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This module consists of web site and a back end system to manage this web site. Clerks (under the supervision of an administrator) will input all information of a student in the database and the web site connected to this database will reflect this information on the internet. Public and private concept is there i.e. web site will only display the public information and public information is the one which you will decide to be public.

Web Site (Student information system's part I)

This web site will be the official web site of your school / college by which you can advertise and let the public know that there is a school / college which cares.

Student information shown on the web site

Attendance status of student

Class and section of the student

Class teacher's information

Subject information

Test results

Examination results and status

Notes and materials available to download

Class schedules (Time table)

Fee status (if the accounts module is purchased)

Fee payment schedules and dues (if the accounts module is purchased)

Notice boards

Daily / Weekly / Monthly announcements

Books and course details

Admission policies and procedures


Student rewards and achievements

Other activities

Every parent will be given a user id and a password from the school using which they will log on to the web site can see the overall status of their child (including the above listed information). Administrators of this site in the school can change any information at any time and the site will be updated with in 3 to 5 minutes.

Local system (Student information system's part II)

Part II is a local system which will run in the branches developed using advance technologies with totally user friendly screens. This system will automate the following systems currently running in your school / college.

Search any student by admission date, name, father name, ID, class section etc.

Search teachers

Display student reports

Display students status

Display student's fee records

Display student's test and exam results

Online testing (computer based exams)

Electronic attendance system

Electronic time table (computerized time table)

At any time see any information of a student

Class reports

Class status

Course status

Course management

E Attendance

Every student will have a (new) ID card that will contain a magnetic bar behind it (like credit / debit cards) which will hold the information of this student. A card control machine will be installed near the assembly hall or in the way to enter school into which every student will zap his/her ID card and that machine will enter the attendance information of that student in the database. Benefit of which is that every teacher will save 15 to 20 minutes in which he / she marks the attendance. As this attendance is recorded in the database it can be reflected to the web site, and can be printed to show the presents record of any student at any time.

Admission System

A computerized admission office which will automate every task which are being performed while giving admission to new students. No more files required to log student's details no more queues infornt of the administrator's desk.

Admission system is totally synchronized with the accounting system i.e. as the student will be given an admission from the admission office accounts system will know automatically that there is a new student admitted and fee has to be collected.

Admission system provides the following facilities

Computerized admission forms

Data directly entering in the database

Admission officer will not require any file or paper to write anything

Admission system will automatically identify that which section is to be given

Admission system will strictly maintain the given number of students per class

A diagrammatic presentation of the new admission flow

Examination system

The examination system will maintain all the examination records such as:

Exam schedules

Exam's time table

Students who can not appear in the exam with reason

Exam's attendance

Marks of each students

Teacher's remarks

This information will also be available on the web site of your school / college.

Accounting system

Accounting system will maintain all the accounts for:




Inventory management

Fee collection (complete fee management)

Examination fee collection



Financial reports

Students account reports

Sales report

Purchase report

Statistical reports

Analysis reports

Assets report


Bank reconciliation

Accounts receivable

Accounts payable


This accounting system will increase the work flow speed by almost 10 times faster than the current system. Every accountant will be computerized i.e. on a click of mouse you will able to see the status of any thing related to the account.

System will automatically track the fee collection of every student i.e. right after the admission of a student system will plan full schedule of fee collection for the student for one full year and will notify the accounts department if there is a delay in the payment and according the late fee policy in your school / college system will automatically calculate the amount to be calculated at any given date.

Accounting system is also synchronized with the examination system i.e. accounting system will know by exam schedules that when and how much examination fee has to be collected from students.

This is just a formal diagram showing that every module in the system is directly connected to the accounting system and taking/giving data in order to maintain a centralized accounting operation.

Employee management system

Managing salary slip, keeping in tracks all the leave and absent status, overtime etc. and a payroll system generating salaries for all employees working in your school with the following facilities.

Stores information of every employee

Reporting the absent / present status

Generates Salary slips

Overtime calculations


Points for employee / teacher of the month