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In todays context, the usage of internet is going vast day by day and web browser is the key driver to assess the information with the ease. There is a wide range of software applications with different features and consideration to make use of them such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari, internet explorer etc. The following study aims to explore the efficiency of the web browser with comparing to other.

Two mostly admired used web browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The study would compare features and consideration of both the web browsers and will highlight the advantages, dangers, efficiency, design, advancement, latest version, identification of drawbacks as well as the status before five year.

The study explores the fact that the Google Chrome proved its efficiency in terms of operating with ease and fast methods. Although, there is tough competition because of highly innovated technology and competing products and services such as Opera Mini and Safari but both the web browsers have unique features, design, compatibility and thus, admired by millions of peoples.


The Web Browser is a software application for assessing information on the network i.e. on World Wide Web. There are various browsers with different features so it is tough to choose a browser as there are many considerations that should be taken into the account such as which is faster, stable, often crash, secure, compatibility and suits to the needs of the user. The research aims to compare the two mostly used web browsers i.e. Mozilla and Firefox and highlights the advantages, disadvantages and their development stages (Nojin Kwak, 2002).

Before five years:

From last five years, browsers underwent through major changes and made advancement in the web browser according to their features, capacity and add-ons. Before five years, Mozilla Firefox was released with its initial version and consider as the most updated web browser than the any other web browser. As Mozilla Firefox was stable with great build in feature of “session restore” even after the browser prematurely closed it had feature of restore. It was fast, stable with unique add-on features and design and advanced features in menu. While Google Chrome was stable, trustable application in the market, fast, simple interference and had ability to add extra functionality. Currently, browser is continuously updating with prominent features and success in the World Wide Web (Nojin Kwak, 2002).

Advancement in the product:

Google Chrome assembled from twenty five different code libraries from Google or third parties such as Network Security Services, Mozilla’s Netscape Portable Runtime, SQLite and NPAPI etc. The Google chrome updated in order to pass all the aspect of Acid test of 1, 2 and3.

Firefox implements many features and web standards that includes XML, XHTML, SVG, CSS, DOM, APNG, XSLT and standard proposals which is created by the WHATWG such as Canvas element and client side storage.

Mozilla Fire fox and Google Chrome continuously updating its GUI [1] , designs and features to make the products easy to use, stable and security level.

Latest Version:

Google Chrome Launch its latest stable version as Chrome 23 with 23.0.1271.97 version which represent as a major mile stone for the web browser that brings various new features. It can be downloaded with window 7, vista and XP. It makes web browsing easy, safe, quick and fast. It provides added sense of security that helps to prevent form phishing and hacking (Google Chrome 24.0.1312.40 Beta)

Mozilla Firefox latest version is Firefox 18.0 Beta 4 with various new features and provides faster, secure, customized web browsing and enhancing performance, security, user experience as well as customization features (Firefox 18.0 Beta 4).


The comparison among web browsers possess certain advantages which enabled several features to the users for the effectively usage of web browsers for searching purpose. Some of the advantages of comparing web browsers are as follows:

Efficiency and Effectiveness: After comparing various web browsers, the efficiencies and effectiveness of all web browsers can be identified this facilitated a better platform to each users for performing their online tasks. This comparison among all browsers provided effective and efficient web browsers to the users.

Identification of Drawbacks: This comparison among all web browsers facilitated several drawbacks. Through this comparison drawbacks could be identified so that users would be aware of all features weather it is good features or drawbacks. By the identification of all drawbacks users would have choice to select best browser among all available.

Decision making in choosing particular web browser: This comparison helped in the decision making process of choosing any particular web browser from the available all. This enabled a platform to the user for selecting specific web browser on the ground of various drawbacks and features so that users are aware of all aspects of comparison (Helen J. Wang).


The comparison between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has possessed several disadvantages which restricted users for choosing any specific web browser. These browsers possess disadvantages which are as follows:

Mozilla Firefox: In the web browser Mozilla Firefox users are generally faced several problems at the time of using this browser. User faced many problems such as initial loading time of web page, HTML editor option, hacker accessibility and compatibility issues. Additionally, Mozilla Firefox does not provide read and load of several scripts and widgets. Along with this, this browser does not recognized font colors that are already written on the top of another one.

Google Chrome: The Google Chrome users have been faced several disadvantages over the other web browsers. The users of this web browser faced lack of parental controls, incompatibilities in minor sites; graphic hardware acceleration does not work with other graphic cards. This issue has been analyzed in the Google Chrome (Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome â€" Advantages and Disadvantages ).

Competing products/ services:

Opera: Opera web Browser facilitated broad range of platform such as several operating systems, embedded products of Internet which comprises of Mac, Linux computers, tablets, PDA, mobile phones and PC. These extra facilities provided by Opera web browser is competing these two browsers.

Safari: Safari web browser is more likely to be Internet Explorer having in existence from some time. Although this safari web browser is less popular as compare to the others such as Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Before some time, this web browser has been released safari 5 which facilitated cool featured tons which are more loved by users. Since HTML [2] supported to safari which increased the speed of browsing and provide ease of use to all users (Comparing The Best Web Browsers).


After performing comparison between the web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it has been concluded that Google Chrome is considered to be as leading web browser which served best graphical user interface and also offered latest and innovative techniques to the users. These features facilitated ease of using web browser to the users.