Skype Requirements For Windows Computer Science Essay

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Skype offers three services: VoIP allows two Skype users to establish two­way audio streams with each other and supports conferences calls among users, IM allows two or more Skype users to exchange small text messages in real­time, and filetransfer allows a Skype user to send a file to another Skype user (if the recipient agrees). Skype also offers paid services that allow Skype users to initiate and receive calls via regular telephone numbers through VoIP­PSTN gateways.

System Requirements

Skype requirements for Windows:

PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista. (Windows 2000 users require DirectX 9.0 for video calls).

Internet connection (broadband is best).

Speakers and microphone built-in or separate.

For voice and video calls we recommend a computer with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and of course a webcam.

For High Quality Video calls you will need a high quality video webcam and software, a dual-core processor computer and a fast broadband connection (384 kbps).

Skype requirements for Macintosh:

Mac computer with G4 800 Mhz processor or faster.

Mac OS X v10.3.9 Panther or later.

For higher-resolution video a faster processor (Core 2 Duo) and a broadband connection with at least 384kbps upload speeds.

512 MB RAM.

40 MB free disk space on your hard drive.

Microphone and speakers or headset.

Latest drivers for your webcam, for video.

Internet connection (broadband is best).


Installation instructions for Windows:

Download the Windows Skype installer from the website:

Save the installer to your computer, then run the file.

Read and accept the license agreement, then click the Nextbutton. Make sure to unselect the Google Toolbar option on the following screen if you do not wish for it to be installed along with Skype. Continue clicking Next.

Allow the program to install. Click Finishwhen the installer is complete.

Run the program from the Start Menu.

Installation instructions for Mac OS X:

Download the Mac OS X Skype installer from the website:

Double-click the le once it has been downloaded.

Drag the Skype icon to the Applications folder shortcut.

Run the program from the Applications folder.

NOTE: After installing Skype and running it for the rst time, you may be presented with a Getting Startedpop-up window.

READ THE CONTENTS OF THESE GUIDES. They are very short and concise, but will quickly familiarize a user with Skype, if they have never used Skype before.

Creating a Skype Account

Creating a Skype account is very easy and can be done through the program. At the initial login screen, select the option just underneath the Skype Nametext box to create an account. A window should pop up.

At the window, ll in all the necessary information and create the account. If necessary, log into Skype using your new account name and password.

Conguring Skype Options

Skype is very user-friendly. Preferences and settings may be changed within Skype after logging into a Skype account. Access the options by selecting Toolson the top dropdown menu, and clicking the Options button at the bottom of the menu. (On Mac OS X versions, this is found in the Skype dropdown menu on the menu bar, under Preferences.)

In the Options window, you can make changes to personal settings, as well as system settings. To modify your Skype System Audio Settings, select the Audio tab on the left of the window. (Top of the window for Mac)

Generally it is a good idea to let Skype adjust your audio settings, accomplished by the check mark in the box next to that option. Test your audio settings by selecting Make a free test call. (For Mac, just verify that your inputs and outputs are correct)

Video settings can be adjusted similarly, by selecting the Video tab on the left of the window. (Top of the window for Mac)

Select your web-cam from the dropdown menu if necessary and you can also congure personal prefer­ences related to video at this screen. Mac OS X users can nd drivers for their non-Apple webcams at which is compatible with Skype.

6 Making a Call through Skype

NO TE: This guide only documents how to make free Skype-to-Skype calls. For information on how to use Skype to call cellphones or landlines, visit the Skype website.

You can make Skype-to-Skype calls to people on your Contacts List. To add someone to your Contacts List, select the Newbutton on the main screen. (For Mac users, this is in the Contactsdropdown menu on the menu bar)

In the Add Contactwindow, type in the appropriate information about the person who you wish to add. When their name appears in the list, select them and click Add Skype Contact.

You can now call that person by selecting their name on the Contacts list and clicking the green Call icon. Select the Video Call button if you wish to make a video call and have a connected webcam.

Making Conference Calls

To make a Conference Call, select the New button and select the Group option.

Using Skype Chat

Begin by selecting the chat participant from your Contacts List.

Type into the chat box to initiate a chat with them.