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The overview of the literature review, Social interaction is the relationship between two people, nor communication between more than 1 people in direct or un-direct place. The author will explain from all the researched on the work place social interaction whereby in state will more focus on the history of social interaction, client and server architecture, advantages and disadvantages or social interaction in the organization. The fact of this overview, the author will explain more deeply how people connected via internet and how they are interact each other's, people like to get relationship through any social interaction before come to face to face, the technology has grown rapidly from day by day.

However internet social interaction is the easy ways to get communication between far distances, even among country. Life will be easier when everyone is accessing to the internet. There a lot of ways people can get accessing internet, referred to the author opinion whereby more famous social interaction in this world recently are MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype messenger, My space messenger, addition Facebook and Twitter.

2.2 Definition of Social Interaction

Social interaction are the acts, actions, or practices of two or more people mutually oriented towards each other's selves, that is, any behavior that tries to affect or take account of each other's subjective experiences or intentions. This means that the parties to the social interaction must be aware of each other--have each other's self in mind. This does not mean being in sight of or directly behaving towards each other. Friends writing letters are socially interacting, as are enemy generals preparing opposing war plans. Social interaction is not defined by type of physical relation or behavior, or by physical distance. It is a matter of a mutual subjective orientation towards each other. Thus even when no physical behavior is involved, as with two rivals deliberately ignoring each other's professional work, there is social interaction. Moreover, social interaction requires a mutual orientation (weber, 1947). 

According to the author, it will more concentrate on how people make social interaction through internet. Besides that, what kinds of application they are using, as we know that technology has evolved expressly. Therefore there are so many types of application outside there that, different people using different application.

Chat is the phenomena of globalization; it really contributes to the process of globalization, chatting will bring all the people from all over the world, it make the distance of the people become shorter. For example a person from Indonesia talks or chat easily in real time conversation with someone from Thailand and surely the cost will very low when compare to phone.

2.3 Historical of Social Interaction (Chats)

2.3.1 General History

First chat ever actually happened in the 1960s. In that time, they developed real time chat program for the first time, it will connect user that hooked to the same computer. This real time chat program was not using internet connection, because at the time internet connection has not developed yet, so they used cable connection. The weaknesses of this real time chat program are: only two users can receive the messages at a time, and users must know the address of the others user's computer before start to chat. In order to minimize these problems, internet was created in 1988 by Jarkko "WiZ" Oikarinen. These first chat server was designed at the University of Oulu, Finland in the in the Processing Science department. The name of first chat server created by Jarkko was Jarkko began to contact his friends and other Universities to follow his invention to create new server. All of these new servers began to connect and made the first network in the world. From this network connection, other began to create their own as well. In total there were 40 servers since 1989 (Shearer, 1999).

Function, chatting can have different function and task within an individual's personal and business life. Beside that most of the people used chat for the purpose entertainment, which can chat with friend, or even in some rare instances, book authors, or movie starts. For the business people, they will use instant messenger or special network for the communication between workers with one another. Business support staff or help desk, will use chat for the purpose to speak with customer when customer having trouble with their personal problem, such as computer, store account, money, and even more. As we know that chat is allowing everyone to use chat as to talk, or sending messenger that very important part of communication today whereby if compare to phone call or instant text will more expensive rather than use chatting or talk through application like what's apps, viper, Line, and more.

Warning, however, chat cannot be useful in every time, some people abuse chat tool as another purpose, it might be criminal purposed. Therefore if the children allow playing chat tool, their parent must take action to monitor their children because some of the people will try to kidnap people by using chat tool, firstly they try to take attention from children by using nice text or flirt text, after that ask for hang out, and so on. Another problem, be aware of any unknown chatter that ask for downloading file or what, or ask for opening the link, because it might be virus, and will use for destroying computer. Nowadays a lot people like send virus through e-mail, even though it's your friend. They might be using your friend account as fake account to send to other friend.

Significance, chatting is very useful tool amongst family, businesses, and friend. To get an easy way to communicate between people most of the businesses are using chat tool, through this chat tool they can communicate between employees with easily, whether it come from different department, or different level of offices. Furthermore student uses chat tool for the homework assignment purpose or other purpose, but most of them using as homework assignment purpose. Without chat, the line of communication is not as easy as they are now. Chat line allows people to communicate to another across the entire world.

2.3.2 MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger service is the first name of chatting which created by Microsoft in July 22, 1999, with version 1.0. It is an instant message to client with small features such as text messaging and contact list. In that time MSN Messenger only can be run on Window 95, and 98, there is no other Operating System (OS) can use MSN Messenger service. Microsoft was established first update version for MSN messenger service on November, 16, 1999. During this update, Microsoft add some features into MSN messenger service such as, MSN messenger service are be able to rotate advertising banner, and has ability to change or customize the appearance of the personal chat window.

After one year, Microsoft keeps working hard for MSN messenger service. Microsoft released another version on May, 29, 2000. Where the version up to 3.0, in this version the client is be able to send file to another client, through computer to computer, or computer to phone with audio capabilities with Net2phone. After couple of year, Microsoft released window XP where open to public, by the time Microsoft also released another version for MSN messenger which is 4.6 on October 21, 2001. The feature which greatly changed, the user interface changed to new one, the client is be able to do group contacts, and support conversation through voice. But the name of MSN Messenger Service become MSN messenger, it remove the word service.


Figure 2.3.1.a (version 1.0) Figure 2.3.1.b (version 4.6)

After several of year, Microsoft came up with new version which is version 5.0. Where this version can be install to Microsoft XP. It included Universal Plug and Play based on file transfer, minor change to the user interface artworks, and beside that to window media player interface plug in. After one year, Microsoft was released continue version for MSN messenger, the version is 6.0.overhaul of the entire platform, upgrading simple text-based interface which included customizable elements such as personal avatar, emoticon, and background.

During that year, Microsoft upgrade the version 6.0 to 6.1, in version more focus on improvement to the conversation window. The features are, the client is able to set own theme color. Continue another upgrading for version 6.2 on April 22, 2004, and it is the last version of the 6 series. This version focused on mobile group contacts, the connection troubleshooter, and lunched site features were renamed to Fun and games. The next year Microsoft released again another version 7.0 on April 7, 2005. This version bring wink features that are previously only available in three degrees, in version also provided advertise to sell to client which included animation display pictures, emoticon background. Beside that this version is the last version that can run to window 98.

On December 13, 2006, the named of MSN messenger was change to window live messenger, which the version 8.0 betas 1, the features included addition offline messaging, provided search boxes. After lunch for beta 2 on February 2006 where Microsoft more focuses on improvement of fixing several smaller place in the program. Another feature is intro of live contacts, re-design "add a contact" dialog box, improving the color of them while in conversation window, and return the "busy" status back to normal dash icon. Beta 3 release on June 19, 2006, in this beta 3 in the final version, where included several features such as change nickname of individual contact, client has ability to see contact name only once if the same person write multiple in a row, time stamp on message. The best thing is the Microsoft passport network was replaced to window lives ID at that time.

Summarize next version:

The continue version for Window Live Messenger 8

Version 8.1 released on October 30, 2006

Version 8.1 beta 1 released on December 13, 2006

Version 8.5 released on May 31, 2007

An update, released on Jun 21, 2007

Window Live Messenger 2009 (Wave 3)

Window Live Messenger 2009, on September 17, 2008

On December 15, 2008. Window Live Messenger 2009 was released together with the other Live Wave 3 software application, rename as Window live Essentials

Add function for webcam

Window Live Messenger 2011

Wave 4 release on June 2010

HD video Chat

Connecting Window live messenger to Facebook

Run on Window Vista and XP.

Implement on mobile.

Window Live Messenger 2012

Wave 5 released on August 7, 2012

2.3.3 Yahoo Messenger

1st paragraph of history

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