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The spam refers to unsolicited emails which are send in bull=k to many recipients without their permission. Email; spam also known as Junk Email. Spamming is sending the one message to multiple recipients. Most of these messages are always fraud messages and commercial messages. The spam messages basically used for advertising and promoting the business but now it turned a negative thing and consist of harmful viruses. The spammers always uses the fake messages so the user can't contact them .They give you some sort fake links and ask you to make investment in business or some other offers like you have won a 1 million lottery claim your prize these are just examples of spam mails . Spam Mails is also dangerous in the way it contains some harmful viruses which can damage your computer and also access your personal information. Only 5percent of email in internet was spam in 2001 rising to 50 percent in 2005 and jump to 70 percent in 2007.

The first spam email was sent on May 1st 1978 by DEC marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the WEST COAST of United States .

The legal status of Spam is varied on different countries. In United States, the spam was declared legal by the CAN SPAM act of 2003 provided the message with certain specification.

Types of Spam

There are mainly three types of spam which are as follow

Automated spam from the known source

Automated spam with unknown source

Forward Emails

Automated Spam from the known source: These types of spam are from the website which have some time back registered or visited. In this spam it just contains the advertisements and some offers. It is the easiest one to deal with. As somewhere it has a link to unsubscribe this mail. It is not harmful most of the time as this consists of only special offer. Like eBay and Amazon they send you the regularly mails regarding some special offers or advertisement but at the bottom of the page it has a link called unsubscribe in which you have to enter your email id and you can unsubscribe them.

Automated Spam from the Unknown Source: These spam messages are most dangerous .As this spam messages contains some harmful messages. These types of message often include the misleading information. Clicking on the link of either unsubscribe or any advertisement resulted in dangerous virus which can access your personal information from your computer. It is better to avoid these type of emails because it can seriously damage your computer and flooded with the viruses.

Forward emails: These type of emails are which are sent from person who knows you or who knows your email address. These emails sent you with the subject fwd or forward. Its not that difficult to deal with these type of spam as you need to filter these messages with the subject name which are fwd or forward. Or reply to the sender don't mail me these type of emails. These emails are also send in bulk.

Spam Analysis

Who send you email spam

Professional Spamming: The professional spamming is the big business and includes a lot of money and operational cost . They have their own servers with very high speed internet connection .And they are never got in server down.

Web Server Space: Most people purchase a server space from server provider which is shared by many other people. if any of them start spamming the server speeds shut down.

Buy disk: Many agency start their business by purchasing the disk which consist millions of emails and send the emails to them and their own advertising campaigns and they shutdown in hours after sending their emails.

Professional Spammers: The professional spammers follows the rules and send the spam messages on the behalf of others . And they charged around 1 cent to 5 cent per messages to sending them to different persons.

Servers: Most servers have the auto detecting the spam emails. If the number of bounce emails exceeded it automatically shut down.

Anyone who says that they never had a problem with spam they are just lying.

Anti Spam techniques

There are various techniques for avoiding the spam but there is not any full proof technique to detect spam. Every Anti Spam Techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are the following anti spam techniques which are as follow:

Before the Spam is sent:

Using Blacklist: This is the effective way of handling spam . IT is also known as block list in which user will not receive the mail from block list. If anyone from the block list try to send the mail the spam filter automatically blocked the mail. The user can block the email by IP address , name or the domain. If the person name or IP address is in the blacklist then they are wasting their time to sending mails to that user many spam blockers are filleted with black list database which means your email is never going to deliver.

White list: The white list is the list in which user receives the mails form their own list. Like their friend list or list which created for receiving the messages from. The person which is not on the white list cannot send messages to the user. It is the simple way if your name is not on the white list u can't mails to that user.

After Spam is Sent:

Spam Database: If then spam reached your inbox you can report as a spam and if other users report that message as a spam this sender is blocked and the IP address trace after that the spam cannot be sent from this address.

Spam Firewall: The spam firewall is used for identifying the spam message entering into their networks. This is very effective in terms of blocking spam emails.

Some of the Other Spam Blocking are as follow:

Word Filters: This is the effective way of blocking spam mails . It search for evry word present in the email . If the email contains the words like Viagra ,lottery that are found in spam. But sometimes spammers in order to avoid spam filters they often misspelled the word for example lottery can be written as lutery. But this sometimes also block the legitimate emails. It is the effective way of blocking spam mails if it is regularly updated.

Rule based Scoring system: this spamming technique is more useful than word filters. These are also known as artificial intelligence . These are similar to word filters in the way that they also checks for keywords. This system assign points to the word which is similar to spam mail. The word like click here get 1 point and the word like lottery get 2 points .The more the higher point the chance of spam mail increases.

Bayesian Filters: Bayesian filters compare the words or phrases frequency in the recipients previous mails in both legitimate and spam .These system is very powerful and regarded one of the best techniques of blocking spam's emails. Most reports on these filters have recorded the accuracy over 99 percent. These filters are very accurate.

Black list IP: This is one of the common spam blocking techniques . This technique is easy to implement and this technique is done manually. This techniques involves the keeping a list of IP address of known spammers so the email from them are blocked.

This technique is more effective in blocking small amount of spam for short time periods. Because spammers change their IP address and use number of IP address.

Reverse DNS: This is the effective spam blocking technique. This checks the reverse DNS look up. If the domain provided by reverse DNS matches the address on the email then the email accepted otherwise it is rejected.

This technique is do not work well as reverse DNS generate number of false positives since many reverse DND not properly established.

Rate Controls: Sometimes spammers flooded the email servers by sending the large quantity email in a short period of time. This is called DOS(Denial of Service attack. Rate controls set up to allow only a certain number of emails from the same IP address. Rate control system is effected in protecting from spammers who sends number of spam emails at the same time to one email server.

Spam Filter

Spam filter basically a program which detect unwanted emails and prevent them from entering into the user inbox. Spam filter looks for certain areas of message to detect whether it is spam or not. The earlier method use for spam filtering used was detecting some suspicious words and exclude that words from the message. But this technique was not much effective. But the programs such as Bayesian Filters and heuristic filters identify the spam mail through suspicious word patterns.

Types of Spam Filters

There are different types of spam filters available which are discussed as below:

Header Spam Filters: These types of spam filters examine the header information of the particular email. Like searching for the IP address with the sender name. Because most spam emails forged in the IP address or with sender address. So this type of filter examine this type of information. If the same email send to multiple emails it will treated as a spam .this methods is quite effective in terms of detecting spam mails. But the one problem with this type of emails is that they often treat the mails from news feed as a spam and put on the spam folder.

Content Spam Filters: This type of spam filters the content of email. This is based on the predefined algorithms. They work like scanning the full email and search for the words which resembles to a typical spam. For example if the email consist of a single large image with very less text it considered as spam by many filters. In most cases the content spam filter and header spam filters are combined to get highest accuracy. There are some of the examples in which the way these spam filters detect these emails as a spam which are as follow:

If the email consist of the words like lottery , bank account and money back guarantee it filtered as spam.

If the message contains just a single large image it considered as a spam.

The emails which includes the adult terms like vigra ,pills bed and drug are the spams.

Language Spam : Language Spam filters detects the email if it is coming from the language which is not on the receiver of native language receiver. Because the spam are send from the different parts of world with different languages. If the sender sends the spam message on any other language which is not in receiver native language it considerd as spam message.

User Defined Spam filters: Users defined spam filters are very useful in order to avoid spam mails. As they set their own rules of receiving the email like they defined only friends can send me the email or the company send me the email .The user defined email is good way to stay away from spam's.

Rest of the Spam Filters: The email services like the Gmail and yahoo uses the both header and content spam filters with their own algorithms to get highest accuracy of detecting spam's.

Benefits of Spam

The anti spam industry got 4 billion revenue from the spam in 2005 which is 13.6 percent high from 2004. These anti spam software companies make millions and billions of profits because of spam. It is the benefit for them if the spam increases because demand of anti spam software will also increase.

Famous Spammers

Alan Ralsky- The King of Spam: This person is responsible for upto 70 millions spam email per day. He may or may not be a biggest spammer but definitely the most popular spammer. He has provided interviews to news papers and magazines he claimed himself as commercial e-mailer rather then a spammer.

Ronnie Scelson-Cajun Spam King: Ronnie Scelson is the second most popular spammer after Alan Ralsky. He represented the dark side of commercial email .Average daily spam was 60 to 70 million.

Conclusion: In this coursework I tried to explore the Email Spam . In this coursework I tried to include the information related to Email Spam . where as various things are discussed like type spam's and their Anti Spam detectors .And also the various ways to detect the spam mail with the how to differentiate between legitimate email and spam Email . Also the various type of spam detectors for example blacklist ,whitelist, header based spam detector and content based spam detectors. With the various techniques of Anti Spam's.