Software Systems For Military Use Computer Science Essay

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Military Software Systems is a technology that comprises of different principles of computer applications and the most advanced technology so called networking technology in military systems. If we closely look at what basically military science is ?? we come to know that it is implementation of certain theories, methods and systems that provide assistance to military armed forces that involves number of functions and several group activities that makes Military systems quite efficient . The Military systems technology does not only include modern weapons and missile systesm but all these are a part of military software development that includes Planning instructions , development of program ,GUI (graphical user interference ), Program construction ,data types , Flow Control , I/O (Input Output files systems ), GPS(Global Positioning Systems) ,Data Base Access, Data Base communication, System Analysis And design , Decision Support systems , Global networked communications and network security .Military system technology is vast field it includes several Military engineering process and technology some of them are Radar communication and System Technology ,Combat system Technology ,Military Information Systems Technology ( includes directed energy systems ) > as military science consists of various technologies and has rapid growth in software development is use to establish enemy capability as a part of artificial intelligence . for defense and intelligence ADOBE offers services for intelligence agencies to work on projects ,analysis and delivering training in short interval , that can strength the information assurance .

Military software has a great importance in this dangerous world of war .Basically to meet multiple operations , concurrency and other effective operations USA military is trying to achieve modern software intensive system that have flexibility which means it can work in every mode of environment .As we all know that in today’s world the war is no more between just weapon it’s a digital warfare a fight between latest technologies where software plays a critical role , without software Plane , ships , tanks and military automobiles are not capable to destroy the target therefore keeping this perspective in view Unites states come up with enhanced software system in military systems . As United States using software applications war operations becomes more effective and efficient like surveillance, intelligence, tactical operations , strategic mobilization and many other all we can conclude here is that every operation is dependent on software applications . Here is a close overview where United States Department of Defence is working on military software systems as DOD is divide software systems into two domains i.e weapons system software and Automated Information System (AIS) .Weapon system Software is classified as embedded software techniques that relates it to weapon system mission . It basically comprises of Aircraft, Tanks , strategic missiles systems ,space based systems and command control communications . As embedded system software is specially designed for weapon systems like in F16 whole of the electronic circuitry is guided by embedded system software , also the F-117 is an example of software enable stealth in F-117 embedded system software controls all the aircraft direction stability missile targeting ,sensor and other operations . where as Automated Information Systems Software includes non weapons software systems , Information systems software Resources , Management Information systems software , Information Resource Management software (IRM) .Automated systems software does not relates with weapon system the main function here is to support the administrative functions like payroll , equipment maintenance scheduling and other personal inventory control systems . The Artificial Intelligence , robotics and Automation comes under the super vision of Simulation and modeling software .

UK Military Software Overview

UK is the second largest country that is investing budget on military system, science and technology . UK defence system is also using the Microsoft systems applications like wise for the ease of security ,effectiveness ,scalability and accountability Microsoft is playing a key role in Software Defence System of United Kingdom .Microsoft is providing key operations to the software systems side that can compatible with other vast partner software systems .UK is currently working on JSF software will receive the data and all of the operation will be done by it self it will meet all of the requirement based on military systems for jet air craft approaching different target and mission using the JSF software as well as radar programs too.

Korean Software Overview

Looking to Korean military system they are using a very advanced technology as compared to other they are using multiple simulation program i.e they are using (WARSIM) that includes several operation for military like computer based battle simulation model , multiple modules that support different military subsystem operations and different scenarios also it would be able to support different data base that support different action or mission for military excercises.the main function of WARISM is getting it utilized in battlefield where there is complex type of interaction via ground and air like army interacting with air force for air ballistic missile systesm for approaching the right target .

Indian Military Software Overview

As we research on Indian military software system we observe that India is currently working on satellite â€"based military surveillance system that has a strong technology as compared in South East Asia . Basically India is focusing on radio communication to make the communication effective where ever possible no matter it is ground , sea or space . For that Indian military has come up with software defined radio system that worked on high frequency and ultra band frequency bandwidth for command and control communication systems alos for intelligence system India is using C3I software applications