method (figure 2). The following steps we are using to develop this project:

Figure 2: Agile development method

Research about Technologies to use for this project

We have done research about the latest technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery.

The research can be dividing into the following:

Research on how these technologies are different from the traditional?

About their advantages and challenges

Browser compatibility issues

How to use animation (using JQuery)

In depth research on CSS

User privileges issues

Open source PHP and MYSQL

XAMPP server (its functionalities and uses)

PhpMyAdmin server

Planning about CMS Website

A very simple plan has been develop about CMS website for SCOSAT. The following are the outcome of this plan:

What content to go on the website?

How many pages need to be creating for the website?

Logo design and color has been decided

Colors and font of the website has been decided

Images to go website been designed

Database tables to use has been plan

Philosophical basis of the research

The theoretical research results are as follows:

Content Management System

"Content Management System is a tool for managing content, usually on a Web site, that separates the design, interactivity, and content from one another to make it easier for content authors to provide content" [Define by Jennifer Kyrnin, Guide ].


Reusing the content (or do not repeat yourself)

Tedious web management


PHP is one of the most popular Web programming languages for many reasons such

it is free i.e. open source

PHP is a full-grown programming language

Very complex applications can develop

One of the most secure language


One of the best features of MySQL database is that it is most robust and scalable. It is an open source.

Cascading Style Sheet

CSS main application is to give style to the web pages which are written in either Hyper Text Markup Language or EXtensible Hyper Text Markup. It ensures that a web page will appear exactly the way the developer has specified. The main idea of CSS is to reuse the content [Error: Reference source not found].

Search Engines have been improved over the last few years for textual information. When people gained interest in the web and began developing their own web pages, many became frustrated as what they saw as the lack of design control in HTML. The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) was developed for giving the designer more precise control over design elements [Error: Reference source not found].


JQuery light weight compare to other Java script frameworks.

wide range of plug-ins available AJAX menus etc

It is very easy to learn when compare to other scripts

This development community is very large and has many plugins.

JQuery is on Microsoft's radar and they add some plugin support and debug capabilities.

Very good documentation for a 3rd party library.

Sampling strategy

We have done enough research on all the technologies, software project management, methodologies require for this project.

The decision has been taken for which technologies to use with and methodology to follow in order to develop this website within time.

Now we are heading towards, design and coding in next month.

The overall plan this project is as follows

1 month (done in October-November 2010): Analysing or gathering ideas for project

1 month (December 2010-January 2011): refer the text books and references which are useful for it and designing the project

End of January 2011- April: Going to start Coding small modules and unit testing

May 2011 t: implementation and execution

May 2011: documentation and error corrections


By using latest technologies like CSS, XHTML, PHP and MYSQL we are developing a CMS website for SCOSAT using "do not repeat yourself" concept. Using latest CSS all the design will be separated from the content automatically search will be faster.

We will be following agile methodology to meet our deadline to complete this project on time. At the end of the April, we will be providing SCOSAT an efficient CMS with eye catching design.