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There are many peripherals inside computer base which proceeds instruction via buses/wires to other hardware/software. Those are the hardware's that works together and shows output/input. Such as "Motherboard"," Monitor", " Operating system", "Keyboard", "Mouse", "Speakers", "CPU (Central Processing Unit)", "Hard Disk (storage devices)" and "Graphic card /video card". This report

RAM (random access memory): before in 2003, RAM shared 512 memory that provided by system but nowadays RAM memory reach up to 1 or 2 GB, when RAM is not capable to transmit the data flow within its ability, then the user might have install another RAM. So the system can run faster and task will be monitored by operating system. As we know that memory controls the signal traffic control, but upgrading latest RAM, improves the traffic signal of data/task, works faster then before, and also you will get quick response from computer system.

Motherboard: Motherboard is main part of the pc and it communicates with other device via sending electromagnetic power. There are many motherboards exiting but different capabilities like if motherboard made from excellent martial then it will work for long periods and the speed of motherboard. Type of motherboard you buy is very important, as it will need to house your CPU, and they are not compatible. When buying a motherboard, it will always tell you what socket type it has? First check the motherboards accuracy and speed of sending data and then cheeks does it really comfortable with other device. What I want tell that? If you buy a motherboard and it's not good enough then it cost you highly. When motherboard is not performing well and provides technical errors then motherboard must be replace. There are many technical issues that impact on the motherboard, such as unreliable wire plugged, sock circuit, electrical buses overflow, many devices attached with it, physical damage etc. I would say that the user can upgrade motherboard to support all functions, including- USB, hard drives, DVD ROMs, SD card etc.

Reason to upgrade the motherboard

Not enough space for an satisfactory amount of RAM

No slot for an satisfactory of graphic card or sound card

Damaged your motherboard

Now days you can see that in motherboard have enough RAM slots, PCI slots, CPU sockets that are compatible with your CPU and USB drives to comfortable fit everything you may want to plug.

Printer/scanner: when a printer showing error within printing, text damage or paper jam, that issues gives opportunity to user to upgrade printer. A scanner might has problem, like, bad quality of scanning, takes time when scanning and connectivity problems. Maybe, there is problem with printer/scanner itself.

Keyboard, Mouse: Most of new keyboard, mouse does not except the old version of PC because it hasn't have enough faction capabilities. And old PC does not except the new devices. Before you see the keyboard and mouse connected with wire but now you buy cheap Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I think if you have less media wire then it good for user because less wire more room. USB ports of the keyboard and mouse is excellent choice because you can plug in anywhere of USB slots. But old version of the keyboard, mouse have specific port.

CPU: All CPU models you can install on your system without replacing your current motherboard. The motherboard depends on the process speed. If I have old AMD64 processor then I would replace with Intel core duo because it is faster than old processor. New processor will improve the capabilities of system. I am wondering that when comparing AMD XP processor speed to Intel speed is different. AMD XP 1800 has only 1.53 GHz, it is slower then Intel Pentium processor. New Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 Processor is an expensive but gives more efficiency to system. Processor is main faction that works very fast and sends instruction to memory RAM to address it. If your processor is strong enough to maintain the

Hard Disk: You may find wanting to replace an older disk with a larger, faster, or newer hard disk, while still maintaining the machine as it is. That is, you want the new disk to replace the old disk in a single disk machine, including operating system. Sometimes this is forced on hard disk so it may fail load or dead. If hard disk have lot of data then it take time to load large file, if you have excellent processor it will not work fast. However old hard have low capacities like 160GB for normal personal computer with XP. System need lot space for launch application software, hardware. Nowadays software is upgrading into MB or GB so I thing a PC need to upgrade hard disk capacitates to store information, run application and more.

Graphic card: W. There is probably only two basic reasons to upgrade a video card. 1) Your current card has poor performance 2) You just want faster video performance. Graphic cards main faction is that gives an interface and all media capabilities come Once you are certain that your computer is performing properly, and your computer is still experiencing slowdowns in video intensive programs, like games or graphic design programs, then the second thing you may need to do is upgrade your computer's main system memory. Inadequate amounts of system RAM will choke your computer's performance. That's why I recommend all newer computers have at least 1GB of system RAM,

DVD Drive: DVD drive is identical to the equivalent CD ROM drive. Nowadays the electronically technique are improving and creates much better devices that helpful for user. Some time DVD RO M does not recognise the data, system it stuck. It means DVD ROM no more capable. This compression is not exact as the data rate varies with distance that the laser sled is from the media or DVD ROM leaser is not working properly. So user might have upgrade ROM.

Software through the use of monitoring tools

If the user is using an older version of any software the user is then have to investigate the problem which occurs to the computer in order to seek where the problem is happening from. The user then has to upgrade any software which requires upgrading. The software then have to investigate further and the user then have to upgrade any older version of the software used within the computer.


For example if the user is using any 2003 windows and the latest the office uses is the 2007 version and the user receives any system slow impact on the computer then the user will have to upgrade the software to a new one, in enable to work the software properly. Similarly, this is similar to the user who may be using an antivirus software and the user is then have to upgrade their software in order to keep their computer safe and secure.

Tune-Up Utilities: to monitor computer system, this software had ability to do daily routing task, such as defragmenter, registry cleaning, uninstall software, driver scanning, update and other maintaining, monitoring tools which handles all internal activity and aware if anything goes wrong within computer system.

Operating system (vista, window-7, apple)

This is best monitoring software which has all advance features to maintain computer system but OS needs daily new updates which can replace certain scripts within system, if the major script is corrupt or stop performing. Every device that attached, the OS download and install an updates for devices, so devices can run properly.