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The aim of this project is to understand a major Security Problem in Wireless Network Eavesdropping. To achieve this aim a critical examination of the problem and examining possible solutions for understanding and avoiding this major security problem will be necessary.

Wireless Networks became a critical part of our life's and everyone needs to think how their security will prevent unauthorized attacks on their networks and to their lives. Basically everyone now can intercept to any wireless network easily with the right equipment and knowledge .This is major Security problem because Wireless networks are becoming more and more popular with as a result the security of the networks remain outdated and attackers find easier ways to intercept to our networks and steal our personal data. Simple steps to secure your network and prevent eavesdropping :First of all install a firewall to the device you are using . Firewalls are the maximum security against users that they will try to access your device. Secondly Changing your SSID name and password will prevent the attacker for getting easily to your network. And for the next step use one of the following solutions mentioned below.




WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy is a based encryption algorithm with a secret key of 40 bits or 104 bits being combined with a 24-bit Initialisation Vector(IV) (Guillaume Lehembre,2005).WEP has been designed for security to encrypt data .The IV is the key to WEP security (Guillaume Lehembre,2005).WEP keys can be found behind your SSID device .If the admin of the wireless network turn off WEP everyone will be able to join your network. Unfortunately WEP vulnerabilities were exploited by such security tools as AirSnort, allowing WEP keys to be recovered by analysing a sufficient amount of traffic (Guillaume Lehembre,2005).Cracking a WEP key can be done almost by anyone ,also attackers can bypass the WEP in several minutes Cracking tools like Aircrack by Christophe Devine or WepLab by José Ignacio Sánchez implement these attacks and can recover a 128-bit WEP key in less than 10 minutes (Guillaume Lehembre,2005)and if they gather enough data they may could produce their own key. If the WEP key is stolen in a home or a small business you can change it without causing any problems but in the other hand the damage will be critical if this scenario happens to a large enterprise company . The only good thing about the WEP is that most of the attackers who will try to join your network if they see a WEP key they may be discouraged and try to have access in another network.


The Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a standards-based interoperable security specification(Stanley wong,2003).WPA is using a Temporal key Integrity Protocol or else TKIP in addition WEP security to be upgraded adding new measures in WEPS security problem. They also apply strong network access control ,better key management (TKIP),apply new security technologies (EAP,802.1x),

In the other hand performance will be greatly reduced because of more complex encryption protocols and TKIP encryption weaknesses may appear


The 802.11i specification is a solution that IEEE 802.11 committee designs to target the security problems created by the WEP. The 802.11 Task Group "I" has been spending more than two years on the specification and three drafts have been released ever since(Stanley wong,2003).802.11i maybe the best wireless security solution and many researches show that will replace WEP and WPA. With more features such as stronger encryption algorithms, better message integrity with the same authentication as WPA. The only disadvantage 802.11i has a hardware upgrade will be necessary in order to work AES(Advance Encryption Standard).

MAC address:

All wireless routers have a feature called MAC address usually is turned off because its difficult to set up .An address is an identifier which is unique within the particular computing network to identify each device associated with the network .Such addresses may be unique to only a particular network environment (Ballard C. Bare ,2003).In case someone is trying to intercept your network knowing also your SSID and some encryption keys MAC address will prevent the interception and the attacker from your network. Where a plurality of network switches cooperate through load balancing protocols to enable simultaneous use of multiple paths between, protocols of present invention newly discovered MAC addresses attached to ports of an edge to be disseminated through the network switches (Ballard C. Bare ,2003).A good hacker can break into your wireless network configuring the client of your MAC address .Having enable MAC address you prevent most of the attackers which in that case is everyone from connecting into your network .


Vpn servers are one of the most secure network traffic organizations over the internet also they provide a mechanism for encapsulating and encoding network traffic and move into another network here are point to point connection between user and a server. Vpn servers Can be used in many ways:

1) An office network connects to another network using router to router connection

2)A user connects to a private network remotely on the internet using vpn .

VPNs and the associated infrastructure must be properly secured & maintained and they do not protect users from many attacks in wireless networks

OpenVpn: Are the newest version of VPN and there are more secure for all the networks. Also OpenVpn don't suffer from complexity like other Vpn Servers and that's because they have SSL/TLS mechanisms for better encryption. James Yonan research brought the insight that there were two main streams in VPN technology, one promoting security and the other, usability. None of the solutions available at that time offered an ideal blend of both objectives. IPSec and all of its implementations were difficult to set up, but offered acceptable security(Markus Feilner,2006).OpenVPN has only a few weaknesses which the most important is IPSec but OpenVPN has a lot more features and that is increasing the level of his security.