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Software Engineering Dissertation.

Project Title: A web-based student monitoring system

I need to write a Project Definition Document (1000 words).

Project Title: A web-based student monitoring system

Background of the project: I need a system by which personal tutors can monitor the attendance of their first-year students, to detect those who are not keeping up as early as possible. A partial system exists: it offers some queries, but is too inflexible for adding and modifying data. The project could use this for inspiration, but would start from scratch. The ideal system would offer a web interface to an SQL database, for laboratory assistants, personal tutors, office staff and course directors.

More details about the system I'm asking for:

The system records details about first-year students.

* Various information is supplied from the School's admissions staff.

* Later the University provide a list of registered students, which needs to be merged.

* At the start of the year, the first-year director then allocates students to personal tutors and to lab groups.

* The first-year director needs to be able to alter the allocation of individual students over the following weeks.

* Attendance lists need to be printed for each lab group by lab assistants, so that they can take them to the lab to record students' attendance.

* They then need to record the attendance information from their printouts into the system through an interactive interface.

* It should also be possible to batch upload attendance information, e.g. for data from university site.

* Personal tutors should be able to view a summary report of all their tutees attendance at any time, and to go from that to a detailed report on each student.

* The director should be able to see all the students.

* The system should produce lists of poorly attending students and send them and their tutors emails.

Use the above (more detail) to help you find the objectives of the project. I only need three objectives.

For this project I be using MYSQ, JSP,JDBC

Project Definition Document should:

• Clearly and explicitly identify the problem you aim to solve.

• Provide a concise project description covering:

⇒ The objectives of the project

⇒ Why and for whom it will be useful;

⇒ Areas of theory underpinning the project, including at least two key references;

⇒ Likely choice of methods and tools to be used, linked to the objectives;

⇒ Means envisaged for evaluating results.

• Outline and justify a workplan based on the proposed methods, identifying stages,

deliverables and/or milestones and a time plan. Include a diagram with a time axis

(e.g. Gantt chart).

• Give an argued assessment of project feasibility in the context of available resources, including your own knowledge and skills.

The structure of the project definition is:

1. Introduction

2. Aim and Objectives

3. Theory

4. Methodology

5. Tools

6. Work plan

7. Risk Management