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 The moveable system of the robots are concerned by the area of robotics, these robots are having able to move within the environment or a room. The robots or mobile robotics are mostly used in investigate on navigation and examination, using the autonomous guided robots, its like a vehicle. The current research with legged robots is used for mechanical system of simple animals and insects.

Mobile Robot:

Mobile robots are ability to move in their surroundings. It is automated mapping system, so these are not fixed to one physical location. When compare to industrial robot, which is typically consists of a (multi- linked manipulator) arm and gripper together (or end effectors) that is fond of fixed surface.

The recent great ideal research is based on robotics, especially in mobile robot. Almost every university has robotics labs which is centre on mobile robot study and research. The aim of invention of mobile robots for security environment and also found in military, industry based work. Some basic mobile robot perform a certain work like vacuum and also appear as consumer items or for entrainment.

Classification of Mobile robot:

This robots are may classified by and the surrounding which they pass through :

Home robots or a land based robots. The mobile robots are mainly usually wheeled, and some of them include legged robots with two or legs (resembling animals or humanoid or insects).

Aerial robots are generally referred to as (UAVs)unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Underwater robots are typically called as (AUVs) autonomous underwater vehicles. 

The mobile robots mostly use some device which is helping them to move:

Wheeled robots.

Legged robot:  animal-like legs or (i.e. an android) human-like legs.

Tracks, which is the robot followed by a line.

Navigation: Current and future technology:

The mobile robot used to navigate globally that is called as Autonomous Guided Vehicle - AGV.

This kind of robot having a special sense (position fix) that is used to discover its position, even placed in a unknown area or location on the planet and update that information though moving to complete some other points. (e.g. follow by the way -points of a map).

About Autonomous Mobile Robots:

The machines that allows a mobile robot to move throughout a real world environment to carry out its tasks-including, sensing, locomotion and motion planning, localization. It describes about all surface of mobile robotics, including wheel design, kinematics analysis, hardware design, sensors and perception, mapping, robot control architectures and localization. The reason for the successful designed mobile robot involves lots of aspect such as information theory, probability theory, in the middle of kinematics and disciplines.

Autonomous Robots to Market:

The leading robot technology company enthusiastic to produce the well designed mobile robot, this system called as the autonomous mobile robotics.

The first "Pioneer" robot is launched by the company in a year 1995. This type of Mobile Robots (formerly ActivMedia Robotics) has fully fledged to be a overall leader in the design and manufacture of intellectual mobile bases. Now the robot platforms provided by the mobile robot.

About mobile robot:

The flexible robot is autonomous navigation mobile robot that having a control technologies and motivity guidance, which can revolutionizing the path of material and the processes are switched in labs, factories, office and hospitals.

The installation ranging from a single robot to thirty eight (38) robots self optimizing fleets were logged by robots using motivity for millions of miles per year. The road map technology followed by, motivity carry on to develop with the addition of outdoor autonomy, such as maturing technologies and 3D class sensors. Most of the leading organizations including Amgen, Carnegie, Intel, MIT, Siemens, Microsoft, BAE, john Deere, Mellon, SAIC, US navigation system and US army are used thousands of mobile robots from commercial application developers and software for robot researchers.


The first mobile robot appeared at the time of First World War, because of the technical advance of researcher and their work gave the invention with the help of computer science and the cybernetics system in the world. Mostly like flying bombs. For example these bombs were only exploding within a particular distance of the target, with the help of radar control and the use of guiding technology such kind of bombs called as smart bombs. In another hand, the 'autopilot' system which is used for V1 and V2 rockets and also use automatic detonation systems. In the year of 1939 to 1945 the army were use predecessors of modern cruise missiles.

In early 1980s -> The first robot were designed by the university of Bundeswehr in Munich which is build by the Ernst Dickmanns team. It is a Car, capable to drive up to 55 mph on clear road.

In the year 1990s-> Joseph Engelberger, build a first autonomous mobile robots for a commercial purpose, which is sold to the hospital in Helpmate. The Department of the Defence provide funds to the MDARS-1 project, supported on the cyber motion indoor security mobile robot. He is called as a father of the industrial robotic arm, he successfully done his work with the help of colleagues.

After many invention, year 2002 -> The mobile robots were used as a domestic purpose, that is used to clean, serve etc, called as Roomba.

The recent released is a video footage of a new generation of BigDog, ability to walk on icy terrain and get well its sense of balance when booted from the side.

Indoor mobile robot:

Indoor Navigation:

It is a easiest way to making a mobile robot rather than simply guide the robot to a target location. Many guidance can involved in the operation: magnets in the floor or inductive loop for burying, painting a lines (like a track) on the room or a location, or by markers, placing beacons and barcodes in the location. The industrial using some automated guided vehicles (AGV) for their transportation purpose.

Therefore, huge wider selection of indoor navigation system is available in the field. The main system of navigation for indoor and outdoor navigation is "Vision for mobile robot navigation" is review by Avinash C.Kak and also Guilherme N.Desouza.

Structure of mobile robot(research) recent research. Networking

The Recent research in The Robotics Institute release a settings of network system called as Parrots. The term Parrots means, A Range Measuring Sensor Network, which is describes a wireless sensor network so as to the indoor mobile robot can be used for localization. It consists of set of nodes; it is used to find the distance to other nodes with the help of ultrasonic sensors. This kind of nodes has a 16bit microcontroller with a wireless link and 4 ultrasonic arrays in the sensor board. If many of nodes are placed in a location, then it will mechanically figure out a multi-hop ad-hop wireless network. The mobile robot takes a Parrot node, which is let the network used to map the location of the robot, which is help to move throughout the environment. This work was done by the Field Robotics Centre (CMU)


Each and every mobile robot has a camera to localize the object. In the system of localization the mobile robot using a camera vision to localize the object in an indoor environment. The 2D (x, y) coordinate for a group mobile robot can determine by the localization system, is called as Miabot. The experimental outputs illustrate that the system outperforms our existing sonar localizer together in exactness and exactitude.