Software Testing And Quality Assurance Computer Science Essay

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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using automated software testing tools. Give example.

As we know, we have to test the software to ensure there are no errors or bugs in that software, and get the correct result that we expect from the software. We can either do the software testing manually or do by using automate software testing tools. The automated software testing tool is a software that used by software tester to test the software. For example, the automated software tools do some various testing on the software to determine whether the software is free of bugs and passed the test or not. The automated software testing tools will begin to test the target software with enter with some inputs to that software for some conditions and then track the outputs of the test and evaluates due to the corresponding testing outputs. Then, the automate software test tools will generated the result of the testing to that show the defects in that software when completely finish the testing.

One of the advantages using automated testing software tools to do the software testing is because automated testing software tools can speeding the testing process, save the time and reduce the manpower used in software testing so that the software was tested efficiently in a very short time compared using the manual test to test on the software since manually testing takes more time and requires the many tester. For example, automated software testing tools can test for the large number of data simultaneously that cannot or impossible be easily carried out by tester himself or herself without using automated software this is because the automated software testing tools run the tests much faster than human testers.

Another advantage of using test automation is it is reliability. The testing will repeats when the test script is execute automatically. With this can consequently reduce the possibility of error made by human being. This is very important for the reason that we can found that there is many test defects or risks are result by the human tester error. This situation can happen especially when the repeat and repeat again test on the same test script, as well as when, at the opposite scale, doing extremely complex testing. Since one of the factor that causes the error occurs is human factor, by using the automated software testing tools, it can eventually help to reduces and prevents error make by human tester.

Besides that, by using automated software testing tools, it can eventually speed up the testing process. Automated software testing tools executed the tests in very short time and much faster than human tester. So, developers just need to rely on the specified automated testing tools, which can physically work in high-speed compare to human tester and no need to depend on the capabilities of a human tester thus can save a lot time for waiting the result. Besides that, test automation is comprehensive. Sometime, the human tester may miss to test some functionality in software. By using the automated software test tools, it can help in to test on every single piece of feature and functionality in the application. This means that probability of missing out some parts of testing is implausible to happen.

Another advantage is that with the use of test automation, only one human tester need to execute the whole testing process since the massiveness of the testing process will be do/check by the automated test tool which is in operation. If it is needed, a human tester need to do is to keep an eye on/observe the result of testing and record it. There is another things that human tester need to do is initial and stop the program in the test, this can make the testing become more efficiency and easy. Better quality of software also can guarantee by using automated software test tool for the reason that we can executed large number of tests in shorter time with only a small amount of resources. For example, the testing of the software can always repeat if there some modification is made on the software application without wasting resources and time. Defects and risks that may arise during software changes can reduce by repeating testing on the software.

However, there also have some disadvantages of using the automated software testing tools in the software testing. One of the drawbacks is that no human insight/lack human viewpoint when testing process via automated testing tools. For example, an automated tool maybe can’t discover the lost of heading tags because it cannot examine the content. Another example is even if a automated testing tool can detect alternative text for picture, it cannot verify whether the descriptive enough or not.

Another disadvantage is that maybe more error will arise when using automation tools, in particular when the wrong set up of testing program is happen from the beginning of the testing works. Consequently, this can cause more unexpected errors so that we must be pay attention when use the automated testing tools. To prevent this kind error occur, it is advice that the program is better set up by the software expert, because the ordinary testers may not that familiar in applying of computer programs that cannot be expected to understand all functionality of the automated. Automated testing doesn’t perform it functionality efficiency if the test team does not have the professional/experts to automated it correctly

The disadvantage of the automated software testing tools is it may cause automation script errors. If an error/risk is happen in the test automation script which can’t be detect, the project may terminal because the correct testing would not have been completed. Actually, the error maybe can’t be notice/found until the software was implemented. The major issue is the test script must be through debugging. If got any error/mistake in the automated test script, maybe it may cause the seriously consequences.

Besides that, automation tools are complexity. The no. of requirements are increasing, many requirements documentation (specification requirements and business requirement) are need to be test. This can cause more complexity which compose the test data maintenance become more and more hard/difficult.

Other than that, test maintenance using automated software testing tools is expensive for fear that playback method. Once the minor change is made in the requirement, even though there is a minor change in UI (user interface), but the change made on the whole script is needed and every things is need to redo again, but only the required test case is need to be changed.

There are many examples of the automated software testing tools, such as QA Wizard Pro, Quick Test Professional, Winrunners. One of the examples of the automated software testing tools is Quick Test Professional (QTP). QTP is a automated testing tools that do the functional test and regression test. It is more reliability. Using QTP we can perform regression testing faster when compared to manual testing. QTP is fast, reusable, programmable, repeatable and reliable. However, will not work if the memory space is less than 512MB, its needs more memory space because separate memory is required to accumulate the testing objects and QTP will not work properly if there is some problems occur in operating system. Besides that, an Add-in is required to helps QTP to recognized the built in object. For example, if an application is constructed by using Java, then, in order to let the QTP recognized the object/content that built in the application, a java add-in is needed. The testing process cannot performs efficiency if an application that need to test in construct by a technology that not supported by QTP. This disadvantage of the QTP automated Software tools is that there is some difficult in the scripts maintenance. For example, the label name of the all objects in user interface had changes. To solve this problem, we can the fix the label description but we cannot know that whether the change was correct or not until we test again either by run the script or make sure every object is properly recognized. Thus, we need the professional when using the QTP to prevent any serious error occurs.

As a conclusion, using automated software testing tools have its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the software to test the software, it is depend on the how the tester finds the requirements, time, cost and other factors, which will full fill the requirement that we want. In order to get the benefit of the automated software testing tools, it is very important that the software testers follow the guidelines or the rule of testing.