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In order to purchase online, the user should have an account which include a username and password. To purchases any product from the website all personal details should be provided From: Title, First name, Middle name, Last name, daytime phone. Email address, Email address confirmation, Password, Password confirmation, Company, Country, Address, town, city, billing address, to zip code. Then to purchase a product, the user should provide a message with its subject of what the user wants and they have to include their first and last name, email address and confirmation. To purchase online, all these personal details are required.

A wireless network has advantages and disadvantages in comparison to a wired network. The advantage of a wireless connection is that it is neat and clean, with no untidy cables. It is flexible around the home; as it can connect around the house in a limited range. It can be set up without a great deal of networking experience. However m it has disadvantages, it may not be reliable, due to weather, or obstructions like walls and If one major section breaks down, the whole network will be affected. Another social and ethical issues, is the digital divide and equality of access, because the setting up of a wireless home network, is that it is expensive.

While the advantages of a wired networking is that its equipment is inexpensive and that many computers have a wired network adapter. Also Wired networks transfer information more swiftly and more secure than wireless networks. However, it also has disadvantages. As it may not be reliable in many cases, like: network cables can look disorganized and the network may disconnect or become damaged causing the whole connection to fail. If more computers were added to a wired network, it may result to the network slowing down. It also shows the digital divide and equality of access as running the wires from rooms within the house can become a difficult task, therefore not all people are able to connect the wires.

When connecting to the Internet and shopping online a user must be aware of potential dangers eg viruses, spyware, Spam, identity theft. Consider these dangers and the measures that should be taken to reduce them.

The user should have an antivirus program installed in your computer at all times, and have it turned on. Avoid going to websites that are known to contain spams and viruses. There are also programs that prevent identity thefts, and extreme caution should be considered by the users when handling their personal details or sensitie records and documents. The user mustn't give personal details like names and account numbers because the user is putting him/herself in jeopardy of losing their identity. Also, users should never reply or click on a "Lottery or Prize" notification, and be more cautious in answering help wanted advertisements.

Strand 1: Social and ethical significance

1.1 Reliability and integrity

1.2 Security

1.3 Privacy and anonymity

1.6 The digital divide and equality of access

1.10 Standards and protocols

Strand 2: Application to specified scenarios

2.1 Business and employment

Strand 3: IT systems

3.1 Hardware

3.2 Software

3.3 Networks

3.4 Internet

3.6 Multimedia/digital media


Part A - Practical

Use Desk Top Publishing (DTP) software to design an attractive full page advertisement for the home computer. Use the spell check and grammar check.

Describe the necessary hardware and software. Include details of an Internet subscription with an ISP (set-up fee, monthly cost, speed, download limit, support).

Part B - Theory

The home user has purchased this new computer and is connected to the Internet.

Explain the problems that could occur as a result of Spam, viruses, spyware.

Describe solutions to each of these problems

When a user has purchased a new computer, his/her computer may not to be protected from viruses, spams, spyware and hackers. Therefore, many problems may occur. The user's data may be corrupted or files could get deleted or even a whole hard disk may get wiped. All these problems will spread and if the user accesses his/her email, these viruses will be sent to all contacts and, if the other contacts computer wasn't protected, it will be sent to other contacts, till a protected computer stops or prevent viruses, spams, spyware and hackers. Hackers is another concern , If the hackers were able to hack the user , he/she/machine will be able to get access to all personal details like , credit card number , personal information and pictures of the user. The solution to these problems is that the user should have an antivirus program installed in his/her computer at all times, and have it turned on. Also the user should avoid going to websites that are known to contain spams and viruses. There are also programs that prevent identity thefts, and extreme caution needs to be taken when one is handling personal information the user must not give personal details like names and account numbers because they are putting themselves in risk of losing their identity. To solve the problems users should never reply or click on a "Lottery or Prize" or any of the notification, and they should be cautious in answering help wanted advertisements.

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