Suitable Games Design For Educational Games Computer Science Essay

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The User Interface of a system is critical to the success of a system. It's also important to consider how to build user friendly human computer interface that is more effective for all users. The interface design should reduce human errors. The goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. In our system, we try our best to give simple and easy to use user interface in every game interfaces because there are different kinds of users and groups of age to play game with different kinds of levels in computer knowledge and experience. There are four main types of users: novice, casual, skilled and expert. Novice users are those who have no knowledge any computers systems. Casual users are those who have little semantic knowledge of the application or computer usage in general but not have the exact syntactic knowledge of the system. The skilled users are also call intermittent users. They have a reasonable semantic knowledge of the application but not relatively low recall of syntactic information necessary to use the interface. Expert users have a profound grasp of how the system is constructed and how it operates. So before designing any kinds of screen or interface, we focus on the following factors first:

Who is going to use the screen and system?

Will be using more than one type of user?

Main purpose of the screen.

Level of user intelligence to play game.

Identify audio, vision, effects or animation for K12 game players.

Response time required.

Another consideration for user interface design is that groups of age may also decline in auditory abilities. For audio signals, lower frequency tones in the range of 500-1000 Hz are generally better to hear for increased age.

Requirement Specification

User Requirements 

Good user requirements are needed for every project, especially computer system projects like game projects, to be successful. For game interfaces, there is some different with others. Following are the some considerations for designing game interfaces in terms of user requirement:


For Player vision, the developer should avoid using complex color and complicated animation. Then best color contrast is recommended and large font size needs to be required.


For Player Hearing, the developer need to be careful to reduce loud background noise, player can be disrupted when playing game. Then less use of high frequency stimuli and the speed of verbal flow has to be adjusted for game players.


For Attention, operation commands need to be minimum and stating clear instructions are recommended for all game players.

Touch and Movement

For Touch and Movement, the developer must avoid movement speed so fast. Next consideration is taking into account the difficulties of using interface, scroll bar, keyboard and mouse and also using single click is better than double click event.

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements means to be done by identifying a function of a software system or its component and what a system should be able to do the functions it should perform. Then it has to be done by defining the necessary task, action or activity that must be accomplished. Functional requirement is the plan which is detailed in the system design for implementing functional requirements. For example, games are challenging, they typically include competition (both against a human opponent and a computer generated one). They are often story-based, include compelling characters and they keep scores. Which, if any, of these features are essential to learning still remains to be answered.

Non-functional Requirements

Requirement that specifies criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific behaviors. Non Functional Requirements is the plan which is detailed in the system architecture for implementing non functional requirements. Game System need to be quick response time, utilization, throughput and static volumetric for performance requirements. The average response time between click and reaction should be less than 0.5 seconds for game interfaces. For usability issues, user interface must be simple and better if without scroll bars because most of the game players don't want to use scroll bar when play game and it's not suitable for game interfaces and interfaces should be appeared with the whole screen. Then, the total number of clicks for any function should not exceed five clicks for maximum because the interface will be more convenient for game players.