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Todays Web Applications are complex distributed applications and these are going to be an e-business application that deploy their functionality to the World Wide Web. In many of the events Web Applications are generally developed by utilizing an adhoc and unsystematic development process. Usually, in the e-business environments, shortening time to market had become an critical consequence. Therefore, there is a need to accelerate highly the time to market during web application development process. On the other hand, a lot of redundant works originally happened in the web application development process. Regarding these now we will talk about the steps involved in designing and developing process of a website and how the web site can actually be created?


World Wide Web is a way for sharing resources between many people at the same time, even if some of those resources are located at opposite ends of the world. It is also termed as Web, web is elaborating and its values are enhancing as a method of pointing and passing down the information,which lead to a challenging situation for the web developers. Inorder to point relevant data needs that indexing data to be integrated into Web page development. The substantive data may be lost if once an relevant web page is pointed which leads to the user being thwarted in attaining his intended goals.this is the first interpretation of an aggregation of web page exploitation commended patterns that serve up in bettering the potency of web pages for users, web page programmers, and the value of the web in this corporate world. No, anticipation is provided about when the world wide web or particular web site will be disused.

Acoording to legislative concern of technologists this life span of these websites may be undervalued or ignored completely in many Web site designs. No longer life time is needed by the web sites beyond the life time of the corporation, all the same ,the public sector and other institutionalized sites may well span centuries. No regular updating of the substantial constituent of the content is required, excluding the cases of ill-judged designs.

Nowadays Web pages are providing guarantee for long term retentivity of data; due to the circumstances in the functioning of business processes re-organizing of the previous year's web pages must be taken into consideration.The esteem of Web- based processes is passing down the exact data and services to the user in proper time at least count of attempts.

2.The Web Site Design and Development Process

The legion steps are involved in the web site design and development process. Starting from collection of the initial data, to the creation of the web site, and lastly to the maintenance of the web site to keep it up to date.In the precise procedure the basics will remain same but there will be a bit variation in the design from designer to designer.


Testing And Delivery




Information Gathering


Fig 1 : Step By Step Design And Development Process Of Web Site.

2.1 Information Gathering :

Information Gathering is the initial step in designing a fruitful web site. Lots of things must be considered while creating a web site.

Some of the things to be considered are:


Defining the purpose of creating a website is important.i.e. whether the purpose of the site is to provide data (or) to provide a service (or) to sell a product etc.


A success accomplished by the website can be only measured by the goals set by the particular web site. The most common goals are either to earn money or to share data.

Target Audience

Target audience is one of the important factors for website design. The web sites can be broadly classified in to two types namely

Personal website

In this type of website the content of a domain name of a particular person forms web pages personally then that site is termed as personal website. personal web sites are generally used as student web sites in schools colleges etc these web sites are also used for informative and entertaining purpose.

Business Website

Business Website designs are very interactive, communicatory and user friendly designs these websites made an impressive corporate identity in the web industry. These websites are generally designed based on the nature of the business, accessibility of the resources, company goals and the demands and want of the potential target viewer. Depending on the type of industry websites can be classified mainly into two types static and dynamic websites. Static websites are designed for small industries where as dynamic websites are designed for large industries.


The data required by the target audience for a website design should be known whether they require particular data, (or) particular product (or) service (or) online ordering.

2.2 Planning :

Planning for designing a website includes the following:

Target audience must be defined because, unless it meets the needs of audience it will not be a successful web site; the purpose of creating a website and what kind of service will be offered by the web site to the users must be defined. The service may be distributing data, advertising services, selling products, demonstrating competency, a communication service (e-mail service), or Search engine.

The site's content and functionality is determined. For instance, a database, download of software's (or) games (or) music files etc…

What kind of user's must visit the site is defined. The different kinds of users are classified based on their age, profession, sex, region, religion etc… By knowing this one can create a website which is more interactive and useful for the users.

Information on the site must be well organized, which mainly includes navigation, labeling, and search systems. Which helps us in improving the expertness of the web site, ease with which users locate data.

The number of users might visit the web site is approximated. This approximation consists how frequently does thy visit the website and how long they might browse the site.

Security level should be defined. Because, this depends on what kind of service does the website is provides. If it is an E-commerce or a site comprising of military information it should have the maximum security level. If it is a free site then there is no need of high level security.

Outline of the website is to be created, which includes:

Site maps: In these maps navigation and main content areas are reflected. They are commonly built in the form of flowcharts and indicate how the users will navigate from one section to another section.

Content maps: It shows actual details about what originally exists on each page and how the content is related to these pages.

The visual blueprint of the website is to be created, which includes:

Page schematics:

These are the black and white line drawings to hand off to a visual designer. These may or might not reflect the layout and are utilized mostly to communicate with the designer and the client so that what information, links, content, promotional space, and navigation will be on each and every page of the website can be known.

Navigation systems like global and local systems must be defined


Global navigation systems are used for navigating major sectors of the website. They serve as a main menu that helps to view the primary navigation pages, and also the links that must appear on each and every page. For example, every page must have a home link and an e-mail link.


Local navigation systems are used for locally navigating some of the subsets of pages in a website, generally called as sub-site. A sub-site is an aggregation of pages that have concerned data and can stand alone as a grouping. For example, each one of the courses can be thought to be an sub-site within the main site.

Budget required for development of the website must be defined.

2.3 Design Process :

Website design process consists of three steps :

Project Definition

Site Structure

Visual Design

Project Definition :

Creating an precise project definition is the most critical step in the web design process .The project definition consists a project brief and a project plan .Client survey is utilized for gathering of the data required to develop the project brief and plan.

Creating a project definition for a web site includes the following steps

Conduction of a Client Survey Interview

The main purpose for conducting this interview is to find out the purpose of the project, target audience, goals, contents, primary technical specifications, communication strategies.

Writing the Project Brief

On the basis of data collected in the client survey interview, compose the project brief to determine in black and white the project goals, audience profile, audience perception, initial message and advantageous against competition

Developing Persona(s)

Considering the client survey and project brief, build up a persona for the initial audience. By using the persona template get an notional audience member made alive by filling up the following particulars: photo, name, quote, description, demographics, technical profile, goals, business objectives for site.

Writing Technical Specifications of the project

On the basis of data collected in the client survey interview along with the technical standards of your administration, documentation of the Technical Specifications in order to apparently constitute the requirements like screen resolution, browser compatibility, download time, web standards and accessibility.

Developing the Project Plan

Launching the timeline for all products and tasks for each and every phase of the project. Allot due dates and resources.

Documentation and Maintenance Considerations

According to the project plan which explains how the site will be maintained up to date and surveyed everyday. It is an important task to set the expectations clearly since web sites and web applications need support and maintenance. make sure that your clients plan to hold the website healthy by directly explaining maintenance requirements.

Site organizing: Perfect web design needs a upstanding site architecture, On the basis of website's goals and target audience demonstrated in the project brief the productions from this stage are as follows:

Creation of outline for the Content This phase is mainly required by the web sites. The professional content writers who can write industry specific and relevant content for the site to add their text they can make use of the design templates. The grammatical and spelling check must be completed in this phase.

Site Diagram

Considering the final content outline create a sitemap or site diagram. A sitemap is nothing but a visual representation of the content outline and site structure. In order to create site diagram we can make use of Excel, Visio or Omnigraffle. A step by step example for site diagram is as follows

graphic of a site map example

Page describer Diagrams The focusing of the PDD is dual:

Contents belonging to this page.

The priority of each chunk of content.

An usual layout of PDD is used to practice horizontal access for priority. For example, if a PDD of a given page had three columns. Then the first column will contain the list of the high priority contents. The second column will contain the list of the medium priority contents. The third column will contain the list of the lowest priority contents.

The merits of the PDD against wireframe includes:

Clears up all the content for a given page

Clears up the priority of each chunk in the content

Totally deletes visual design (color, font, placement) from this stage.


Wireframes (or) wireputs are non-graphical layouts of a web page. Wireframe is a simple diagram containing the chunks of data and functionality for each page in the website. Wireframes consists of containers for all the major resources of the webpage. These elements includes navigation, images, content, functional elements (like search) and footer.



Graphic links










Fig 3: Wireframe Layout