Social Media Applications For Mobile Computer Science Essay

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This assignment is mainly focused on mobile applications . to day mobiles are playing major role in human life. And how the social networking tools are used to display on the mobile phones and how it is varying from desktop computers. The main application is if we open one social networking tool in mobiles for example facebook, orkut, my space, with which application it is opened and and what type of language is used to display on mobiles and what are the difference between the mobile facebook and desktop facebook.

From any where we can access through the mobile if there is internet connectivity and our mobile should support some applications like java, xhtml. If these applications are supported by our mobile phone then automatically we can access to the social network through our mobile.

Here after some research which I have done on facebook, then some applications which it attracted to me do my assignment on facebook. And at last I choose to do assignment on facebook.

Now a days each and every mobiles are coming with better applications to satsfy the user needs so these makes human to create every thing in the world.for every application ther will be one advantage and one disadvantage but we are not concedring that part and simply we are using mobiles phones.


Social networking websites can seem dedicated to the idea that one's personal life is worth keeping private but unknowingly we are keeping our details , our photos, in public. Means we are sharing with others by keeping our profile some times bad user can view our profile and may misuse our profile. Some examples like taking our mobile phone number , downloading our photos with out our response and viewing our profile.

Facebook was designed by MARK ZUCKERBERG and with his friends first it was designed with in the university purpose to meet friends to each other. Slowely it became the world number one social network element. So many students are addicted to that network because many of them will leave thir schools after completion of their education and at the same time they leave their friends and schoolmates due to graduation to study in other places. At that time face book came in to picture that we can meet our school mates by switching to facebook network. This makes every one to know about the facebook and it helps to craeate and support them to invent new applications to the inventers.

It easy to switch to a facebook network simply we need to have account . now we can access facebook through our mobiles also because all applications can easily integrate facebook platform and use face book user data.

One benfit is there by using facebook on mobiles and desktop because it has capability to integrate mobile applications with facebooks xhtml website in the form of profile boxes and mobile canvas pages. Mainly this application acts like a hybrid element between a desk top facebook and canvas page application , so they share similar traits and funcyionality. The main difference between the mobile facebook and desk top facebook is for mobile application it cannot support all languages and it is not flexiable like desktop facebook and speed and size will be low due to size of mobile and where as for desktop facebook application is different it can support different languages at a time and chip size is large.

We can edit our home page by uploading our photos or picture. We can write scrap or messages to others and we can set our birthday updates and we can set our status on home page. The main advantage is that all applications are user interface. So easily it can undestand by every one.

Tabs present on home page:

Face book logo







Seach button

New feeds

Status feeds



some applications will be in built, like here friends tab is present on home page but when we select on that tab we get some in built tabs like recently added, all friends, invite friends, find friends. And for in box tab view message in box , compose new message. And coming to settings we can set our account settings, privacy settings, application settings and help button will present in settings.

One major disadvantage is here all the applications are integrated on home page. One example is new feeds or status feeds like if we want to chane our status then we need to go to status bar and we need to chang our status.

Mobile application for face book:

Xhtml basics:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN" "">

These application is used for to execute basic xhtml program. To start writing any code we need basic format this above format helps to recognize that it is xhtml program and head for a program.

Xhtml text:

<html xmlns="">

-code format to write text

<head><title>Welcome to Facebook | Facebook</title>-title for page

<meta name="description" content="Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life." /> - description content

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" />

These code is used for to write text and is world organization used to write code for xhtml language. And next step is to describe the title of the page and to display on page.

Log in to facebook:

By using face book on mobile we can send text messages to your phone , receive notifications from friend requests, up load photos and we can receive up dates from friends and videos from your phone.

Steps to follow:

first we need to have a face book account and then we have right to log in.

once we have log in , on the home page select the settings tab.

By selecting settings menu some tabs present in that select mobile tab and then enter your mobile phone number and click on activate.

Then we will recevie a message that facebook mobile confirmation along with confirmation code. Then face book mobile is now activated.

And one more confirmation we will receive that where to text your face book status. Then text your status it will send and now we can use face book application.

Up load photos to facebook:

Face book alows users to upload their photos , from phone directly by sending MMS. One advantage is there by using this application there is no need to upload photos from desk top. User need not sit infront of computer.

Steps to follow:

First select the photo you need to upload and access the option on your phone that allows you to send on MMS. Attach the photo to that message and then we can write caption also if you need and then enter [email protected] in to the address field and send mms.

Retrieve the confirmation from code from the text messages.

Now if you want see the your photo on face book then you need to access your profile and click on mobile uploads and select the enter confirmation code link , enter the code in to the appropriate field and click conform.

Then we can able to see the photo in your profile from mobile.

Face book application from your phone:

You need to point your cell phone to the web site and log in with your regular face book log in and pass word. By connecting to this network we can view many applications like

Viewing and changing your status:

We can view and change your status by access to our account if we want to change our status we can up date it every time when we logged in to face book. And we can view from both desk top and mobiles phones with same user id and password. By viewing your account daily it makes your account active.

Searching for profile:

If you want to search for your friends profile then it is easily to search by typing your friend name in search tab and then click enter. Automaticaly it shows related search category. And we can view his profile . and if you want to search any events and posts and applications we need to go for this tab.

Viewing your news feed:

If you want to view news feed you need to go for this tab. By viewing this we can see latest news if any body is posted and we can be updated with that.

Intercating facebook via sms:



Text Message Example

Update your status


@ at a Halloween party

Search for somebody's profile info


srch john doe

Get somebody's cell number


cell john doe

Send a message to somebody


msg john doe how did the interview go?

Poke somebody


poke john doe

Post an ultra-silly, cellphone-only "on fire" notification (which, similar to a poke, appears on somebody's profile), as in "John doe is on fire!"


fire john doe

Post on somebody's wall


wall john doe congrats on the new gig

Send a friend request to somebody


add john doe

Write a note


note having a great time in vegas

Get help on how to text Facebook



If you need to send mobile sms to your friend from mobile face book then make sure you need to type full name other wise it will not receive and this application is used for latect mobiles.

This is the best service provided by the face book to the users it is cheap to use .

Face book friends:

When we consider a social networking site such as facebook is the ability to maintain a list of contacts. This is the facebook service component to the application form this provides all the interaction with the facebook API.

private void FacebookFriends_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


//connect to facebook

facebookService1.ApplicationKey =



"ApplicationKey", "");

facebookService1.Secret =



"Secret", "");




This application is used for windows mobile face book friends means when we connect to face book then we want to connect to friends then this application will plays main role this instructions will direct from API.


Synchronization is also one main problem facing mobile industry. Here is one example which match to windows mobile . we know some applications are not exposed through API for privacy reasons. If we could synchronize the user images with outlook mobile so they can be used on the in coming call screen and on messaging services. On the menu of the device friends sample application we have a synchronization entry. When we are searching for friends if we find matching contacts in the user address book and if we find matching first and last name we open that contacts item for editing.

private void mnuSync_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


foreach (ListViewItem lvi in lvFriends.Items)


Contact c = null;

User u = (User)lvi.Tag;

//lookup the user in poom

ContactCollection matches =

session.Contacts.Items.Restrict("[FirstName] = \"" + u.FirstName

+ "\" AND [LastName] = \"" + u.LastName + "\"");

if (matches != null && matches.Count > 0)


c = matches[0];




//add a new contact

c = session.Contacts.Items.AddNew();

c.FirstName = u.FirstName;

c.LastName = u.LastName;

//mark this as a facebook contact

c.Categories = "Facebook";


//create temp filename

string filename =


u.UserId + ".jpg");

//delete if it exists

if (System.IO.File.Exists(filename))




//save and assign image




//delete temp file (outlook stores a copy)


//store userid for future reference

c.Properties.Add("Facebook.UserId", typeof(string));

c.Properties["Facebook.UserId"] = u.UserId;

//save the contact