Strengths And Weaknesses Of Haven Works Website Computer Science Essay

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The purpose of this report is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Haven works' website. This report also aims to provide the necessary recommendations on how to rectify the weaknesses and enhance on the strengths of the website as well as improve the attractiveness of the website.


Technology advances every second, every moment. The commercial world uses technologies to improve and increase the efficiency for their business. The most basic and have greater impact on their business is to establish a website to let their clients view the background, profile of the company.

Currently, there are millions and millions of information in the World Wide Web. Every website has its own functions or features to give information. Good websites will be visited by the readers time by time because of these websites update their contents consistently. Websites that qualify as user friendly websites are accessible, simple, understandable and direct. While those websites that are below average will be decreasing constantly visits from people. Therefore, improvements on the website are important as they will help to increase the sales or revenue of a business, also as well as establish an impression to clients that the business willing to spend on maintains a website which clients willing to co-operate.

Haven Works website has several problems and weaknesses which might hinder the process of to users who use the website to search for news. Appropriate directory to information is the major obstacle that most users encountered in Haven Work website. The website was listed as number one worst website in year 2008.


Information on Haven Work was gathered by the research team through web surveys. An overview of the company's operations was obtained from Haven Works website. Additional information was also sourced from websites and design books.


The report was prepared to cover certain areas, such as contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity, the strength and weakness of HavenWorks. In addition, there is also an analysis done on HavenWorks's potential competitors. Lastly, recommendations will also be shown.

After the investigation of these common factors through surveys, statistics would be shown to aid the evaluation of the website.The survey was conducted on a sample of thirty random respondents, age ranging from below eighteen to late thirties. They were given the website's link and were questioned regarding the appearance of the whole webpage layout and whether if they have any recommendations on how to improve on this website. The details of the responses are shown in the data tally sheet in the appendices.

2. Importance of Home Page

The home page of a website is a very important factor in determining the readers' first impression.  It is the first page in the website that people see and form their opinion when they visit the website for the first time.

First impression of a home page weighs heavily on the users' decision of staying and exploring the website or pressing the 'back" button and browsing other websites. This first impression is formed when these users look at the content and layout of home pages.

Home pages ought to state the type of information that can be found on the website clearly, the reasons for the users to stay on at the site, as well as where to locate information and the ways how to contact the company or person who created the website. A good home page is one that attracts the viewers' attention; get them interested in the website, gain their trust and convince them to take actions.

In other words, home pages should be designed to capture the users' attention by showing them interesting information.  This often means telling them what the website has to offer so that they would be willing to spend more time in the website.

Information on these pages ought to be substantial enough to let people know what the whole website is about. The length of content must be just right so that viewers are not bored to tears just by looking at the sheer volume of information they have to go though. Web designers have to consider the motive of users, when the browse their site and whether they are prepared to read all information available, and tailor their content accordingly.

The layout of home pages is a little different from the rest of the website. They are prepared as such to let visitors take one look and instantly know that they are the initial launch pads of the particular website. Difference in layout could be the variation of font or font size, colour of font and background and the general arrangement of information.

To sum up everything, the importance of home pages cannot be stressed enough as first impression of viewers usually determines the success of a website. Thus, web designers ought to pay attention to this factor to attract customers.

3. Website evaluation factors

3.1 Contrast

Impressive contrast can leave a very unforgettable first impression on a user. Without a focal point, the user would be generally lost in a sea of equally-sized elements and information. Strong contrast between web pages elements will let the users' eyes to view from the top page down to the end of the web page. The main purpose is not to create a web page that is full of similarity that is boring and uncommunicative.

Colours do give additional visual cues that attract human a pair of eye. Contrast will adds variety. It adds interest and draws the eye of the readers. Contrast helps to clearly distinguish one design element from another.

Figure 1.0 Colours Wheel

In Haven works, the colours and fonts used in the home page layout background were not consistent, resulting readers to have difficulties in differentiating which are the main news, which are the non-news content. Haven Works uses almost all the colours from the colours wheel (above Figure 2.0), thus making the whole layout to be too colourful. The navigational links are in blue and have lined borders to set them apart.

Figure 2.1 Home Page layout of Haven Works.

On the other hand, for the website content, there is a contrast. The website uses plain white colour for its background, and uses black colour for its font. Black and white colours are the best combination. The font size and face are consistent. This would allow the readers so see the wordings clearly.

Figure 1.1 Home page content

However, as for the fonts used in the links are inconsistent. The font size kept changing. Not only this would cause the webpage to look messy, it would also mislead the readers, causing them to think that those links that are in a bigger font size are the important links, whereas those links with smaller font size are those least important links.

Figure 1.2 Links (Medium font size)

Figure 1.3 Links (Large font size)

Figure 1.4 Links (Small font size)

3.2 Repetition

Repetition means to repeat design elements. Repetition of certain design elements in a slide or among a deck of slides will bring a clear sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness, thus improving on the branding of the website. Normally, in web design, it is often a good way to repeat its elements in the header and footer. Having consistent navigational style throughout the whole web site is a kind of repetition that allows user to feel more comfortable with the web site. The reason for repetition is to let the users have familiarity. This will give them a sense of calm and understanding.

In Haven works, there is repetition of elements in the header and footer. There is repetition of icon links, the calendar links and the company logo. Although, having good repetition is important, having too much of unnecessary repetition will lead to the whole web page to be very messy and complicated.

In this case, HavenWorks had a total of four of its company logo and two calendar links. This is too redundant as people seldom will be interested in the calendar and its company logo. People who visit HavenWorks are mostly readers who are interested in news.

Figure 2.0 Links on layout's header

Figure 2.1 Links on the layout's footer

Figure 2.2 Calendar link on the layout's header

Figure 2.3 Calendar link on the layout's footer

Figure 2.4 HavenWorks logos on the header (one small logo at the top, another bigger logo just below it)

Figure 2.5 HavenWorks logo on the layout footer

3.3 Alignment

Good alignment plays a crucial role in making websites to look more professional. Structural framework of a design is provided by the alignment. Alignment can affect the mood of the page, as well as the effectiveness of it to get the message across the users. It would be neater if website layout was designed using a grid. This would ensure that everything in the page will be visually connected and nothing is out of place or distinct from other elements.

Alignment serve as various purposes, such as creating order, organizing page elements, group items and creating visual connections. Many of the readers will not be consciously notice that every element is lined up neatly, however they will feel it when elements are out of alignment. There are some types of alignment that can work together to create a pleasant looking layout. They are left alignment, right alignment, center alignment, grid alignment and visual alignment.

3.3.1 Left alignment

It is when text is all left aligned within each column. Headline will be aligned with the left edge of center column of the text. It is an example of horizontal alignment.

Figure 3.0 Example of text being left aligned

3.3.2 Right alignment

It is an edge alignment method, generally looks best for small bits of text, such as posters, some ads, and in this business card layout. The lines within each of the blocks of text are right aligned to the same invisible line.

Figure 3.1 Example of elements being left aligned

3.3.3 Center alignment

It can be either horizontally, vertically aligned, or both. Elements can be either centred on the web page, within the sections of the web page, or centred together with other elements on the web page. Center alignment generally provides a formal appearance.

Figure 3.2 Example of text being center aligned

3.3.4 Grid alignment

For simple arrangements, elements are more suitable to be aligned using the automatic align options. It will be better to use guidelines and grids aid in the precise placements of elements for the more complicated layouts. In the figure 3.3 below, it relies on grid to guide placement and alignment of the various types of text and graphic elements. It comprises the mixture of edge alignment with horizontal and vertical alignment. Those red lines overlapping the layout represent the underlying grid. Text aligns along the grid lines. Yellow lines represent the horizontal and vertical alignment.

Figure 3.3 Example of grid alignment

3.3.5 Visual alignment

It fixes some problems that can occur with other types of alignment. This can be due to varying shapes of different letters and graphics. Visual alignment means to align elements that may not be precisely aligned but to the eye they seem to be lined in order. This type of alignment applies more to graphics than text. Although there is no adjustment needed for aligning neat squares, it will often looks better to ignore those small and irregular shape that stick out.

Figure 3.4 Example of visual alignment

HavenWorks have poor alignment. Although they use the grid alignment style, justified alignment is not applied to the text its new articles. In addition, there is no indentation and paragraphing of the text in the articles. This will result in the home page looking very messy. Readers will not be attracted to read the news, thus lowering the popularity of the website.

Figure 3.5 Middle section of HavenWorks home page

Furthermore, HavenWorks did not use proper alignment for its links. Links are scattering around the website. They should have either make all the links left aligned or right aligned. This will definitely improve the visual view of the readers, as they are able to save effort searching high and low for the icons they are finding. They just need go to the specific area to click on to the icons that they are searching for.

Figure 3.6 Links icons in HavenWorks home page

A good alignment news page is shown in example below (Figure 3.7). It is the home page layout of Channel News Asia. It is a well known news website. Its home page is properly aligned, with its icons and link tabs being left aligned. They also arranged their news articles to be justified and left aligned.

Figure 3.7Home Page of channelnewsasia

Figure 3.8 Icons and tab links on channelnewsasia

Figure 3.9 Navigation menu on Channel News Asia

3.4 Proxity

The main principle of proximity is to allow similar or related elements to be grouped together to form a cohesive whole. Those elements that are not linked to each other should be kept visually separate from those which are related. There should be enough space in between the elements to tell the readers they are different. This can enables the readers to know immediately which page elements are being grouped together and which are those that are separated at a quick glance.

Figure 4.0 Top of channelnewsasia home page

Figure 4.1 Bottom of Channel News Asia home page

Channel News Asia website has good proximity, as readers can easily differentiate the different categories from one another.

From figure 4.0, users can there is a separation between the company logo from the rest of the elements, such as the Singapore top news section, other Singapore's news section, the link tab and the icons.

From figure 4.1, users can easily identify the various different areas, which include twitter, facebook, quick poll, Singapore news, the affiliate sites, contact section and the copyright section.

This shows that the web designer of Channel News Asia website has fully incorporated the good use of proximity skills in designing the website. There is a precise amount of pixel space between each different element. This will allow the users to comfortably read the information from the web site.

On the other hand, HavenWorks do not use appropriate proximity. They did not group similar items together. This might cause the users to have confusion over the whole layout of the web site.

Figure 4.2 Header of HavenWorks

From Figure 4.2, although there are three related HavenWorks elements, they are not grouped together. These three elements are separated into three different parts. The web designer of HavenWorks should place the company logo and place the company website approximately 3px spacing below, instead of repeating the similar three elements.

Figure 4.3 Content section of HavenWorks

From Figure 4.3, users can see that all the elements are related. However, these similar items are placed into five different levels. It will be recommendable for the web designer to put these elements into one category, by using same alignment, same font colour, background colour and border colour. This will provide the users to be clear that these elements are related at one glance.

Figure 4.4 Links of HavenWorks

From Figure 4.4, the icons are scattered around. There is no proximity and no alignment, resulting in disorganised layout. To improve on this section, the web designer should acquire left alignment and appropriate proximity to list the icons. (Example will be Figure 4.5)

Figure 4.5 Example of a good alignment with proximity

4. Analysis of Competitors

There are many news media companies showcasing their latest news online in this global world today, thus resulting in high competition around the media business sector. If a particular company wants to get a greater portion pie in this sector, the company has to consider many possible suggestions to achieve the goal. The few possible solutions such as increase the availability of news or mass advertisement on media from normal two dimensions advertisement to latest technology website.

A piece of information gathered from , shows various news web sites that have won the best web site awards in the respective years shown in Figure 5.0. The recently competitors will be BusinessWeek and NavigationArts, which have won in year 2009 and 2008 respectively.

Figure 5.0 Winners of Web awards (

4.1 Business Week

Business Week ( is a well known business publication. It is popular for its business news and profile of the successful business people. It ranks #544 place in the world according to the three-month Alexa (a web information company) traffic rankings. It is estimated to have fifty percent of visitors coming from US, as in US, Business Week is ranked #253. In Nigeria, it is ranked #212. Business Week is attracted more to the Caucasians. Those readers mostly consist of childless, highly educated men, who are earning over $ 60 000. On average, there are 2.3 unique pages that are viewed by readers per day.

Figure 6.1 Home Page of Business Week

Figure 6.2 Graph showing the traffic between Business Week and HavenWorks (blue line represents Business Week, red line represents HavenWorks)

From Figure 6.2, it is obvious to see that has a larger traffic of up to 0.32% of readers visiting the website, whereas, has lesser traffic of

Figure 6.3 Alexa Traffic data on Business Week

4.2 Navigation Arts

Navigation Arts is the creator of Charlotte Observer ( It is a popular website which includes news on entertainment, sports, careers, cars and homes. Within three month global, has an Alexa traffic rank of 10 254. has a good traffic rank in cities of Charlotte with a place of #20, in Greensboro a place of #226 and in Greenville-Spartenburg with a place of (#308). It has an increasing rate of about fifty nine percent. There are about 2.5 unique pages viewed by visitors on the site daily.

Figure 7.0 Home Page of Charlotte Observer

Figure 7.1 Graph showing the traffic between Charlotte Observer and HavenWorks (blue line represents Charlotte Observer, red line represents HavenWorks)

From Figure 7.1, it is obvious to see that has a larger traffic of up to 0.024% of readers visiting the website, whereas, has only 0.002% of readers visiting, which is way below the traffic of

Figure 7.2 Alexa Traffic data on Charlotte Observer

Figure 7.3 Chart of the three websites' traffic

4.3 Comparing the rankings is a news website founded in United States, thus research information is done using US data. From Figure 7.3, has the best rank of 253 in United States, follow by with the rank of 2296 in United States, lastly with rank of 150 722 in United States.

5. Analysis of strength

Having to understand the strength of the website is important, as this will allow the web designers to focus on how to further improve on these strength.

5.1 Browser Compatibility

Websites layouts reflect the company's professional image. If the site is rendered wrongly, the company's reputation will be ruined badly. If the site has any browser display problems, visitors and potential customers will not be attracted to the site.

In contrast, those website that have professional style will definitely attract more visitors, as they will feel more comfortable viewing the website, thus they will stay longer to browse more pages. This in turn, will lead to an increase of creditability.

HavenWorks works the same way in most of the common browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. This is a good way, as users will not feel lost when they suddenly change from one browser to another to view the page.

5.2 Navigation

Navigation is often the key factor of a website. It is also known as a button bar or click button. Website navigation is used to enter into the various sections of content. Below are some methods used to make navigation to be more effective:

5.2.1 Navigation Should Be Easy to Find

Web users are impatient, and they're not going to stay at the particular site for very long if they cannot find their way around. Navigation should be a principal element of your design. Since it will conserve more spaces more than other elements, it should stand out enough so it does not get lost amongst a sea of content. The most common location of a button bar is across the header of the page, as users should not have to keep scrolling down to navigate more into your site.

5.2.2 Keep it Consistent

Site navigation should be seen in the same particular location on every page. It should also keep style, type and colours consistent. This will enable users to get familiarised to a site and feel comfortable browsing it. If navigation were to jump from the top to the left, disappear, or keep changing colours from section to section, impatient and angry visitors are more likely to go elsewhere.

5.2.3 Use Obvious Section Names

Prevent the use of general words like "resources" and "tools", as these words only lead to users clicking on multiple buttons before finding what they are looking for. Try to use more obvious button names such as "news" and "podcasts" to avoid the user's confusion.

In HavenWorks, there are some good navigational tools, such as "Back to home page" button and internal search engines. There is no broken links and the links are visible.

Figure 8.0 "Back to home page" button

Figure 8.1 HavenWorks search engine

This can speed up the finding process of the users; they can just enter what they want to find in the search engine box.

Figure 8.2 Bottom page of HavenWorks.

Users can find news by alphabetical order, by clicking on A-Z buttons, depending on which articles they want to read. When they reach the bottom of the page, they can click onto the "Top" button to return back to the top of the home page.

5.3 Attractors

Attractors are opponents that are added to add variety to the website. It can draw individuals and business to the site. Attractors can be in the form of competitions, special offers, freebies, shocking news, providing external links, newsletter and etc.

HavenWorks has used some attractors, such as putting up the famous people's blogs, television blogs, links of television and radio host, external links and online television, which include Youtube website, CNN website, etc.

Figure 9.0 TV Blog on HavenWorks

Figure 9.1 Weblog and bloggers

Figure 9.2 List of Best 2008 titles.

Figure 9.3 TV Online Television

Figure 9.4 External links

6. Areas for Improvement

After analysing the strengths of HavenWorks, the next step is to look further into the weaknesses, so that necessary amendments can be made to improve on the overall layout.

6.1 URL

The ability to find elements is one of the factors needed in making a business successful. Without this, your business will be in the clouds of uncertainty. Address, accessibility, and availability are the three words that best describes this ability.

A business that's solely relies on the Internet requires the same physical address requirement. Aside from it, the business also needs a URL or uniform resource locator that will indicate the address of the business in the Internet. The physical address of a business is the traditional postal address of a location. While the URL address of a business is worldwide web address you regularly type at the address box of an explorer when you visit a web site.

In the traditional method of doing business, a survey is conducted first where people are massively crowding, and is selected as the best place for business. On the other hand, in the Internet, the business owner builds the website based on his target market. Then, the owner will create a marketing strategy, so that his Internet business will be visited by many prospects and customers.

To make your business website findable in the Internet, the first step is to design a plan of strategies that would make it accessible by people.

Figure 10.0 HavenWorks URL

Figure 10.1 Channel News Asia URL

By looking at address, people will not know what business the website is doing. The URL has no link with their website's objective.

In contrast, , people will know directly what the business the website is doing, as the url contains a keyword "news". People will know that it is a website related to news.


Figure 10.2 Survey result

From Figure 10.2, many people will prefer HavenWorks to change its website address to . This website consist of the two keywords "world" and "news", which will allow users to know that it is a media website consisting of global news. Furthermore, this website is easy to remember.

6.2 Readability

Readability is defined as the ability of the visitors to read the contents of the website comfortably.

Figure 11.0 Content of HavenWorks

Readers will have a difficult time reading the news from HavenWorks. The text have no paragraphing and no indentation, all the words are squeezed together. Furthermore, HavenWorks has the whole articles into the home page, making the home page look very messy and complicated. This will cause the readers to have strain their eyes to read the news. Some readers will not even bother to continue exploring the website.

Figure 11.1Content of Channel News Asia

A good example will be from Channel News Asia. Readers can find the news information easily. Channel News Asia has good contrast, alignment and proximity that make everything very clear and distinguish to users. Readers can have a relaxing time reading the news article.


Use contrasting colours. Text is readable when the font text colour and the background colour are in high contrast. Low contrast irritates the reader and causes eye fatigue and headache. Viewers with impaired vision may not even be able to read low contrast text at all.

Use bullets and subheadings. These will attract the readers' attention. Coloured bullets are easy tools to add colour and visual interest to a text heavy page. Subheadings should be brief and convey a summary of the section.

Keep your paragraphs short. Breaking a long paragraph into several smaller sections invites the viewer in to read clearly. A little white space between the paragraphs gives the site a clean look.

Impatient visitors will only want to glance at your page and hit the important points. It is a good way to bold the important points or to highlight them in a different colour, so as to draw the attention to the visitors' eyes.

Use columns to control text width. This is to avoid running the whole text all the way across the page. Place the text in appropriate columns. The shorter width makes the text easier to read.

Avoid busy backgrounds. It is better to have a simple background, so that the layout will not be seen as too packed.

Strive for a clean font style for maximum readability. Plain text is easier to read than italicised text.

A sans-serif font is easier to read than a serif font. Serifs are the little marks at the end of letters. Sans serif fonts do not have serifs. Examples of serif fonts are Times New Roman and Courier New. Popular sans-serif fonts are Arial and Verdana.

Prevent using very small font sizes. This will cause the readers to strain their eyes while reading the news. Ideally it is recommended to leave the font size scalable so users can control the size they want.

Differentiate links from text.

6.3 Size of Homepage

Nowadays, most computer users have a monitor that can display a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or even higher. A majority of them have 1024x768 or higher resolutions.  There are very few people who still use a 640 x 480 resolution screen.

Although a wider page of 1024 pixel will allows more information, 750 to 800 pixel width pages will be better, as it can fit onto most of the screens, without the need for the users to scroll left and right.

Figure 12.0 Home Page of HavenWorks (scroll to the right)

The table size for HavenWorks homepage is 100%. It is due to the 3 banners that stretch too long till it exceed the standard size of the monitor screen. Its weaknesses are that HavenWorks did not measure and use the exact size of standard monitor screen. This resulted in the home page to be so long and wide. Readers will have to scroll up and down, left and right to have a complete view of the home page.

Figure 12.1 Home Page of Channel News Asia

As compare to Channel News Asia, Channel News Asia has a much better size for its home page. As users only have to scroll up and down to have a complete view of the page, they do not have to scroll horizontally. Furthermore, its vertical scroll is much shorter than HavenWorks, which can save the trouble of the users to keep scrolling.


The first step is to check out the normal size for monitor screen. Then, do design for a screen width of around 750 pixels.  This will fit on an 800 x 600 screen and gives a little extra space for borders.  The width will also work for all higher resolutions as there will just be a little more space between the edge of the Web page and the edge of the screen.

With this rectification, users do not have to scroll the horizontal bar. They can easily view the complete layout of the home page.

6.4 Contact Details

Many business transactions need a certain level of contact between the company and the parties involved. Making contact can be in the form of Email, online forms, telephone number, fax number, telephone call back offered, automatic email response and personal email response. Visitors to the website can make query, leave a compliment or a complaint by contacting the company. Collecting feedback is a very important process for a company, so that the company can improve on its website and business.

Contact details of HavenWorks could not be found in its website. This can cause a lot trouble with communication. There is no way for the visitors to make feedback or to contact the company. Without these feedbacks, there is no communication between the business and the users. HavenWorks will also lose a lot of its potential investors, as they could not manage to contact HavenWorks.


Figure 13.0 Channel News Asia navigation tabs

HavenWorks should have a "Contact Us" section, so that interested inventors can contact them, this is will increase the business of HavenWorks. Furthermore, by adding "Contact US" section, allows readers to send their feedbacks to the company. These feedbacks allow the company to know about its compliments and complaints, thus improving its service and website, if there are any negative comments made.

6.5 Credential Validation

Credential Validation means to have evident or testimonials, which concern one's right to credit, confidence or authority. Credential Validation is often needed for most of the government websites, which included banks and media websites. It is used to tell the users that the website has been approved to publish the information over the page globally. Some credential validation includes awards achieved by the association.

Many of the websites will publish the positive comments and awards achieved by the company. However, Haven Works publicized its negative award in its home page, as shown in Figure 14.0. By publishing itself as the worst website, will not increase its web traffic. It will only spoil its reputation, thus lowering the traffic flow of its website.

Figure 14.0 Negative comments about HavenWorks (Home Page)


A good example of positive credential validation is from Channel News Asia, which shows the positive awards achieved and the evidence to show MediaCorp is the official site to publish news.

Figure 14.1 Awards achieved by Channel News Asia

After all improvements have been made for HavenWorks, it is recommended for the company to participate in some global competition, such as "Best News website", "Creative award" etc. In addition, HavenWork can cooperate with US Television Media to be their official publication agent. With these credential validations, HavenWorks' reputation will definitely increase. There will be more visitors visiting the website, thus increase its popularity.

6.6 Update

Updating is a need for websites. The web designers have to update the newest patches and software to protect its website from being hacked. As for news website, it is required to update the website with the most recent news.

Figure 15.0 HavenWorks news

Figure 15.1 HavenWorks Copyright

HavenWorks news articles and Copyright had expired since 2009. Nobody will be interested in reading past new articles.


Figure 15.1 Channel News Asia news links

HavenWorks should update its news to the current date, and not display year 2009 news. The main purpose for news website is to provide the latest information and news to readers. It is crucial for HavenWorks to update its news, as it captures more readers to its website.

Figure 15.2 Channel News Asia Copyright section

HavenWorks has to renew its outdated copyright. Copyright law is an attempt to balance public interest with the rights of the individual creator. It is important for HavenWorks to protect its information in its website.

7. Conclusion

HavenWorks website is quite informative to people on the whole. However, due to poor alignment and proximity, the website looks untidy and unappealing to viewers' eyes. It is important for HavenWorks to adopt some suggestions that I have covered, this will improve on the overall layout of the website.

HavenWorks strengths include the good use of navigation, browser compatibility and attractors. However, there are some areas that need some forms of improvements.

8. Additional Recommendations

Add in more relevant pictures and videos

HavenWorks should remove all unnecessary icons; instead, these spaces should be saved up for more related pictures and videos. Researchers have shown that many people will be more lured to pictures and videos, instead of having all text.

Figure 16.0 Videos and Pictures from Channel News Asia

Increase Language Usage

Having more languages on HavenWorks website, will allow more people to understand the news article posted on the website. This will attract more people from different nationalities to visit the website.

A good example is from BBC news website, where they adopted the method of introducing more languages to readers.

Figure 16.1 BBC World Service

Using Two/Three table column

Two or Three table columns are mostly common uses or named as normal web page layout throughout millions of websites in total. These layouts can be found from the range of search engines like Google or Yahoo to blogs, LiveJournal even most company will use.

Two column tables' layout looks clean and organize as it can be extended endlessly with a footer design. While three column layout might look a bit heavy, but can make it look sleek and professional as if design elements are creatively enough to look minimal.

Include navigation menu, so that the links will not be scattered around.

Justify the text. Include proper indentations and paragraphing for the content.

The company can conduct a survey on the types of information that people wish to see on its website and edit its website accordingly.

Enlarging the size of descriptive fonts to size twelve and headings to sixteen to increase its visibility.

The website's background colours should not use too many colours. It will be better if the website uses consistent colours.

Insert the biography of HavenWorks.