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Todays rapid growing technological era and staying connected globally is of prior importance, which is where Email hosting is a very valuable resource. In layman terms, Email hosting is where a company offers to provide email functions for an enterprise. These services could range from basic needs of sending and receiving emails to complicated needs of database searching and international research. It is a kind of web hosting assistance to further enhance a user's online communication.

The hosting companies tend to have large server resources, by consenting to provide email hosting it must securely maintain the privacy of its customer's email account details and the reliability of the servers on storing essential drafts and emails. Email is the aspiring leader of the email hosting industry where it offers business email hosting and personal email hosting solutions.

Over the net, there are basically two types of email hosting options

Free email hosting

Paid email hosting services

The choice depends on their type of requirement to get maximal benefits, for instance if a person looking for personal account just for communication or for social networking purposes free web hosting would be beneficial choice. However for business, the paid email hosting service proves to be a better option as it offers enhanced security against viruses, larger memory allotment for vital emails. It also gives an overall professional outlook of your business and long lasting impact on customers for online corporate dealings.

In order to create an effective email hosting plan, the basic components include the following-

Domain name which is the address or title of the website

Internet protocol Number (IP) addresses that describe the hosts, networks and your computer used

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) sets the standards of presenting new addresses on the internet

Host that forms the link between the internet protocol numbers and domain names

Server that enables other computers to use its resources and store information on it

Internet service provider (ISP) offering internet access to users using modem, DSL cable connection .

For this service to occur, the web hosting company offers an email account possible with a different wanted domain name. Domain Name web hosting enables the establishment of company's website under a secured domain name (URL or web address) for the general access to the public. Registration is the very first step in setting up a domain name which is done through ICANN accredited registrars.

Email hosting is similar to web hosting, in such a way that it does not require to be hosted by a registrar or web host provider. Basically it is just another service that involves selecting the right host that is best suitable for the present circumstance.

On the basis of the server used, a variety of hosting services are available such as:

Dedicated hosting service: where an individual gains his/her own web server obtaining full control over it, it can also be self-managed or unmanaged which is the cheapest among dedicated plans. The user gets full administrative access for this type of service and the client is solely responsible for the security and maintenance individual dedicated box.

Colocation web hosting service: quite similar to dedicated hosting service, but the a colo sever is applied, where the hosting company supplies physical space that the server uses to carry out tasks.

Virtual dedicated server: for this service, servers are divided into virtual servers in such a way that it does not directly reflect the underlying hardware. Also known as VPS, sometimes it is used as for its customers to be able to have root access to their virtual space and mobility of the virtual container between servers.

Reseller web hosting: functions for individual domains under any combination of hosting services, making the clients host servers themselves.

Managed hosting service: the user possess an individual web server but gains only limited control over it. The users are only allowed to manage their date using remote management tools, so that provider can assure the maximum quality of services.

Clustered hosting: is the perfect tool for creating a scalable web hosting solution, combining multiple servers hosting the same content.

With the explosion in demand for email services and sending, receiving emails made faster, Email hosting has highly escalated in the business world. The internet sets the industry standard for doing business, connecting partners worldwide. Almost all written communications in business is carried out through email, therefore regardless of companies big or small majority of them are highly involved in web hosting services.

Corporate Email Hosting forms an integral part of every business networking department managed by an IT team. It is essential that corporate email providers allow a minimum of 250 MB storage capacity and calendar integration to large companies. Online business also largely depends on this service to expand their business prospects to customers.

Companies like NaviSite provide quality services on availability and security of Outlook Exchange emails adding on full mobility and collaboration of business email.

Furthermore, most Small Medium sized Enterprises (SME's) lack the time, resources, IT budget to maintain a separate fully equipped email infrastructure. This is one of the core reasons for the increasing popularity of Email Hosting where by a business doesn't need a physical on-site email server using Webmail from an email host or hosting exchange.

Hosting emails grants an array of advantages including higher reliability, redundancy, saving costs with a fixed rated expense. It also provides an offsite backup if individuals use web mail options, where a copy is saved on the server and can be retrieved in case of failure of computer hardware.

However, this service could lead to additional costs for a corporation as it would require well sophisticated technology systems and well trained staff in operating these software applications.

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Web and email hosting are the latest concepts of internet and is being widely used at a faster pace, dissolving boundaries and transforming the world into one efficient Global market.