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We as a group have been given a task to develop an online marketplace system that allows anyone to buy and sell via the internet. This system allows and connect buyer and seller through the internet and it makes the selling process becomes easier for the user and it is more organized. In completing the system, my group and I have learned a lot about implementing the system.

First of all, since this is a group project, we have to cooperate with each other and give a full commitment to this project. Each member of a group has to be serious in his role in completing this project. Every time we meet, we conduct a complete research on how to start and implement the system and we gather lots of information.

Before we implement the system, we do a complete research and analysis and gather all requirements. We list out what are the requirement and important thing needed to develop an online marketplace system that can satisfy the customer need or user of a system. At this stage, we have learned a lot. For example, we learn from other system, we discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of an existing system and we find what are the weakness of an existing system and we make an improvement of the existing system.

After the requirements analysis, everybody will take their own part and each group member must complete their work and we combined all the work on next meeting. There a lot of problems we faced in completing this project. The very big problem we face is we were hit by confusion. But we able to manage it. Besides that, we have learned and proud of having a knowledge on how to do the UML diagrams. We learn how to create an activity diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram and activity diagram where all of this diagram is very important in developing a software system.

After the completion of all above phases, we have a much better idea on how to design and build the actual system. This is really an enriching experience for us as we learnt how to design the system from beginning to end. Therefore, for any website or system to be effective and successful, it needs the attraction of the user. The important thing to make the system attractive is improving the usability of the system and the system must be a user friendly where all types of the user are able to interact with the system.

Most suitable programming language

This is an online marketplace system. Commonly, the online marketplace is the system which is run from a browser. It is a web application or system that provides people around the world to buy or sell a product via the internet. Since this a web application, the most suitable programming language that is used to design an interface for this system is:





PHP is stand for Hypertext Processor. According to ("," 2012), PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.PHP is more server-side scripting, so of course we can build a dynamic web page with PHP, an example might be collect form data from the user of the system, send and receive cookies. PHP was created especially for the use of a web-based system and can connect the database query using a simple task that can be dealt with only 3-4 lines of code. PHP is supported by the Open Source database software such as Mysql and Apache.

Advantage and disadvantage of PHP



It is open source.

In terms of security, it is weak because it is an open source so it will be easier for people out there to explore the weaknesses of php.

In term of speed, it is really fast and stable.

Security problems due to undiscovered vulnerabilities

It can be run on many platforms such as windows, linux and mac. It is easy for users to find hosting service providers.

Error handling, PHP has incredibly weak handling errors qualities


ASP is a technology developed by Microsoft, launched around 1996. ASP is a server-side scripting, which means all the programs are done on the server before sending it to the client. Server-side scripting is the opposite of client-side scripting, the whole process is done in the client program, such as JavaScript. Because the whole process is on the server, then the client will receive the results in the form of HTML. In contrast to client-side scripting, which also received the client script. Obviously a server-side scripting more secure and more free to develop.



ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications.

ASP.NET is not able to run on non-Microsoft platforms and cannot be free.

ASP.NET makes for easy deployment. No need to register components because the configuration information built-in.

ASP.NET is not an open source.

Provides simplicity.ASP.NET. It easy to carry out common tasks from simple form submission and client authentication to spread and site configuration.

Slow, Application that is built using. NET Framework slower when compared to the other programming language.


JSP is stand for Java Servlet Specification. They are programs that run on a Web server and build Web pages. JSP can be a combination of lines of HTML and JSP functions from itself. At the time the JSP is called client through a browser, the JSP will compile into servlet first, and then the results are returned to the client.



JSP can run on any platform.

Java requires a JVM, which is not necessarily provided by all web browsers. Applets can only be executed when the JVM has been running

JSP tend to have better performance, as done compiling JSP servlet first become a form of byte code.

Users have to wait for JSP to compile the page. This caused the speed of JSP is slow.

Supported language Java with OOP ability and a high level of usability.

Therefore, PHP is the most suitable programming language to use if compared to other languages that I has been stated above. Why choose PHP? PHP is a scripting language that powerful and also very simple, easy to learn. Actually the most interesting part of PHP is a very simple syntax and also connect to the MySQL database is fairly easy. PHP also supports the use of structural programming and object-based, this is also what makes PHP extremely flexible with any programming paradigm. Speed of access or loading speed is usually a significant aspect in maintaining a website. If you want to get better speeds, use PHP. PHP code runs faster than ASP. It is because, it runs on its own memory space, while ASP uses server and the overhead that uses COM-based architecture.

Furthermore, is because of its stability and compatibility. It can run without any problem on many platform such Linux(including Unix), windows and Mac. PHP also equipped with so many endorsement to variety of popular database. My last reason for selecting PHP over other languages is because of it popularity. There are many websites out there running PHP.

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